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Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Re: Visitors visa
« Last post by eastcoastprophet on Today at 07:58:16 AM »
“So far I doesn't qualify as all three”.   Llolololoolo, The End.   Then do not make a move until you do. Everything else is an emotional, feminine case for this and that...
Current News About Sosua / Re: Niggas ruining Sosua
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 07:28:00 AM »
There Always change and phases ..  Ok some think theres too many black ameicans wrecking sosua.. Im sure the same thing was said when whites Americans,Europions, the list goes ,on there going to blame any one that's present in the Hoe Trade,,  Albeit yes some Black Americans ,acting ghetto in the Su, But not all,Most enjoy the hoes like the rest of us and don't act up.And with the Actor Comedian , Croaking Sosua as a child sex trade spot, is total BS,,,
But Squeaky wheels get oiled !  So Sirs Adapt to changes, go with the flow, there still plenty of pussy to be had,
By no means , ppussy will be gone from the Su,  May have to fine tune you procurement procedures,,,,May not be point and click.or shooting fish in a barrel like the old days,,,
Sosua Street Advice / Re: African women
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 06:21:10 AM »
Are they llike women from haiti. Cause I'm tired of pussy where there are little to no walls
  Fur sure , Like throwing a hot dog down a high school Hallway !
Sosua Street Advice / Re: Slums
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 06:17:16 AM »
Some guys like getting off that beaten path and venturing into the barrio. I have had a small taste of it and it's interesting. I think I could enjoy it more if it was outside the hoe game. If I was truly dating someone then it would be fine, or if I was there on a true humanitarian effort like with schools.

For me, it gets too real when you are visiting the barrio as a monger. The poverty is so real that if you want to spend some pesos you can eventually have sex with every adult female in the house  -- the mother, aunts, 19-year-old daughters, cousins, etc. Just not my style. But again, if you want to go down there strictly to learn about the culture or on a humanitarian mission, then its fine.
  True indeed,,   After meeting chicas cousin,friend, in the barrio, next few trips after the main chica flew the coop for Chile, ended up smashing the cousin, few of their friends, even a granny,, all part of the chica net work  !
Sosua Street Advice / Re: Slums
« Last post by bachatero on Today at 05:24:35 AM »
I love the barrios in the DR.  People are down to earth, like to drink, dance, and have a good time.  My favorite barrio is La Yuca del Naco.  Small barrio with good peoples...the rich in Naco want it torn down, but doubt it ever will be.
Sosua Street Advice / Re: African women
« Last post by bachatero on Today at 05:20:20 AM »
I've only had 3 that were actually born and raised in Africa.  And yes that pussy was good and of course all 3 had that nice round booty. 
Current News About Sosua / Re: Niggas ruining Sosua
« Last post by bachatero on Today at 05:15:43 AM »
Probably the stupidest thread on here so far.  Really...why all the hate skyguy??? 
Good to know, Dance. Thanks!
Current News About Sosua / Re: Big change coming to Sosua nightlife
« Last post by bachatero on Today at 04:19:30 AM »
The next 2020 Presidential election will be interesting.  Danilo cannot run for another term.  And the interesting part is that the grandson of Trujillo is running for President.  Most of the people in the DR are tired of the government corruption, as we are in the USA.  But when you are extremely poor and the rich get richer through corruption, then I'm sure it is time for a change.

I've asked a few Dominicans who they are voting for and 3 out of 4 said Ramfis Trujillo.  They think Trujillo is the only candidate that will stand up for the Dominican people and create real change.

Now please do not take my 3 out of 4 votes for Ramfis Trujillo as a prediction.  But with all the corruption and murdering that his grandfather did, I find it amazing that someone would even vote for the Trujillo bloodline.  Supposedly Ramfis is not like his grandfather, but it was still a shock to me.  It would be like voting for Adolf Hitler's grandson, if he ever had one...

Waiting for A politician to fix corruption is like waiting for the Pope to destroy the church ⛪

@HipHop  You are 100% correct!  I saw the Pope yesterday kissing babies like he was running for office!!!  lol 
The Vatican is the richest and smallest country in the world...the Pope does not want to lose any of it.
Current News About Sosua / Re: Niggas ruining Sosua
« Last post by Geronimojack233 on Today at 03:00:46 AM »
What about any other race there was a article speaking of tourist having sex with underage girls. And a Dominican told me it was mostly Europeans that partook in those sort of perversions. there are all sorts of reports of tourist of all ethnicities who do horrible things overseas but to limit it to one race is truly absurd or would it fit u if certain members of a certain race knew there place in society and that they should always know they should be below the majority in the united states.would it be OK if whites were banned from Japan because of the zest for rape. Or banned from Vietnam for there habit of leaving rape babies there. Even if a certain demographic of the population is not culturally sensitive in the Dominican republic it is ho where near the horrors that whites have subjected the world does it make sense that we should all be banned from countries and have immigrants kicked out of ours for the increase in crime
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