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Snorkeling group in Sosua


There is a group of people whom both live here and visit often that go out snorkeling together usually on Saturdays at 2pm. We normally meet at Big D's restaurant on Sosua beach hut #110 (there are two hut #11's for some unknown reason but only one is named Big D's). We also go to three rocks to snorkel which is just around the bend from Sosua beach. Anyone interested can reply to this post and we will get a group going on this forum.

We went out to 3 rocks Sunday but the visibility was not so good out at the reefs. Normally the visibility is great and this is the first time i went there and it was like that. We did bring some bananas with us and fed some pretty big yellow striped fish and bigger than normal Sargeant Marines i think they are called. They all ate like they were mucho hambre. On the way in i saw my first stingray!!! it was cool looking, tan and about two feet long. Probably a youngster.  A flounder was hanging around with it. Two weeks ago we saw a barracuda in Sosua bay and followed it for 15 minutes until we could not keep up with him anymore.

I would like to know about your group so when i return so i can join you guys.


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