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Coming To Town / Re: JANUARY - ROLL CALL
« Last post by lovesusua on Today at 03:19:05 AM »
Not that anyone cares...I'll be coming in after New Years Day

Let's Make Brothers Great Again!!!

I am also planning a 2 Day [side trip] to Cap Haitien, Haiti if anyone is interested in going as well

I will still be there in DR
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Daily expenses
« Last post by sos3 on Today at 02:49:21 AM »
It all depends on so many factors.
I don't drink or smoke, and I hold the line on 2k /hr with a chica, and so my expenses are gonna be a bit different if you do things differently.

Typically for a 5 day trip:
$45 per night at my favourite hotel, Las Palmeras x 5 nights                                                                       = $225
Max of 2.5k per girl @ 2 girls in the day time and 1 over night at max of 3.5k  = $170x 5 days                      = $850
Feeding @ 40/day x5 days                                                                                                                        = $200
Miscellaneous exp: $50 per day x 5                                                                                                           = $250

Total:                                                                                                                                                   ------------
                                                                                                                                                            Approx $1500usd for 5 days.

I say $2k usd for 5 days would be a blast for you. However, if you join some folks here in paying(WASTING) 4000 pesos for an hr with a chica, and 7k overnight, then you gonna have to raise the bar with your budget to $4k usd depending on the number of girls you pull.
Trip Reports / Re: Medellin Day 2-3
« Last post by STARLORD on Today at 02:40:07 AM »
Nice bro ham
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Daily expenses
« Last post by STARLORD on Today at 02:32:29 AM »
That's a very good budget

Man I been preaching that fb scene since my 1st trip. (Research) but alot of folks dont want to put in the effort. Theres a science to it! Of course but once you make friends with key people (meaning they accept your request) then there friends list is a goldmine and their friend of friends
 That's the main reason why I dont hit the casa or stripclub scene often.  Like I said in my first trip report in medellin you dont look for pussy you schedule pussy. Same chicas on fb are the same ones at the club to remember when I said multiple streams 9f income.  I got a USFB and a fb I use abroad. I use an app called parallel space to run them both simultaneously. If you dont do your research your gonna be lost in medellin and dependent on casas and stripclubs, gustos and what ever you can catch lurkering in parque lleras or el Centro. And you definitely wont get the full experince. I do my hunting online lol.

I feel you... i only hit casas and strip clubs once or twice during my trips cuz I don’t really dig the smashing without any type of connection.. I got a FB for only Medellin with probably 600+ chicas throughout Medellin... when I get there I simply post a status with a photo and let them flood my inbox.. If I go to parque llerás it’s either solo or with a regular paisa.

That’s the biggest difference people will see between MDE and sosua... sosua is a hooker stroll, where with MDE everything is under the radar...and if you go to MDE with the sosua mindset looking for chicas in gusto and on the street in parque llerás you will end up with a stable of sub-par hardened hoes compared to the semi-pros/ chicas just seeking extra money of Facebook.

If I wanted the hardened hoes that walk the streets in parque llerás or sit in gustos at the bar all night, I would just go to sosua instead. The semi-pro FB chicas and normal women that you meet in non-tourist places are the true experience of Medellin... you will get the real deal of a woman that fucks u like your her husband until you tap out. That South American passion is unmatched.

Man I'm jealous as hell right now. In sosua that's how I met my chics. Tagged and Facebook.. So I started doing the same thing with Colombia.. But over 600.. Damn. Have to step up my game now. I've been branching off their friends so I'm talking to about 7 of them now for my next trip.
Research is so important you learn new things every trip

Yep and experience. Some things you can research but others you have to be on the ground hands on.  Especially to get a feel of the people and culture.
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Daily expenses
« Last post by blue-eyed-devil on Today at 12:41:35 AM »
How much do you guys spend on food and booze a day? I'm going to be there 10 days and was thinking $3000 is enough for food, booze, and chicas. Thoughts?
Trip Reports / Re: Medellin Day 2-3
« Last post by BlameItOnThePatron on Today at 12:13:52 AM »
Ny, check your PM.. Sent you some info that may help you out.
Oh please. Europa is fine. I am here now for an extended stay. No roaches. No cockroaches. No mosquitos. No waterbugs. No noise. Huge rooms. Plenty of small bars within two-minute walk. Lots of chicas within a two-minutes. Room is under $35 a night. Tip your security guy and your maid and you'll get service on par with any of the villas or upscale hotels.

Europa is like the plain jail, a 'lil overweight girl who will fuck your brains out and make you forget about all the beauty queens you date who suck your dick for 30 seconds before rolling over to go to sleep.
Trip Reports / Medellin Day 2-3
« Last post by nyphalanx on November 14, 2018, 11:54:56 PM »
I'm headed on a long day trip tomorrow to see the rock so going to give a quick summarized report.

Went sightseeing, including taking cable car up the Favella and then walking down the favella. It was an experience, but probably not a smart one. Had a full meal at the bottom of it for $2. Later that day I took a taxi to Paisa park which is like a small town on a hill. Tons of beautiful non-working girls, nice view with the sunset. I then walked to the Laureles area to see what the hype was about. It was early in the evening so didn't see much action and headed back to the Llares park area where i'm staying. I didn't see anything I liked so I called it a night without picking anyone up. It was a holiday here and I was expecting a lot more partying, but instead it was pretty empty with plenty of places closed.

I worked most of the day and afterwards reached out to someone that was recommended to me by another hoe. Unfortunately the girl was only available next week or this coming Friday so I'll have to circle back on her. Walked around Llares area, approached a pretty thang but she wanted $200K for 1 hour and $300K, she was a 7 and not worth it so I told her no and kept walking. Slim picking all night finally I approached this beautiful blonde girl....or so I thought, as soon as "she" spoke I realized it was a tranny. Now let me warn everyone here about Park Llares it is heavy with tranny and 90%+ of them can fool you due to the ease of plastic surgery in this country. One of the girls warned me that a lot of the "girls" are actually tranny, including those with the nice body. The biggest give away is the face, not the hands, not the body. They look very feminine but the face is slightly unnatural looking as if they've had some work done to look more feminine. My rule is if there is any doubt whatsoever regardless of how hot their body looks it is to keep moving. I as not expecting to see as many trannies, especially not as many that can easily fool someone especially someone that is drunk. I saw plenty of guys taking numbers and walking around with girls that are likely trannies with excellent plastic surgery.

After that episode I got very gun shy, but was approached by these two girls that wanted a 3some. I only wanted one of them but they weren't budging. I walked away and the rest of the night kept avoiding the constant "sosua" type of harassment because they were hungry out there, unlike previous nights. Finally I sent a message to the 2 girls for the 3some, after some waiting around they said they couldn't head back because they already left the area and are going to bed. This made 2 straight night without any action, luckily I also come for the sightseeing.

Now Day 4 was a lot more interesting and I'll post a separate report on that. Ended up having a 3some with the two from the previous night, got an unexpected number from a beautiful and sweet Tindr girl when she mistook me for someone else she was meeting, worked out now I have her info and will reach out this week. I'll be gone most of the day on a sightseeing day trip but also have a date with a tall, beautiful 20yr old with a banging body. Only issue is she wants 300K for the 2 hours because this gay pimp is bringing her to me. He's this fat, white, gay Colombian guy but from what i've seen the last 2 days he has a really nice set of girls.

Some quick notes:
* Again, be careful with trannies, if there is even a 1% chance just walk away.
* Those prepagos hooker sites are legit. They're free and the girls WhatsApp numbers are on it. Just send a message requesting info and pictures.
* If you're by Llares park head to corner of Carrera 38 & Calle 8a. There is a club in that corner with most of the hot girls hanging in there. I don't believe they charge you to take the girls out, but will check tomorrow. After 10PM you'll see a lot of them heading in that direction so hangout outside and collect numbers.

I attached a pic of the girls from day 4, blurred their face since I don't want any issues before I leave the country :)
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