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Get the deal straight before you charter a fishing boat

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A year ago some friends and I chartered a fishing boat. We left from Sosua beach. When we got out of the bay and into open ocean the water was rough. The boat hands baited and placed some fishing poles at the rear of the boat and threw the lines into the water. We kept on going and going and going. We finally asked when we were going to stop so we could fish. They said we were not going to stop because the water was too rough. What we were doing was 'trolling'. We paid like $250 to sit in a boat and look at each other while fishing lines attached to the boat hoped for a catch. I noticed there were no (I mean not one) other boats on the water that beautiful day. what happened was those charter boat guys were greedy and wanted to make money on some 'suckers'. They knew they were not supposed to charter the boat on a day like that but they wanted money. They never told us we would not be able to fish because they knew we would not have done it. When we got ashore we complained to the point of the cops getting involved but never got a penny back. I wish i could remember the name of the charter company but i don't. Get the facts straight before you charter and pay half up front and the rest when you get back is my advice.

I realize this is an old post but i gotta ask what were you expecting?trolling is the way that you fish for most large gaming fish in ocean waters it is not like going down to a pond or small river and casting do not want to be surrounded by other boats so being alone should be expected.

That def was a crappy experience! So no fish and and you are out a pretty penny. Listen guys we charter fishing tours from Sosua Bay. So next time you are looking for a good fishing charter book with us!  We are legit. No BS! Our company is owned by 2 US Army combat vets. We don't screw our customers over  and our word is our bond.


May 2017 we chartered a deep sea for $100 a head.. The guy had a little shop at end of road at Sousa beach next to a dive shop.. good price compared to US .. they served beer and rum and sandwiches.. trolled for about 4 hours.. one barracuda caught..its fishing .. I’ll go again

Rough seas are a good reason for cancellation, though some "deals" are given on such days because of the same reason. The difference between booking from the beach hustlers vs a reputable agency is the fact that the hustlers will not give you terms of service, and then you get what you paid for. Some agencies will give you good deals, just need to know how to bargain with dominicans. I always recommend Ed from Sosua Fishing by GT and he will find me a deal among all the top boats in Sosua. Last week in May they had around 8 cancellations over a few days due to rough seas, I was one among them and my deposit was returned 100% as paid.


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