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This is a valid question, because maybe he meets a chic that invites him to her Barrio.

I lived in Haina in SD, One of the worst barrios in SD. Now, I didnt know this. My Novia at the time had a BIG family and me being where Im from I didnt think twice. Had a house for $150 a month. Stayed there for about 9 months and got nothing but love. My mother came to visit and they showed her wild love.
As ANYWHERE, it is how you carry yourself. Yes you will have a few tigueres scheming, but if you carry yourself properly they will keep it moving.

I go all over to the Barrios and Campos. NEVER had an issue. Most I ever seen was a dude hating cuz Im not a dom and my chic was badder than his.  Actually the MOST Fun is had with the locals. They love to drink and party and have fun.
Like anywhere, Be careful but enjoy
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Sosua girls
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