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Author Topic: So what's the story bout the Chica getting killed tonight at  (Read 2746 times)


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Re: So what's the story bout the Chica getting killed tonight at
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@wreck i feel you .I was there last week and ran into a regualr ...Our last session we ever had was supposed to be 2 pops for 2500 .we left everything was good and got down to business as usual ..Except when i finished she started putting on her clothes ..... When she saw my face she knew she had fucked up  ... we did not agree on that ..she got upset ...and was like cmon let go another round ...but i wasnt in the mood anymore ...i gave her the money and got her out of there ...I saw her again last week she say you never want to be with me again .... i said no we just cool ,but i would never go in the room with her alone again ...DR women do not  think ahead ...they only think for right now ...not interested in keeping good vibes with you  and a repeat customer.And honestly in their profession....i dont expect her to ...but she can atleast honor what we agreed to ...Charge it to the game i guess.We dont know what happen in that room ...whatever that did ...didnt warrant her being killed tho .Dude let his anger get the best of him

It depends on the chic, I’ve had many opposite experiences. It’s all about vibes, and what you bring to the table. It’s not all bout money. Gotta vet ya hoes , and repeat with the best experiences #Facts

#GoodVibrations B


Sosua girls
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