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Current Exchange Rate

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This topic is just to share the exchange rate each day. Please use other topics for conversation.
If you are able, please list:
- the exchange rate you got (USD into pesos, please state clearly if otherwise)
- how much you changed (if it was relevant to the rate)
- the town/location

38.05 at Western Union in Sosua today

Many of the ex pats use the money exchange in The Colonial Plaza.  This is the building next to the Banco Popular, you enter beside the Orange store and go to the back left hand corner.  it is next to M and M Massage, while there get one of the best and cheapest priffesional massages you have ever had.  Luz Maria is my favourite but they are all good.  Do not ask for extras.

Been awhile since anyone updated this, but looks like the Central bank of the Dominican's exchange rate just hit 43.00099 per US dollar. 

Where is the #1 spot to exchange money


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