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Places To Stay / Re: Need to find a place feb 7 - 10 ideas?
« Last post by Colomboanthony40 on Today at 05:16:41 PM »
Europa and seabreeze are both nice, clean rooms?
If you a grown ass man and you are haggling over $3, $5 or $10  on vacation. You need to stay home. IJS
Depends on what you're buying. I get some at Airport in US and some at Airport in DR
Damn Bro...You know this is my hobby...

Click the link to see a video of a young African-American brother who had to go to the emergency room after taking too much Viagra. The problem was priapism, a painful erection lasting more than four hours. If you want to take pills or any other ED drug, see your doctor in the U.S. first. Get a prescription and try the drugs at home. Then go to Sosua and use your ED drug with confidence.

Three guys can take a Viagra (or other ED drug) and one may not get an erection at all. The second might get a perfectly nice, hard erection for about an hour. Great for Sosua. But the third guy may get so hard he has to be rushed to the hospital.

Again, don't play around with ED drugs, including the generics sold in the DR. Take a look at the video of this brother in the emergency room with a huge boner that just wouldn't go down:
We always get 2-3 bottles each coming in of Jameson and Tito's. Then buy the local brews for the company

Where do you pick these up from, when you are leaving the states or when you touch down in DR? I've never done this before so I dont know where. Also I was thinking of picking up some Henny, Baileys, Jameson, Vodka and Johnnie

Duty Free at the airport in DR
This is you when you see them on the stroll...

This is them when you agree with their price

Thats fo sure! Next time 1.89 Thot Juice!!

@Saint is right bro. Save more money. When you touch down for the FIRST time all that budget shit is going out the window. You’re going to hate yourself for being tied down to a budget and not getting to do everything you want to do. Enjoy your trip.
Coming To Town / Re: JANUARY - ROLL CALL
« Last post by ronjam on Today at 03:43:50 PM »
Frist time to su, solo trip from jan 24 to 28. Would like to catch up with fellow mongers. I have already spoken to few from the board and would be meeting then there. PM if anyone eles would like to meet. First beer on me lol
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