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dominican republic women


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Sosua Introduction

Facts For Those Who Have Never Been To Sosua


*Sosua is a lovely beach front town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, an exotic island in the Caribbean

*Beautiful single Dominican ladies island-wide come here to meet foreign men who are mostly from the United States, Canada + Europe

*Single men come here to meet native Dominican Republic women for fun, romance and serious relationships

*Sosua is a beautiful town with a beautiful beach and an infrastructure built for visitors and locals to coexist in harmony


dominican girldominican girlsSosua women

Beautiful Sosua Beach & Sosua


*The camaraderie amongst guys here from the US is priceless

*Some of your friends probably already come here and you will make many more

*You will look at the world, women and the dating scene back home like never before after your first trip


xxHow much for Plan B PILL in DR ? 2020

August 02, 2020, 10:09:33 PM by Kamar | Views: 86 | Comments: 2

So recently on my last trip, I had to purchase an after pill for my chica.  We went to the pharmacy together to get the pill.  The Pill is called After - D. It comes in a small white and pink box. The lady on the box look like she has a penis, but do...

xxTopless Twerking fo Dollars at Ahnvee

August 02, 2020, 09:03:17 PM by PapiViejo55-2
Views: 262 | Comments: 5

BOTG...why didnt you quash that kind of behavior? Teach those with extra cash not to mimic that kind of activity outside of the US. I really hope it didn't happen recently and the video by the pool [that shows faces] is old .

xxDominican Hoes? How far would their DR income go in the states?

August 02, 2020, 09:54:10 AM by murano2010 | Views: 397 | Comments: 19

Ok so we have a thought on deck that some chicas are living better than some expats that live in the DR.   The thing though, the cost of living in the DR makes it easier to afford to live a certain way.  To afford to buy certain things to give the ap...

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