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Author Topic: Anybody Taking or Thought about taking PReP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)  (Read 373 times)


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Re: Anybody Taking or Thought about taking PReP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)
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I just had my HIV test and I got a negative result, along with my Hep B and C, being neg too. and found my Kidney function to be ok too... So since I am a mongerer I am an Ideal candidate for PReP... For those of you who do not know PReP is a daily pill one takes whilst one is sexually active that prevents HIV infection especially if one enjoys bare backing.... It offers NO protection against other STDs... So is there anyone taking PReP??

PRep is not a magic bullet against HIV, so if you’re planning on going bareback with the thought that PRep is going to save you from something, you got it all wrong, because you don’t really understand how PRep works.

1. PRep’s “92%” effectiveness is based on a STATISTICAL model. What this suggests, is that the “protection” it claims to offer, isn’t as comprehensive as you think it is.

2. PRep works by preventing HIV RNA from converting into DNA. This process is an essential component in HIV infection and viral HIV replication.

3. If you get exposed to HIV (i.e., it got access to your system through barebacking, etc), PRep does NOT destroy the HIV virus in your system. It basically stalls and freezes it, thus preventing an infection from getting a foothold. Now here’s the real kicker: in order for PRep to work, you have to MAINTAIN the PRep in your system by constant and consistent use. If the HIV lurking in a HIV negative person’s body ever discovers that the PRep is no longer there to fight it, guess what happens? The HIV is able to infect cells and replicate, infecting the body with textbook HIV infection.

Barebacking in 3rd world countries has got to be the silliest thing a monger could ever do. You might want to use condoms.


Sosua girls
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