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Re: Blackbeards - Which girl do you recommend?
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Forgive my ignorance for once. What entails the happy hour at Blackbeards? I read multiple posts about it but not sure what it gives. TIA

A Happy Hour is simply a threesome -- you and two chicas. But there are different kinds of happy hours, and that depends on the chicas. A lot of times, a threesome is just about the girls taking turns having sex with you. That's not a good value, in my opinion. For that you might as well schedule sessions with them separately so you can concentrate more on each one. However, at Blackbeards you can choose girls who are bisexual and watch them get into each other while they also fuck you. That's more like the threesome experience most of us want -- but you gotta request it. Otherwise they'll just take turns with you. The majority of the girls at BB are straight and won't lick pussy.

Good luck.

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Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. Sosua will do just fine.


Sosua girls
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