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Current News About Sosua / Re: "The World is Flip Flop"
« Last post by vpeezy on Today at 08:02:55 AM »
Oh Its ON !!!!!!
How you gon say men need to unplug from the matrix, but you bringing the matrix to sosua. As a black man that deals with black women, thats what im trying to unplug from. SMH.
Sosua Stories / Re: Mongering in America
« Last post by jack C on Today at 07:04:15 AM »

SeekingArrangements is an awesome website, but you have a lot of gold diggers in there too.

SA is like a lot of other places. If you chase the straight dime pieces you will run into gold diggers for sure. But the site is flush with 6-7-8s who will fuck you like you're there boyfriend for $150 and transportation costs.

SA is the truth, just have to flush out all the bs and find the golden nuggets. No lie, bagged a chick on there recently and didn't give her anything other than a good pounding lol, she just wanted to find a "professional" to smash her lol. I happily obliged.
Hombre is in  love yall ...shidd I would be to

Lol I said in the first post this trip report would be a little different.
Trip Reports / Re: I did Cuba in January. (I kno I'm late. STFU) Lmao
« Last post by KingPOP on Today at 06:33:26 AM »
Lol iam_Marwa gets ran down on by 2 "street girls" in Cuba on the malecon.
Sirs you can Subscribe to his paid web site  100 %optional !
Sirs do you thinks he going to get tapped for some pesos by the locals, say the police or politicians,, if he flush with cash  , Shall I say Shake down !
Come On Sirs Fess Up  you know some dudes are going raw in theses chicas,  Yah Gulity as charge but  was a regular repeat chica not on the strip,,   and we all know they be taken Donimican Dick Raw,(, Quote We No need No Stinking Condoms LOL}
Current News About Sosua / Re: Dominican cupid
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 04:32:42 AM »
Tis the slow season,, getting a lot of responses Donimican cupid,, for sure weed through them and they be down to fuck,,!!!
First Visit To Sosua Stories / Re: El ultimo hombre: Port of call Sosua
« Last post by STARLORD on Today at 03:22:02 AM »
Hombre is in  love yall ...shidd I would be to
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Sosua girls
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