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Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Ahnvee vs Blackbeard's
« Last post by jd66 on Today at 03:50:57 PM »
This was very helpful. I will do the first four nights at Blackbeard's and the last two at Ahnvee. Thanks for the guidance and information.

All depends on what the curfew situation is in November but if the curfew is less restrictive than it is now in November than 4 nights at BB is probably to long a time and it will likely get boring being there that long looking at the same girls and having little to do.

The good thing is the Covid numbers are on the decline and if they continue they are pretty much going to have to loosen the curfew restrictions more or they could face some fairly serious civil unrest in that country from the local people.   

The natives are getting very restless and signs of some real suffering with the population is starting to show and they won't tolerate a restricted curfew much longer if the numbers continue to decrease.

Come October 18 when the latest state of emergency as well as the curfew ends assuming it is not extended again which is very possible it is likely that things will open back up again  and if that happens you probably want to spend more time in Sosua than BB

But since it is your first time you have not been exposed to what it used to be like so no matter what it will be a time like you probably never experienced before assuming of course you have not mongered else where.
One benefit the extra 2 hrs freedom provides for me,  is my over nighters dont have to get here by 655pm.   And since I like night time action more than day time.  Even short timers can come at 7pm ( since it's dark already ) and be out way before curfew.

When I was there last month with the original curfew time, that shit was a pain in the ass when it came to scheduling.

I had to be very particular about what TLN chicas were coming over, because those TLN’s felt like some extra long nights starting at 6:30 pm, trying to get that chica in before 7:00.

I also had to plan the food schedule way ahead, because the restaurants were closing up shop and stopping delivery pretty promptly. It’s quite a relief now that they have allowed a little more time on the curfew cut off.
I hear you.  For you the 7pm curfew was bad.  For me as well,  but tolerable,  since things opened up.    Back in March when the curfew 1st started,  it was 8pm.   Then less than a week later, it was changed to 5pm curfew 7 days a week.     

At that point, the scare was real, the initial panic about the virus was real.   Public paid transpo was dead.  No taxis, no buses, no gua gua, no tourist flights coming in.   Only public paid transpo was motoconchos.   And there became less and less use for them,  because a lot of businesses were shut down.   No beach, No hotels, no bars or restaurants.    Chicas, hustlers vendors, beggars, stopped coming to Sosua because there was almost no way to make money.   Sosua became some what of a ghost town.  The p4p scene took a huge hit.

So you can imagine how that must have been for expats/tourists who had their regulars that lived in the towns nearby east and west or PP.    A lot of chicas were scared and so were the expats and tourists left behind.   My regulars and I both just accepted the situation and mutually left each other alone.  Interesting enough, none of them asked me for money because of the situation.  Sosua streets and area looked dead.   The most important things were just doing normal day to day stuff.   Like grocery shopping, banking, getting take out food, staying home, watching lots of tv and movies.  And calling around the world to touch base with everybody.

So for the most part,  there really wasnt much to do.   You had to be creative.   And TBH, the tranquility here in Sosua was scary in one way and amazingly positive in another way.   No noise,  no hustle and bustle.   No almost getting in an accident with a car or a moto.  Not many locals around, staring and watching everything foreigners are doing.   

So this country, and Sosua particularly has come a long way from March 2020.   What I discovered in all of this.   I really do love living here.  This is a great town.   And it has been proven to me,  that Sosua is more than a whore town, or a brothel as one ignorant member said from another forum.  This place has a charm of it's own.  Ive survived 2 hurricanes, and so far a viral pandemic, a lockdown and restrictions of travel.   And it hasnt changed how I feel about living here.   You know you love a place when you can be addicted to it from a vacation perspective or even living here.
Yes Sir not too Shabby  if your going to pull thr plug and live there you have to go from vacation party hardy mode to local chill mode  not to worry plenty of chicas can vist you in your cassa plenty of food and drink,, that is apparent from curfews all the repaets chicas got fat with pot or beer bellys haha !
Facts!  Do not run a tab!  Pay immediately for whatever you get! They tried me, but I already had the "no tab" routine. Fortunately, the secondary barmaid remember me paying and leaving on the previous they backed down.  But for a moment they were ready to hoist me up the yardarm! Hahaha....Seriously, Bruv, don't run a tab.
Current News About Sosua / Re: Current Observatios on the Strip/PC
« Last post by VivaLaVega on Today at 03:48:11 PM »

20 pages on this thread. Well done. But maybe it’s time to let it slide into the archives and drop “Current observations October” . I appreciate the first hand info, just get a little tired of scrolling.
This was very helpful. I will do the first four nights at Blackbeard's and the last two at Ahnvee. Thanks for the guidance and information.


Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself bro. I think you’ll have a good time.

BB’s Pro Tips:

1. Don’t allow chicas to press you for food & drink (mostly drinks though). They’re good for that. Just smile, wave, and politely keep it moving, lol. If you didn’t just have a recent smash session with them, don’t feel obligated (and even then, you’re still not obligated).

2. Don’t keep an open bar tab on a credit card. If you do happen to treat the wrong chica to a drink and you tell her to retrieve it on her own on your tab, you might be purchasing more drinks than you’re aware of (because she will treat her friends to some drinks on your tab and then claim she misinterpreted). Always have the drink or drinks come to your table first, then disperse it to the chica so you can always know how much you ordered and for whom.

3. Don’t break appointments with chicas at the last minute. You’ll be responsible for compensating them for wasted time. If you have to cancel an appointment, do it as far in advance as possible.
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Ahnvee vs Blackbeard's
« Last post by Ghost of PB on Today at 03:29:22 PM »
BB is a bunny ranch.... Ahnvee is a hotel/resort that rents rooms to chicas. With curfew the chicas are stay on property because there’s no where else to go!
Monday Sept 28th 2020         The old spot where Bourbon Street was ( Pedro Clisante ) is looking more and more like it might be a food market,  like someone here mentioned.   I saw what looked like shelving materials inside ready to be installed.  And the construction of the interior is looking more and more like a finished job.
I thought so , Sirs kiss the old strip good bye its not comming back the train has left the Station,, How ever its not doom and gloom, chicas are still going to be there albeit scattered in differnt locations,, Hope the New entertainment center opens soon  more opertunities and chica gathering spots !
@Poontang don't get my last comment fucked up. Its not aimed at you cause it seems you've got some experience with regular chicas in RD.  I've got two other joints in the capital that just come through to have a good time.  They're fly too but the difference is they're in their early 30's.


We good bro. Everything we’re talking about is in the spirit of debate and knowledge sharing. It’s all good.
Speaking of  chicas in there 30s ive had more fun with that age group for a number of reasons all good albeit im almost 60 !
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Ahnvee vs Blackbeard's
« Last post by Silent Bob on Today at 02:57:11 PM »
This was very helpful. I will do the first four nights at Blackbeard's and the last two at Ahnvee. Thanks for the guidance and information.
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