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Sosua Street Advice / Re: Hatian chicas
« Last post by FuenteFuente on Today at 07:57:12 PM »
Its like there is not much attention given to Haitian girls, like I rarely if ever hear anyone talk about them

Do a search. Plenty of talk about them.
Current News About Sosua / Re: Cubadave update
« Last post by Aintnew2this on Today at 06:49:41 PM »
How does he make a living.  When all the fiasco was going on, he was desperate for money receiving donations for his legal team in Costa Rica.  He is now out and living life in Medellin.  What's the secret?

I am friends with Cuba Dave on Facebook and we have chatted online. Overall, I know nothing about his finances, but he did tell me he lost everything while he was in prison. So that's the extent of my first-hand knowledge of his financial affairs. However, he still has the legal right to receive his Social Security. Depending on what he made during his working years that could be $2K-$3K a month if he was making a nice corporate salary. On top of the Social Security he could have a corporate retirement pension of $1K-$2K -- if he was able to not tap into that for his legal fees.

So, there are definitely guys his age who did well while they were working and now are getting $3K-$5K a month in retirement benefits. Dave lives in South Florida and can get relatively cheap airfares to Latin America. He may have a side hustle like flipping stuff on Amazon or Ebay. He may be keeping expenses low by rooming with a couple guys or living alone in a rented trailer.

The point is, if he is getting Social Security and a pension, he can definitely afford to monger in some countries. The down side for him is that he's no longer welcome in the DR, which mongering for him is the cheapest given the cheap air fare on Spirit out of Ft. Lauderale. I am not surprised he is gravitating to Columbia.

This article gives a little insight into Daves life

There probably is a small social security benefit being collected and maybe a small pension if he was in a union

But the more likely scenario that is half mentioned in the article is that the simps are still paying his way.

Dave will never return to the DR, it appears they made it very clear he was no longer welcome there.

They won't lock him up in Colombia they will make him dissappear

quite true.  unfortunately, he still doesn't seem to have learned.
Places To Eat / Re: What are your Top 3 Picks for eating out in Sosua?
« Last post by Luvinhoes on Today at 06:42:40 PM »
1-Terra Linda 2-Bailees 3-Bologna 4-Casa Valeria 5-Midtown
Sosua Stories / Re: Anybody who pulls this chick is suspect lol
« Last post by Luvinhoes on Today at 06:35:48 PM »
WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK IS YALL TALKING ABOUT! She’s a hoe! AND ALWAYS HAS A CLIENT. You dudes better have that same energy with the handicap men, ALL THE  Haitians being persecuted  that are there, with the old granny who’s a Dominican hustler, with the street kids and last but not least why not GIVE ALL THE HOES 500 pesos you bleeding hearts.. Jesus this Takes the cake
Fuck the others.....we about to take care of this midget. Stop watchin' other men, that's some gay shit.
Sosua Street Advice / Hatian chicas
« Last post by Geronimojack233 on Today at 06:19:55 PM »
Its like there is not much attention given to Haitian girls, like I rarely if ever hear anyone talk about them
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Weather
« Last post by crazy_canuck on Today at 06:18:24 PM »
Thanks for the reply ... chicas number don't bother me since I will mostly have imports ...
So when is the best time to go after june if I want to have the most sun?
I don't go to sosua only for chicas ... I like to have a lot of sun since I like to go to beach and visit stuff .... it's just frustrating when you go to beach and you have to leave in the middle of the afternoon because it starts raining :(
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Black Beards
« Last post by Don Pablo on Today at 06:15:26 PM »
You can also bring a suitcase filled with gifts and negotiate a deal with chicas where you give them a gift for each EXTRA pop.

Just make sure you bring down what the chicas love to have.

@fuentefuente Great advice brother how do you find out about the contest

@ drinksonme what do you bring for gifts from the dollar store

You had me until "fits 60" waist"
Dam I was taking my boy to check out this spot in May, but I'm not even going to mention it too him now...WTF? I never been so I was kind of looking forward to it actually. So I guess if he can't hit from the beach, Classico's, or the strip he should stay home
Sosua Stories / Re: Living in the DR
« Last post by Jazzy2002 on Today at 06:03:28 PM »
So true. The Dominicans with money treat the broke Dominicans like they're servants. Years ago I used to hangout a lot at the Bologna restaurant bar in Sosua. There was a couple of bartenders there that played gringos like they were fools and guys would fall all over themselves trying to talk to them. One afternoon I met a friend of mine there who was a queen bee who had a couple of Europeans taking care of her. Man, that women bossed those two bartenders around like they were working for her. You could see the subservience in their demeanor. They were jumping around like it was their job to kiss her ass. The experience was a real eye opener for me.The class you belong to means a lot in that country. 
Current News About Sosua / Re: Anyone looking for Boat
« Last post by jd66 on Today at 05:40:42 PM »
This is VPchill...

Been a while, First site was blocked in DR... Now its been so long since I logged in (My old computer had all my passwords saved) I cant log in under my account..

Down to the Nitty (Real info - Not this fake shit Luvin Hoes keeps spitting)

Side Bar - Why is there so much hate in your blood? Everything with my name attached to it seems to draw your attention.  Like its impossible for you to see a young brother doing something positive and be succesful? Im really confused and I am assuming your Troy Jones on FB posting that a dominican owns my spot..

Not that I have to break anything down but I am part of over 25 businesses in DR. wether it be setting up the business or helping with Promotions or training staff. I associate my name with the businesses that I  have the most interest. Others only get my assistance and guidance because they are not entertainment or vacation Business. Hence I wouldnt tell you about my cafeteria in Villa Altagracia because it is for the locals and out the way..

So please with All the rumors.. I VP am the owner and was the owner previously. I bought my partner out and since I was already in the progress of building the Beach Bar #38 and Boat trips, I decided to make it all one and we will be opening a few more spots in the near future (Also doing bar crawls with all of our locations)
Now.. Any other nonsense that needs to be addressed.. I am SUPER easy to find. Not sure what all the hate is and its only like 3 guys on here that just constantly hate that I am doing me..

So Happy Birthday is NOW Flip Flop Sports Bar and Taco Shop is Flip Flop Taco Shop... We now have a Beach Bar #38 and two boats
30ft fishing boat and a 54ft Bartrum for fishing and parties...

The World is Flip Flop...

I have a whatsapp just for the Boats and info etc.. 829 601 5925

Feel free to contact me and most have my direct line

As for the video Jose does not say he owns anything and if he owns 4 spots and boats off of selling bootleg cigars., Viagra and souvenirs then I am doing something wrong..

As you were

And Please TO Luvin hoes, Until you come meet me and holla direct, You should keep my name and my business out of ya mouth. Im free to chat whenever homie

VP thanks for the clarification on your locations.

Ultimately I don't patronize places there based on who the actual owner is.

I don't care if the owners are Dominican, Haitian, American, German, White, Black, Blue or Purple

I base it much more off from how the ownership and/or management treats it's customers and that includes do they provide a place that is enjoyable to hang out at, provides quality food and drink and doesn't overcharge you for things you didn't order.

Have been around the Sosua scene for awhile I can say without hesitation that VP has always seemed to go out of his way to provide opportunities and memorable experiences for lots of people whether they are a WW, take several trips a year, spend significant time there or a local that is trying to survive in the world.

We tend to underestimate how tough it can be for many there to make a living and support their families.

Doing business in the DR is not an easy task as there are many barriers to success.

It is nice to see someone that strives to continue to provide options to allow us travelers have a good time in our little spot in the Dominican Republic
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