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Author Topic: BlackBeard Has NEW RATES!!  (Read 3524 times)


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Re: BlackBeard Has NEW RATES!!
« Reply #75 on: August 08, 2019, 12:29:48 PM »
Chicks simply got tired of tucking for 2,100 pesos and demanded a raise. What’s so darn mystifying about that? And that’s in basically a risk free environment. What does that say to folks who expect to fuck in Sosua for 1,500 pesos.

This has got to be one of The dumbest statements I've heard on this site and that's saying alot!! So you are saying a hoe in Sosua should get more than a hoe at Blackbeards because of risk??? Using this dumbass logic that means a street walker/hooker in the U.S. should get paid more than the bitch working for an escort agency or out of a suite at the Hilton right?? I mean it car riskier right??

Fuck outta here, ain't nobody paying a street prostitute more than a bitch doing incalls out of a condo especially if hoes look similar! More importantly a street whore KNOWS not to even think about charging a real man more.....only a SIMP!
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Re: BlackBeard Has NEW RATES!!
« Reply #76 on: August 08, 2019, 12:37:40 PM »
LMAO, we are calling 10-20% tippers simps now? We tip lousy barbers, baristas, bar tenders and restaurant waitresses all the time. What is wrong with tipping a Chica who spends time and lays out her pussy to sorry asses who cannot get laid without spending $$s. Is it not same as getting a haircut or buying a coffee or eating at a restaurant? What is the rational for tipping one and not the other?

Dude if you don't understand the difference there is no point in explaining it to you.

Think about what your waitress is making per hour in order to serve you than compare that with what you are paying your chica to spread her legs for about 15 minutes.   

You can try to educate a simp until you are blue in the face but it will never matter as they just don't get it and likely never will but will continue to attempt to justify their behavior.

Actually we need simps out there overpaying  as those that really understand the game will remain largely unaffected by them.

My man....why are you still going back n forth about simp behavior? Lol. If you literally have to explain to cats about how waitresses or waiters DON'T GET PAID much If anything(depends on the state) ....then it's useless to keep going. Just like strippers in the states unless they are big time, DON'T GET PAID....they make all their money off tips!

Oh I am done talking about it.
There is no helping most here and those fuckers can all crash and burn as far as I am concerned

Those like you that get it  and can understand the difference. More power to you and your game.  Hopefully the clueless will get on board and do it the right way.

I could care less about the simps.  Those dip shits will never change and get what they got coming to them.

A simp doesn't ruin my game it actually enhances it.

A girl there can tell a simp a mile away and know how to fleece them and they will allow it to happen over and over again.

The reality is we need some of these simps to take care of all of the extra shit these girls think they need.

A proper monger knows the game well.  That doesn't mean being cheap cause they are not cheap they just understand how it should really work and act accordingly.
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Re: BlackBeard Has NEW RATES!!
« Reply #77 on: September 02, 2019, 04:59:38 PM »
It's actually 8 dollars more, but some cats have derived their entire pricing strategy based on what BB chicks get paid. This is a bit unsettling to some of them. The real kicker is the TLN rate moving to 4,500. That's a whole nother $20.  A few guys are definitely going to have to rethink things.

Gee if 6 dollars more going to break your whore budget stay home, of dont get the Starbucks Fancy frappichino ha ha !
It really is not all that when you consider that the cambios are giving 51.50 - 1 these days. When I first went to BB's back in 2006 the ST rate was 1500 pesos but the echange rate was 32 - 1,do the math. Everybody,even hookers deserve a cost of living raise.


Sosua girls
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