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Alot of questions
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:08:29 PM »
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More questions


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Newbie trip.

Hi guys,

A few questions, I'm planning a solo trip on December 17th - 24th.

First off anyone that wants to meet up and hang out let me know.

I've heard this is a down / slow time. Is that accurate? How slow is it or when exactly does it become slow? When does it get slow exactly? Will I have a few days to enjoy myself?

I understand the Dominican woman are dark, I love Latin woman, but prefer the dark olive skin to the really dark black kind. Are there any girls from other countries (Costa Rica, Columbia, Panama etc) and how rare are they?

I have read thru the thread and I am hearing different prices / Some guys are quoting $35-50 whole others are stating $80-100. What is the normal price /.

Also is I'm looking for GFE action (DFK / BBBJ) what is the going rate for that and how much will or should it cost me?

Finally, I'm mainly coming for the woman, the beach and sun and to party and go clubbing.

Are there any popular clubs to meet non pros or are they all filled with working girls?

Should I stay the entire time in Sosua or should I spend a day or two at another city?

Thanks in advance!

I like the beach / water but I understand Jaco is a lot more expensive, is this still the case? What are the "normal" rates at Jaco vs SJ? My previous trip I spent in Jaco and just drove through SJ so I am unfamiliar with SJ. I'm thinking of splitting my time between Jaco and SJ. Thoughts on this?

Also in SJ, what are the massage parlors like? Is FS available?

Are there strip clubs? Do you pay a bar fee for take out or do they have rooms there? Assuming you can play in strip clubs.

Last question is Edwardo49 a tour guide or just a member of the forum?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Believe it or not I just spent the last 5-6 hours reading 60 pages of reports

So I have RTTFT and still have a few questions.

What city / airport do I look for if I'm coming to Sosua?

I have heard if you have T-Mobile as a provider that the DR is included in your package?

How do you guys exactly meet woman on WhatsApp and Tagged? I assumed you only could connect with your own contacts. How do you meet woman from the DR?

How do you know if these stranger's are willing to hook up and hang with you?

How far is Pica Flor from Sosua? What does a taxi ride cost? Is the norm to spend a night there with the girls or bring them back to your hotel in Sousa?

I'm looking to monger, enjoy the beach and go clubbing. Is any of the other cities worth visiting for a day (Cabarete, Santiago, Porta Playa. I assume Punta Can is too far?).

Is there a place close to Sosua that has a higher concentration of Colombia, Venezuelan, Central American chicas?

Would it be worth it to split the time between Sousa and Puta Cana? (4 days at each) or would that just be too expensive?

Are there really curfews? I'm a night owl? What is there to do after 1 AM?

Lastly I don't need Viagra / Cialis but want to try it. I usually can't hold off for too long and pop off pretty quick (5-10 minutes). Do these pills help you last longer?

Are there any all inclusive resorts in Sosua? If so what are the price ranges?

And lastly what sites to you guys use for airfare and hotel rates? Travel Zoo? Booking.


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Re: Alot of questions
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 01:28:22 AM »
Expedia is a good site to get cheap rate for tickets.hotel coco is a pretty decent hotel. If u try to hit non pros try to talk to girls at the airport. Andnask them where to go. But a lot of places English is not spoken so be careful. U don't need a translator to escort u anywhere they r leeches for the most part. Try not to pick up street girls get the girls at classics. Don't do drugs at all. Use cargo pants or a fanny pack to only the amount of money that u need. Don't let noons goad u I to anfight its most likely a swetup to take ur money don't deal with pimps. Don't be to friendly don't have. To much of a heart but don't be rude. Try to take a taxi instead of montocincho they would always try to rip u off. And be ready to see some animosity between Haitians and Dominicans. And if u do go go to anhptel where it is gated and with security because if not the locals would show up at ur hotel wanting money. And the girls if they like u they can go for 2000 pesos. Anything freakier like really freaky they may ask for more. DO not trust anyone especially someone who speaks good English. And there is a dude named Edward light skinned who speaks good English avoid him the best u could.
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