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Author Topic: Direct Action: Boycott of All Taylor Made Business Promotions  (Read 2856 times)


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Re: Direct Action: Boycott of All Taylor Made Business Promotions
« Reply #60 on: July 09, 2018, 07:53:02 AM »

 Since When is someone voicing their personal displeasure for persons actions been deemed and classified as “hating” you new generation only know extremes. It’s either dick riding or hating in your new niggas views.

 Listen when a man is recording video at hooker hangouts  and recording unsuspecting innocent gentleman without blurring their face  I’m going to have a problem with it.  If you notice the type of content anybody with half a brain can see right through that he’s advertising a hooker town. For the sole purpose of being able to buy cheap pussy. Stop with the bullshit nobody is stupid. And those of the type of videos that he makes. When is promoting getting out of the matrix if you go when you look that type of speech is utilize for manual usually referring to the rat race of the first world but the underlying soul of the  content is prostitution. But at the end of the day nobody has a problem with the man using his free speech. The only problem comes in when he fucking records peoples faces and doesn’t blow them out when he’s talking about hookers spots. Come on man this is not rocket science he’s not a good dude if he’s recording people without their sign permission or at least knowledge So that they can get the fuck out of Dodge.

 I wonder how OK you would be with this if you were married when away and secretly got recorded and because of the way YouTubes algorithm work while your wife was youtubing  The Dominican republic just to see if it someplace that she’d like to go with you on your next golf trip and then runs across this guys video. She just happened to click on it and bam 💥  she sees your face   and watches you solicit  street walkers.

 Now everyone is responsible for their own actions. And at the end of the day technically it’s not illegal to record an adult. BuT it’s wrong.

 And if you think it’s all good just wait. The ending is also going to be televised

I side with hip hop on this one. If i end up on one Dem shits. I'm stepping to him next time cuz that's lazy fucking editing. U not in
Rat race America anymore. U In where I'm sure u have plenty downtime. Take some time and edit your videos out of respect for others inadvertently caught in line sight of your cam. That's my issue as well. He cool but that shit ain't. Straight up dick move.

 Bro it’s way worse than just accidentally catching someone. The problem is I saw a video with him actually record people and then say in the video well I don’t want to get anybody in trouble so I’m not going to “zoom in on the “what the fuck Knigge,  if anybody was ever curious on who I am just go ahead and assume that it was me when you see a black dude snatch the cellphone/camera right out of his fucking hands and smash 💥 that shit on the exposed coral⛰on sosua beach  if he ever points that shit at me while recording.
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Re: Direct Action: Boycott of All Taylor Made Business Promotions
« Reply #61 on: July 09, 2018, 07:59:17 AM »
No, not the phone and selfie stick. Lol
How is THE GENERAL going to record his content for his followers?!

All bullshit aside, he needs to tighten up.


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