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Title: The Death of Hip Hop
Post by: vpeezy on October 11, 2018, 11:18:17 AM
I want to put this crap to rest once and for all...

First, appreciate all the love for those who KNOW the Facts...

Now, First as it is already known.. I am NOT hip hop..

All this BS drama between Bourbon and Hip hop has ZERO to do with me. Even tho the sidekick tried to get me involved.. There is NO joint effort, no Grand scheme or plan...

They have a PERSONAL beef that does not include VP... I dont give two fucks what happens between them and I like my name left out. And I have heard side talk about me hating on Bourbon/Ahnvee..

Show me the posts.....  And for those that know me.. Anything I need to say, I say to whom I am speaking and NEVER leave it out if It needs to be said to another party..

The fact that whatever drama was happening had zero to do with me was WHY I stayed quiet and YET my name was involved..

I have always done me and lets be clear...

Ahnvee - Go back and read my report.. Nice place when I stayed.. If I had to pay? I personally wouldnt..
Bourbon - Was a fan in VH, Not a fan of it lately (My SPOT been open a year and I stated this BEFORE I had a spot)

So there is NO hate.. We are doing two different things and I do what I do well.  to be real, I am the getaway from the strip. I dont need chics everywhere and you can eat and enjoy without the hassle of the strip..
Bourbon st is walmart, I am the supermarket down the block....

So All that Drama is for the birds and I dont even spend a day thinking about anyone or anything but Flip Flop.. My Brand..  I even shouted them out on my youtube channel and they have 6 mentions in my new BEST of Video..

So where exactly am I hating..

Hip Hop is gone and the clown ROY was warned. lets bring the board back to basics and good trip reports cuz Honestly it was ONLY  a small group that was doing all the bickering

The thought process was because HipHop hated them so much and knew so much he must be VP.... Well I dont hate anyone.. I made my own lane and create my own opportunities. I have spoken to HIPHOP and he has a disdain for those guys. But once again, has ZERO to do with VP..

Anyone want Cold Beer and Wings
Title: Re: The Death of Hip Hop
Post by: ableneuro on October 11, 2018, 11:34:25 AM
VP..... unfortunately this is the savage nature of aa today.
They will seek out and destroy anything that looks like them, but allow Zimmerman to walk the streets freely autographing skittles packages.

Thats why I just stay in the background because posting on here is like counting down from 10 before the attacks begin. No matter the subject. But VP, you are a standup dude, so I see your plight.

The hate shit needs to stop on what SHOULD be a site that makes everyone who knows the SU/DR smile, knowing they will be back soon.

Now, I am about to get in this Casa Linda pool and wait for the hate to arrive.
Title: Re: The Death of Hip Hop
Post by: vpeezy on October 11, 2018, 11:43:07 AM
The FACTS are this, All I did was say "Dont believe the HYPE"  about the strip moving or the nonsense... AND BTW, Its the same thing I was saying BEFORE bourbon st and ahnvee EXISTED.. this has been going on for years... BUT Because NOW I said it... The same thing I been saying for 6 years its hate towards a certain business.

VP dont care about anyone but Flip Flop... My Brand, I have more drama with these Boats than any business has about anything IN SOSUA...
So I have NO time to hate..

That is point blank and done with the convo but I had to get that off my chest.. Was tired of the slick talk and side comments.. 

Flip Flop is Flip Flop and everyone else is free to do them.
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