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Trip Reports / Re: Leisure Trip 10-11-18
« Last post by NYGIANTS355 on October 20, 2018, 06:28:40 AM »
What he said.
Current News About Sosua / Re: La Costera Restaurant
« Last post by Realrocky on October 20, 2018, 05:30:24 AM »
The Wings are off the chain huh? I been quiet but my cook leaves and now the wings are off the chain?  Man... lol

Imma continue to be quiet. Sosua is amazing

They stole your slogan coldest beer and best wings in sosua
Trip Reports / Re: Leisure Trip 10-11-18
« Last post by Dallas77 on October 20, 2018, 04:28:07 AM »
Pics of bitches not beaches bro 🙄
Trip Reports / Leisure Trip 10-11-18
« Last post by ChicoRaza on October 20, 2018, 02:35:35 AM »
Was in Puerto Plata before heading out to Sosua. Stopped by FiFi cigar store on Calle Separacion and grabbed a nice Cognac cigar to puff on. I rarely smoke cigars but FiFi's has damn good cigars to choose from. They hand roll them next door and is attached to a jewelry store. After lighting up and a shot of Mamajuana I headed to the Casa de Cambio next to the Heladeria Mariposa (Ice Cream Shop) just across from Parque Central on Calle Beller. The exchange rate was 49 pesos per $1 USD. Then went to grab a Presidente Grande at the grocery across from Parque Central.

The last time that I was in Puerto Plata I went to Loveras House where a few chicas were at doing business in a small yellow house. Now I have more detailed information of where it is at. It is located on Calle La Viara near the Port of Puerto Plata. From the Highway 5 turn towards Avenida Penetracion Portuaria heading towards port. Pass El Muelle and in the vicinity of Super Mercado Surtidora Perez. Calle La Viara will intersect. Loveras House will be at the curve in the road. Small yellow house. Not in the best neighborhood but I had no issues. If anyone ventures there please let me know if my directions helped and how your experience went. I hope that these details help for those who would like to know. By the way, the fish is good and fresh on the malecon at Long Beach. Good prices too!

Headed to Sosua from Puerto Plata to after getting some cigars, Presidente and exchange. Got to Sosua Beach and relaxed a bit drinking a Cuba Libre. A few chicas on the stroll giving that look. Some sitting nearby. I meet Camila who is sitting with her friend. We chit chat and exchange info for WhatsApp. Prices seem to be on the rise. The usual vendors are out with their sales pitch. Finish up my drink and continued to walk down. Got some more numbers for my database and walked thru the adjacent barrio. Got back to Pedro Clisante and went to Bar Central for a drink. Sat next to Sol and her friend. Damn! Sol has a nice ass! Wearing black specs. Intoduced myself and she had a big smile on her face. She made some small talk. Another GPS. LOL. Got her number for more possible negotiations later. Enjoyed my Presidente and the scene. In the corner of my eyes I see a nice fat ass on a dark chocolate chica. Damn! She said her name was Micaela and she was thick. She had a good attitude. Got her number too. After my beer I walked down Pedro Clisante checking out the chicas. Some nice ones out. Seen Kandela on the move and got her attention. Nice body and smile. Had a good conversation and decided to head to Hotel Central. Negotiations went well. Got a room for 400 pesos. Room wasn't bad. Nice size with bathroom and shower. Good for fucking and not using your main room. She was very responsive, vocal and passionate. Spent about an hour with her in the room. Everything was good. Afterwards we cleaned up, exchanged info and parted ways. I headed back down to the beach for some more recon.
Current News About Sosua / Re: La Costera Restaurant
« Last post by sosuaman on October 19, 2018, 10:56:16 PM »
Yall are missing some points about how things work down here. First off, yll are talking about newbes. The woman and TMD are fresh meat down here. Yeah they like talking how they know all, but reality is they know shit from shinola. There is something down here called the coconut telegraph. That's how people get to know whats going on here. It's also how reputations are made here too. Average life expectancy of someone moving here is six months. Then they leave. I can't tell you how many people I've seen come down here with big dreams, some pesos, and an American attitude only to go home completely broken.. Case and point. There is an old fat white guy that's owned bars and restaurants around the Caribbean for decades. They are all the same business model. He's fairly expensive too, but they are all Irish Pubs. He opened one in Cabarete some ten years ago and modeled it after Molly Malones that he owned in St. Thomas. It worked great, was popular, and Big Frank made money. He sold it a few years ago, and had to come back when the place went tits up and foreclose which he did this year. Instead of opening it up again, he opened an Irish Pub in Sosua.. Can you believe it, his same clientele that he had in Cabarete are now patronizing his new joint in Sosua. Why? Cause he's Big Frank, and everybody loves to party with him.

Same thing is true about Flip Flops, and these new faces not only will fail, but will more than likely go home completely broken too. I get a kick out of them asking for people to "support their youtube channel".. What a fuckin joke. VP has a reputation and people know him as a straight up promoter. People wanna hang out with him and support him because they know what hes about and no bullshit youtube videos by some wannabe asswipes are going to change that. You wanna make something of yourself here in the DR or the Caribbean for that matter? then you have to put in the time and effort, and they aint done shit. BTW.. VP don't know me from shit, but I know him from the coconut telegraph and from him helping out some people some years back when they restaurant burned down and VP was doing his thing at VH and supported these people who were friends of mine. So this aint no friend speaking up for his compadre. Just a man who live here for years talking straight up. You come here fuckin people who are seen as locals? You goin to get fucked.
Current News About Sosua / Re: La Costera Restaurant
« Last post by STARLORD on October 19, 2018, 10:43:42 PM »
How was it ?
If you're in town Halloween afternoon stop by the Cigar Club and barbershop at 5 p.m. for an informal meetup! The joint is in the Sunset Plaza, a minute or two walk from Classico. We'll be in an open area, so if you don't smoke it'll be easy to cop a spot in the fresh air! LOL.

Here's the URL for the Cigar Club (Steel Horse Cigar) with the barbershop inside:

Here's a Taylor Made Dreams YouTube video on the cigar bar, barbershop and other spots in the Sunset Plaza.

DISCLAIMER: I have never met Taylor Made Dreams and I am not affiliated with him, and I am not a paid or comped promoter of any spots in Sosua. I'm just a dude who likes Sosua and people in general. You can attend the meetup without spending anything.

Private message me from the site if you'd like to meet up. Hopefully at least a handful of guys will show up and we can have a toast to being in the Su!

-- Fuente
Fuente  I'm rolling in next week the 24th and there until the 29th. Is this the cigar place that is owned by a guy from the UK? If you are there then I owe you a couple of beers for all of this Intel you've been dropping man.
Current News About Sosua / Re: La Costera Restaurant
« Last post by jd66 on October 19, 2018, 10:18:00 PM »
I don’t think VP and Cerise are in direct competition. VP’s location and setup is better, in my opinion. I’ve passed by Cerise’s place and have actually eaten at flip flop. I couldn’t see MYSELF going to la costera unless I was staying down by Europa and even then Europa has a decent restaurant. As far as VP and Taylor Made, I find it funny that a guy (Taylor Made) who used to talk about how great his credit and finances were in past videos would feel threatened by another person. Hopefully everything can be resolved WITHOUT a bunch of petty shit. Even though I do see a bunch of NEW usernames popping up and stirring stuff up.

Europa has a restaurant?

Yes Europa has a restaurant
They have served food for along time but you wouldn't really know it unless you stayed there.

Now they have an official restaurant.  You have to enter it through the lobby

The theme is very white colors

Food is decent

Give them a try.  It is important that all of these places get business so that we continue to have many choices to eat at.

I haven't stayed in Europa in 8-9 years or so. The first time I stayed in Europa was in 2006 and they had a restaurant where the entrance was in the lobby also. The name of the restaurant was called Don Quixote and they stayed in business for a couple of years before they folded. The food looks good. Does the restaurant have a name?

I was just there a week ago and was trying to remember the name.  I think it was called Mables or something like that.
Sosua Stories / Re: Why i love Blackbeards
« Last post by LAKESIDE40 on October 19, 2018, 10:13:56 PM »
I was just "in country" dayz ago, and not to ruffle anybody's feathers, but Sosua has become a fucking joke to me.   I Had 4 different sessions in Sosua where the bitches didnt and wouldnt let me finish(bust deez nuts) but still insisted on  full pay.. several other cats complained about the same problem, so it wasnt some random shit.. we all joked about the thugged out bitches in town, but it could have just been an isolated weekend of bullshit.. but turn the page to Blackbeards!!!   I had 7 different ladies give me the pornstar treatment, that i deserve, lol.. the shit was so on-point that i tried to stay longer, but they didnt have any vacancies when i was leaving..
kudos sir  Great report,,,  There are no secrets in sosua  these hoes know who your smashing how much you pay other chicas and the size of your  jhonson The Tella chica net work,, sounds like you had a good time  with young chicas semi pro milf and chicas in between,, so many to choose from,  sir your are correct as a gringo your going to be hit on by moto drivers street hustlers, beggers   you have to walk around like you own the place its a macho culture.  wifeing up can be fun with a good chica,, yeah  some are semi pros and wont quote you a set fee but appreciate when you  buy food clothing ect helping out the family,,  Staying in the barrio, break bread with the locals
Good repeats are good  some are cool and if there not pre engaged they will come right over and spend a few days with you..Best of luck sir !
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