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Author Topic: Seems like this site has turned for the worst by not members post pictures  (Read 1345 times)


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Re: Seems like this site has turned for the worst by not members post pictures
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2017, 09:53:22 PM »
frankly this dinosaur site should've been abandoned long time ago..owner is sus....i need to stop playing n start my shidd...

dudes were not posting pics anyway
there were only a few strong dudes posting pics
so the dinosaur started with the members
i consider myself a thick skin dude so you can agree or disagree but this is my take on this......lately this side has become a dick contest front.. instead of information forum  about where ,when ,how to find and fuck Dominican women....NOT  DIMES OR YOUR SO CALLED DIMES! i dislike the word dimes ...i used it because it is a well common term used here to define beautiful women on this least that was the meaning ....but lately people decided to use the wrong way trying to persuade everybody that if they are not fucking THEIR SO CALLED  DIMES...they don't fuckin count! question is here.... since when my dimes are  suppose to be your dimes and vise versa?.... all of us dimes are is in the eye of the beholder ....if your happy with your dimes im happy for you.. but let others be happy with their dimes need to call the other dude choice a duck,rat,mouse...just because its NOT YOUR TYPE OF WOMEN he fucking her with your dick?...NO...are you paying the girls hes fucking for him?...NO...are you paying for his vacation ?...that's what i thought why look down and talk shit about people and their taste just because hes not fucking YOUR SO CALLED DIMES!.....and yet this constant debating about what is a dime and what is  not ,has made a lot of dude stop posting pictures!....why do you think dudes are not posting pictures when a thread is made about lets show off dimes ??...because they know if they post a girl that's not too the liking of the SO CALLED DIME POSTERS THEY WILL LASH AT THEM AND why the need of contest...if everybody dime is different?....let the people be their self and post whatever they like and tell the stories behind it ....their is always somebody who will find it interesting to read ...if you don't its ok need to cosign just move on ...but let the site be....too much people want to dictate ...what we should fuck with our dick!....i admit i like to see the pictures myself and there are some nice vixens in between and some less ...but again...i look and move on...i don't criticize YOUR DIME and TELL you should fuck better than that because i know everybody taste in women is DIFFERENT...RESPECT THAT!....and yes I AGREE that some dudes also fucktup big time by telling chicas about their pictures here CORNY MOVE...! im writing this ....i have to mention this of the so called dimes of this site was here in curacao selling ass for $30 while other dudes on this site claims these bitches don't sell ass for less than $100....AND SHE IS NOT EVEN THE FIRST I HAVE MET HERE!(sometimes all i do is laugh and move on on this site ....) i was on another forum having this conversation and i decided to post her pic as a proof of what i was saying .....somebody ran and told her and even show her the site and identified me to i got burned !!! it is true!!dudes helped kill this site in many ways....

@ Torso
Thanks for your insight and voice of reason.


Sosua girls
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