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Couple of questions folks if I might, finally have an excuse to visit Sosua and in need of advice. I am taking the first part, in-pool and classroom part of my diving certificate her at home, Canada, and will go to Sosua to do my open water dives to complete and obtain my Padi  certificate. I see in the area four of five dive centres, Any opinions on which one stands out would be appreciated. The other 5 days or so in town..well that will be another story..Thanks

I am currently doing the same thing and am working with Merlin Dive Center. They have been excellent and VERY accommodating.

Right now the seas are very bad and all dives have been pretty much canceled but they made plans to go to a cenote so i can finish my certification.

HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks BangoSkank..  looking now at their website.. looks good

Just finished my certification. The gave me dvd with pics and vids of the dives.

Not sure when you are coming but the seas and tides are a mess. Beaches disappearing and new ones showing up. At times the water comes up to the restaurants on the beach. Things are calmer today but may be affected by the storms in the US northeast again.

Just finished this weekend my class and pool part of the course.. Not 100% confident yet. The place I used has a Trial open water dive, 100 bucks, thinking of trying it,  Curious to know how tough your dives are, if you fail to something correct are you OUT, or do they help you along.  I had a hard time removing my BCD and putting it back on underwater and got confused a couple of times with hand signals..


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