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Mototaxi's (Motoconchos)

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Mototaxi's are a convenient and cheap way to get around though most places in Sosua are walkable and I think we all could use the exercise. The safety factor is your decision to make. They do not drive crazy when they have a customer riding with them from my experience. Agreeing on a price beforehand is best (just like with the chicas). DO NOT ride a mototaxi at night if he does not have full lights front and rear. Tell the guy why you won't ride with him and get one that has full lighting. Some streets here are very dark at night.
Motoconchos....... yall know these dudes don't have insurance... if you crash while riding on the back of them its your ass and you know it...

My man told me he saw a dude catching a ride to the airport with all his luggage on a motocoach!!!

That may have been my friend Albert. I have seen them carry 4 generations of a family. I have seen them carry small washer/dryer units.

Barrio Lover:
You could not pay me to ride with these guys. I see them driving crazy with people on the back all the time. I would not ride day or night!

Anywhere is Sosua is within walking distance but at night sometimes it is safer to use motoconchos for safety reasons.  Pick an older guy, tell him to drive tranquilo and all should be good.  Do not buy drius from these guys, they may be setting you up to turn you in to the cops for a percentage off the shakedown proceeds.


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