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Close by...but he never knew
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:16:19 PM »
Me and Alan have a mutual friend. This mutual friend told each of us about each other because he knew we both came to the DR. I picked up and met Alan in Puerto Plata a few days later and we decided to drive to Santiago for the day. We both used to play ball and were from the NYC area so we had a lot in common. I found out that Alan had been coming to the DR for a few years now but had never been to Sosua. He always stayed in Puerto Plata when he was on the north coast. I found this hard to believe but it was true. He met me in Sosua a day or two later. The next day he went back to his hotel in Puerto Plata and checked out. He came and stayed with me in Sosua as I had an extra bed. He ended up staying almost a month always saying 'I can't leave' just about every day. We had chicks coming in and out of the room like a shuttle service. This was when I too was still new to Sosua and the DR so I was doing lots of chicks regularly. The reason Alan never had been to Sosua was that the guys in Puerto Plata that showed him around and did little things for him never told him about it because they did not want to lose his business. This is understandable.
Alan is a guy who really does not like the way chicks in the US are. He is fed up with them. When Alan reached the point where he just had to leave he said 'I know what I'll do, I'll go home and beat off for two weeks and then come back'. He worked for an airline so he could swing it.
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Sosua girls
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