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The fuckery that is sousa.....

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...... Seems that Tourismo wants to go after Gringo business men. It also seems Sosua is TOO Black as of now.
Now dont go canceling ur flights. Just understand that it is partially our fault with all the videos and photos. In pvt groups is one thing but on FB and Youtube??
Understand that the minister of tourism is a racist prick and there's  NO denial he would prefer less negroes in this country....
Since black americans frequent the north coast he has put his attention on the north....Prostitution is legal in this country because dominicans buy more pussy than any of us ever will. They are just mad we are taking their chicas.
Now if a certain member of this board does get arrested over Bs charges ...this would solely be the reason smh ...let it be known... VP is one guy who ASSIST the girls and tourist. He does NOT promote prostitution and never has!!!
Alot of business men are worried because if he can be caught up and go down than anyone business men need to be aware .....
Bobby from Rumba donated thousands to DR to help children and was falsey imprisoned.
It seems this happens every so often but the truth is it needs to be stopped. The minister of tourism needs to step down before he destroys the tourism.
Now since the majority of tourism is african american in the north. Why does it seem funny that he focuses on the north coast?? We are messing up a country that has had prostitution since it took back the government from haiti?
"During the radio broadcast Sunday June 29 at Casa de Arte in Sosúa the Director of Tourism, Lorenzo Sancassani, fulminated against prostitution in the beach resort. He said that the government should act against prostitution. Entrepreneurs who encourage prostitution should then be addressed. The fact that there have to be closed establishments can not be excluded...

If you read the above he is saying those who encourage prostitution? Know this fact. NO dominica owned business has been affected. ONLY gringo business.
The many brothels in BC and SD only ones that are closed were Gringo owned. Now he focuses on the north coast and wants to get rid of all Gringo business men. What they want is dominicans ONLY to profit off of prostitution like they always have. The chulo mindset. Im sure this racist has been inside of MANY brothels here. Maybe he is intimidated? Penis envy? Who knows.....

As of now...enjoy ur trips. From what I hear from the ground the Strip is STILL a go. Just a little slower because girls do not want to walk in street. Rumba is BACK to normal and classico is packed nightly. They are out for their interest. I believe this like previous years will come to pass but it SEEMS to be focused on the black america .

Lorenzo Sancassani.. Does not like Black people. FACT!!!!

Do not worry about Police harrasing you. America would not tolerate Americans being arrested.That wont and cant happen.

I just don't agree with the "black only" thing.  I remember in my trip a chick told me out her mouf..she did not want her pictures to end up on the sosusa mongering site. I said how do you know about that. She said and I qoute. My boyfriend showed me...i will leave that right here

Thanks facts for that update. Becareful out there and Chillllll


The U.S embassy will not lift a finger to help you, now if your white...MAYBE

If the Minister of Tourism is allegedly “targeting” African Americans then trust me, it is because they make themselves the easiest targets with their actions and style of dress.  Wife beaters, flip flops with socks on as well as “sagging” can be a disgusting thing to endure; even in a bar filled with ho’s.  Don't think for 1 minute that the US won't allow Americans to be arrested.  Everyday and twice on Sunday.  Smoking crack if you think otherwise.  Americans get arrested all over the world every fucking day and many are still locked up!!   

Jet Black lands on the North Coast and the town of Sosua goes dark on FRI and SAT.  Everybody eats as   the bars & restaurants and hotels fill up but,……….. this new youthful crowd is still fucking up royally. The brothers fucked up Costa Rica to what it is now and if we as a group don’t check ourselves; we will do the same goddamn thing in Sosua which is paradise that is only 90 minutes off the coast of Miami. 

Why these men come to a foreign country and choose to show their entire black ass is beyond me. There are no US Military forces stationed there which means there are no SOFA Agreements.  You are on your own in a foreign country; AND IT IS THEIRS.  You should carry yourself as IF you are an ambassador representing the United States of America and you would want to present the best possible image of you anywhere in the world that you travel so why present the ugly, sloppy American image in Sosua?  The chicas with their limited resources found a way to put together an outfit that displays their beauty but let’s you know they are available.  YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES TO DO SO.

Why not;

1.   Dress like a man and wear long pants after 1700. Shave and a haircut. Plenty of barbershops in town.   
2.   No Sagging, pull your pants up and wear a belt. Respect the Dominican culture.
3.   No Wife Beaters anywhere as outerwear, only collared shirts or T-Shirts that have your arm pits covered as outer wear when you leave your hotel.

In the end no matter how you want to dress, you will get what you came for which is the chicas. But you will not draw such negative attention to yourself if you are not so loud and boisterous in public and dressed so sloppy.  The “Thug” image is portrayed mostly by young African American men that are displaying the ever popular Hip Hop culture.  The Hip Hop culture is American, not Dominican and they want to promote their culture, not yours.   
The Dominican authorities (just like the American police) make targets out of easy prey. When you fuck up, (and the authorities are just waiting for you to) they hauling your ass straight to jail and you will sit…. until.  What are the two most common crimes?  Underage Girls and Drugs.  Don’t think for one fucking minute that folks like Bill Clinton, Jessie Jackson or even Dennis Rodman are going to come get your ass out cause you think it is an international incident?  Fool your black ass got caught up because you did not know how to act while you were chasing $25 Dominican Ho’s and before they get done with you I am very sure you will run through the system with;

1.   Soliciting a Minor for Sex
2.   You will be arrested are then deported back to the US
3.   Re-Arrested on arrival and charged with Traveling Internationally for the purposes of Having Sex with an Underage Minor.
4.   You will be found guilty & you will do every fucking day of your sentence and upon release;
5.   You will have to Register as a Sex Offender and live the rest of your life under that scrutiny.

But,…… if you pay a minimum of about $50,000 to the authorities in the DR, you can have your life back. 

The same scenario plays out the same way for a drug possession charge except the Dominican authorities will keep your ass locked up in a Dominican jail the entire time.  Nobody, but nobody is going to put their credibility on the line to help your black-ass;………. and that includes the US Embassy.


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