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Re: Robbery At Tradewinds Condo's
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Ok I want to know something...Why is it that we all have different stories...I have stayed at the Tradewinds for 2 years now and will continue...Now why is it that one says motoconchos approach him to sell drugs but no motoconcho has ever approached me to sell drugs walking up or down the hill day or night!...Or no motoconcho has approached me here and there to purchase drugs...I just do not quite understand the made up stories...I choose the place because it is out of the way,private for me, and does have security...There are many Europeans that live there...If you all read what Rick wrote, it was a setup and a guy with someone that he did not know and trusted...A tough lesson learned and i hope she and others are caught...The guy will tell me the story when I return...Also why do they tell you to lock your stuff up wherever you stay with a woman that you do not know!

Thanks for sharing Ricks explanation. That explains it all. I can't say whats bullshit or not but as I've posted many times , I've never been asked to buy pot, and I've only once been asked to buy coke in 18 years hanging out here. FYI, I was outside El Consulado in POP when approached to buy coke , and the guy was begging me not to say anything after I declined.


Sosua girls
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