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Current News About Sosua / Re: Damn! They Just Got Me!
« Last post by afeez1 on August 16, 2018, 06:19:12 PM »
On my first trip, I was coming from City Lights and I passed by a group of girls who felt me up. Next thing I know, over 1000 pesos were missing from my pocket. You live and you learn. Now, I keep both hands in my pockets wherever I go in Sosua.
Current News About Sosua / Re: Boots on the ground now
« Last post by justincase689 on August 16, 2018, 05:56:49 PM »
as you'll might know im here too...there's still bitches here to  had...they have uped the price but ive been gotten a few nice chicas  for 1500 -2000
Current News About Sosua / Re: Damn! They Just Got Me!
« Last post by justincase689 on August 16, 2018, 05:53:26 PM »
Well ..i know the phone is gone..BUT i will be viewing the camera when the Manager comes in , jujst my luck is a"fiesta of
some sort...the beach is packed!....well they said the come back and the cestur said later they would go to classicos and view the footage..
i dont really know which is legit...just want to see what happened...
Current News About Sosua / Re: Red Light District Update
« Last post by Saint on August 16, 2018, 05:49:26 PM »
Saint . . . Awesome, thanks, great info, details and up to the minute places to hit, nice !
I have to agree also, that your Spanish abilities, as well as "your game", and ability to hang solo in an almost all Dominican,  all young crowd are key. Indeed, good advice. I'll be there - (Sosua), aka "in Cabarete" - a much "better" sounding town to those in pop, starting Tues  for 2 weeks so will have to visit pop - but, will also have friends, so the split up idea vs. big male group thing must be considered. 

Hey as a newbie poster, what's the protocol or how is it possible, to reach out to someone on this forum directly ? email or whatsapp ?
Saint - Are you DR local ? Your knowledge is 1st rate.

Muchisimas Gracias Senor

Spend a lot of time out of a music studio in montellano which is in between sosua and Puerto plata.  A lot of songs you hear on the local radio stations come out of that studio.   Some joints back up in there in some small lounges as well.  I just give you the real when you step out of sosua.  Some people do not believe it or do not want to hear it.  Not on hear to lie. No one on hear pays my bills so do not need to impress no one on this board. I like hanging in sosua for a couple of hours when I get out.  I am cool with it.  Trust me when I hit pedro, streets let you know I am around no need to talk loud.  Streets will always let you know if your respected as a foreigner.   Chicks know who is a player or not as they always talk. If I am clown,  trust me they will tell you. I will meet anyone out there no need to tell you what I am wearing. You going to know. I know for sure what pops off the block and just try to give some advice.  On you to take what you want that helps you.
LMAO  Stay humble, boss.

I know you laugh, but all seriousness no bitch would ever go into my pockets in classico.  That story of a dude getting his phone taken leaving classico would never happen to me.
Never..... They will never even walk over to me and try to talk to me or touch me unless I decide.  Understand a Dominican with power you do not rob because Dominicans know they will go all the way.  This girl I was talking too back in Santo domingo her know it all brother robbed this mistress of a powerful dude for chump change and he is now in his 7th year locked up in La Victoria.  You never want no bitch there thinking you soft. It's like jail they punk you that is on you.  You better always demand respect because they do not respect soft motherfuckers there. You all at simp fest on that Thursday in classico saw how I roll.  Never hiding... I am not down there living a fantasy I am who I am all the time...
Current News About Sosua / Re: Really, Who is Hip Hop?
« Last post by HipHop on August 16, 2018, 05:40:26 PM »
I thought this was cleared up but a reliable source has told me HipHop and Bach are the same guy. Which if you look at it is obvious.
Grade A idiot he is.

@Textron  LMAO...HipHop and I are two different people.  You should look at our threads and you can clearly see that we are different people.  We write differently and you will notice that I am not on here on a regular basis anymore.  Often times when I travel to the DR, I do not log in.  HipHop lives in the DR and is on all the time. 

By the way, who is your "reliable" source?  Maybe HipHop and I can take him out for a few drinks one night so that he becomes more reliable and sees that there is actually 2 of us.

Does anyone else think it is weird that other guys are wondering who HipHop and VP are...and now they think I am one of these guys?  I know and have met at least 10 to 15 guys on this site that can vouch who I am. 

Hopefully one day I can meet you Textron.

Sure you have met 10-15 guys off this site.  You are posting as Bach here.
Hip Hop has met no one off this site apart from Bach.  Bach is Hip Hop. As you/he keep reminding us.

The cross coordination between Hip Hop posts and Bach posts is mind boggling.

I wonder why such an international jet setter such as yourself with girls in every land even bothers with Sosua. Let alone have an alta ego.

I guess the answer is HipHop/Bach your time is up.

@TK  Once again, thanks for the LMAO.  I'm sitting on the balcony of my country club now.  Life is good...Fight Night tonight and I've got BMW coming...damn I want to win this account badly.

Anyways...yes, I travel a lot.  Actually about 40 weeks out of the year or more.  I try to stay in Chicago during the summer months though as much as possible. 

Regarding Sosua.  No, I'm not a real big fan of Sosua.  It is great for what it is, but I prefer the true Dominican Republic and that's the main reason I'm on this help out guys that want to venture outside of Sosua and see the island. 

The only reason I go to Sosua is to hang out with some really good friends.

I guess VP, HipHop, and I need to get together next time I'm on the island.  We will all fight over who's buying bottles, because non of us are cheap ass mofos.  We'll even take a picture and post it here.  I think December for SF4.5  will be the perfect time.  Yea, Nick, even you can get in the picture with us. 

Is there any way you will be there in December, TK???  This way you could be part of the conspiracy as well.  lol

💡 I’ve figured it out 🤯

The reason they’re praying that you me and VP are the same person is that they’re hoping that we are like them. But to imagine that they are losers because of their own actions and their own responsibilities their own choices in their own laziness that would be too much for them to handle. So they would rather believe that we are all lying especially that would just the same person living in a delusional dream and that they don’t have to  to be depressed because there’s poor life is not their fault. It is a External factor of forces making they’re life shit..  because the “system” is keeping them down.

I know your gonna get the BMW account..

As far as You Vp and I getting together sounds like a trip report that would melt the mind of the life trolls
The food at flip flop looks good. I hope to stop by when I head down next month.
Been to Cancun 5 times,,, punta cana about 11 “lost count” 😅

you can definitely get that Cancun vibe in Punta Cana.

1... Breathless Resort
2... Chic Resort
3... Riu Palace Bavaro “which gives you access to eat and drink at the other walking distance sister resorts, including the party spot “Riu Bambú” and the not so far “Riu República” as well“
4... Hard Rock Resort

These are the most I had fun in and had the most pussy, averaging a new session every other day with daily repeats from Resort workers or tourists 😈

As far as where to go out and score locals and tourists:

1... Coco Bongo
2... Mango
3... imagine

in that order, if u want chapis go to Drink Point & Steve bar.

Awesome advice. I just came back from Breathless Cancun. Spent 5 nights and had a dope ass time. Took two chicks down. Looking to do that and party in Punta cana now.

Out of those u listed which was ur fav? Which was more of the younger/party crowd?

Have u stated at the grand bahia? Heard that was a good one too
Newbies Ask Your Sosua Questions Here / Sosua Trip Less Than 3 Weeks Away!
« Last post by Phillyphan41 on August 16, 2018, 05:18:25 PM »
I originally was planning a Santo Domingo trip during the first week of November, but due to scheduling conflicts with work I was forced to take my time off first week of September instead. After some research I've concluded that sosua is much better for 1st timers (been to Punta Cana but that don't count) than SD or Santiago. Plus with much less time to prepare myself I figured Sosua would be a better choice. Booked Casa Valeria 5 nights for roughly $350, got a non stop round trip flight jfk to POP for roughly 550 (little pricey but last minute and don't have to take a long ride to and from STI) Can't believe my trips so soon from now. I will continue to do my research, but if you guys have any time to share some of your top most important tips with me I would appreciate it. Any tips you guys think are necessary for a successful first Sosua trip. Thanks!
Obviously he doesn't like Trump because he's white. If Trump was black he would love him.
« Last post by NY148 on August 16, 2018, 04:33:11 PM »
 Last time I did blocks like this in Costa Rica, the hotel kept a bunch of the money on some slick shit. I sure hope ya'll take care of the "charity".
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