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Title: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: GringoItaliano on September 18, 2017, 03:42:24 PM
I took my first trip to Buenos Aires (BA) in early September as the second leg of a longer, two-week trip to South America. The first leg of my trip was in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), and the primary purpose of that leg of my trip was mongering. I chose BA for the second week of my trip because it had been on my bucket list for primarily non-mongering reasons and it made the hassle and cost of air travel to and from the Southern Hemisphere more reasonable and better value for the money and effort.

Mongering was a lower priority for the BA leg of my trip, as I had already fucked my brains out in RJ, and my pre-trip research indicated that the BA mongering scene had seriously declined in recent years. I still did a fair amount of mongering and had a good time, but I did not find what I had hoped to find, and what I saw of what remains of the BA mongering scene suggests that it is probably no longer worth the trip and the cost as a primarily mongering destination for most North Americans. It is nonetheless worthwhile as part of a multifaceted trip, if you have other compelling reasons to visit BA, as I did.

Logistics and Planning

I took a three-hour flight from RJ to BA on LATAM and an overnight flight from BA back to New York. The cost of airfare to and from Brazil is too steep for a week-long trip, but adding BA as the second leg of my trip and flying back to New York from BA gave me much better value for the money.

I stayed at the chica-friendly Poetry Building in Recoleta, which would normally be expensive, but I received a more reasonable price with a low-season discount. The accommodations and concierge service were excellent. The apartment was bigger and nicer than I needed, and the staff members were extremely helpful. One does not need to register chicas or other guests with the reception, and the reception is only staffed until 9PM (but they do have a night porter on call if you need him), so you can bring chicas back in greater privacy if you want. One needs a key in order to open the front door of the building from the inside, and one can also lock the apartment door from the inside with another key, so a chica cannot leave unless you allow her to leave. The apartment had a digital safe. The safe's batteries died at one point, and the porter replaced them immediately. It is within a reasonable walking distance of Newport and Delirio, although I took a taxi when I brought chicas back from there late at night.


I visited the two remaining well-reviewed privados: Cordoba 1111 Piso 3 and San Martin 793 10B. Half-hour sessions at each privado cost 800 pesos. Both sessions worked out well for me, despite my previous distaste for casa-style establishments in other countries.

I visited Cordoba 1111 Piso 3 after I had abstained from mongering for a few days in order to give my dick and my libido some time to recover from my overindulgence in RJ. I just wanted to bust a quick leche so that I would not be a three-pump chump with my first pull from Newport later that night, and in that regard the session exceeded my low expectations. There was only one chica on duty on that late weekday morning: Eva, a petite blonde, olive-skinned Argentine spinner, who probably would not have caught my eye at a larger venue but was cute enough for my purposes. The service was good, with some strong BBBJ skills and some good CG and GFE, although she seemed a bit reluctant to kiss more deeply. My only gripe was that the massage table was a bit awkward for fucking, but I presume that they need it in order to maintain the pretense of a massage parlor. She said that they are open every day from 11 to 8, but I went back one day at 12 and no one answered the buzzer.

I visited San Martin 793 10B in the early afternoon before my flight home later that night, as I wanted to bust one last leche before I left. There was only one chica on duty: Paula from Paraguay, whom another forum member had reviewed favorably, as I recalled. She clearly has a heavy dose of indigenous blood, with almost Asian facial features, but a very ample and typically Latina big booty that she used quite well in all positions. Her BBBJ was excellent and she rode me like a bucking bronco. As with the other privado, my only gripe was that the massage table was awkward for fucking, and the massage table here was even smaller than the other one, so we moved to the slightly larger couch, but even that was still smaller than the massage table at the other privado.   


I went to Newport, one of the few remaining venues at which to pick up independents, and pulled chicas from there four nights in a row. I checked out some of the other remaining venues and found too little activity to justify staying at them, and a quick peek at nearby Delirio suggested that some of the same chicas were circulating back and forth between there and Newport, so I just stuck with Newport. There was just enough talent at Newport to keep me busy for four nights in a row, by the end of which I was beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Don't even bother going to Newport before 11PM, as it will be deserted or have only a handful of chicas before that time. The action starts to pick up at midnight and reaches full throttle by 1AM and continues at a decent pace until perhaps 3AM. Drinks are outrageously overpriced, such as the most expensive bottle of water I have ever bought (220 pesos).

The male:female ratio was quite favorable. Indeed, I wonder if the heavy gender imbalance and the lack of prospects for many of the chicas contributed to some of the more ridiculous chica antics that I observed, which in some cases exceeded those that I had seen in Sosua or at the Del Rey. For example, some of the less attractive chicas simply would not take no for an answer and persisted night after night in the face of repeated and explicit rejections. Once they realized that the direct approach was not going to work, they resorted to outright cock-blocking, e.g. positioning themselves between me and another chica that I was clearly trying to engage in order to obstruct our view of each other. Perhaps they thought that they would have a chance if they could somehow prevent me from finding any other girls.

I noticed that the chicas were quite indiscreet in talking to each other about me or other guys that shot them down. They would go back to talk to their wingwomen and look or point at me as they were talking. I had always assumed that anything I said to or did with a chica in other places would find its way around the Chica News Network (CNN) and become a matter of public record with the entire chica poplation, but I never actually saw them do it as blatantly and openly as they did at Newport.   

The quality of the talent varied considerably, from a few stunners to several chicas whose appearance made me wonder how they make any money, especially at typical Newport rates. The hottest girls were young, slender Argentinians, who could not get through my screening process, as they either displayed an unfavorable attitude, proposed excessive rates ($300 USD per hour), or wanted payment up front. The other Argentinians were older and/or thicker than I wanted (keep in mind that I often like them thicker than many white North Americans do, and I have a greater tolerance for MILFs than most North American mongers) or had tasteless, excessive silicone enhancements. I normally do not mind quality, proportionate silicone enhancements, as one might find in Colombia or Brazil, but some of the Argentinians at Newport were textbook examples of the ways in which one can do it wrong.

I thus ended up pulling four foreign chicas from Newport and not a single Argentinian. The lack of suitable Argentinians, due to either their appearance or their behavior, came as a disappointment for me, as I had always liked their look and style, which had contributed to my interest in coming to BA in the first place. I knew that the BA mongering scene featured many foreign chicas, but they constituted a larger proportion of the talent pool than I had anticipated and looked and behaved quite differently. I fucked six chicas in BA, but only one Argentinian (Eva at Cordoba 1111 Piso 3). I have seen this dynamic in other places: the Nicaraguans in Costa Rica, the Haitians in the Dominican Republic, and the Venezuelans in Colombia. The foreign chicas, often from less affluent countries, frequently provide better experiences, or better value for the money, than the locals.   

It should not come as a surprise that my best two pulls from Newport were Brazilian chicas. Perhaps the previous leg of my trip in RJ had biased my selection in favor of Brazilians, but, as you all know, there is a good reason that I chose to prioritize and do most of my mongering in Brazil. In terms of appearance, both of them might have had a hard time competing in RJ's top-tier termas, which have a higher proportion of 10s than I have seen anywhere else, but the quality of their service exceeded that of most of the sessions that I had in RJ. The lack of a language barrier may have been a factor, as I could communicate with both of them in Spanish, and one of them spoke fluent, lightly accented English. Below are brief descriptions of the two Brazilians; pictures of both are available upon request.

Yvette: She caught my eye with her angelic, doll-like face and her distinctive style of dress, both of which set her apart from the crowd. I later learned that she was a Brazilian of Ukrainian origin, which was probably why she looked so different, and was from Iguazu Falls, which was probably why she was in Argentina. It also later emerged that she spoke fluent, lightly-accented English. She is tall and thick with large tits & ass and a very soft and sweet voice. Her service was exceptional, including a strong sense of GFE, exceptional BBBJ, vigorous face-fucking, CIM, and, tit-fucking.

Clara: This tall blonde white MILF with a slender waist but ample tits & ass (the tits are fake) caught my eye from across the room. I engaged her and learned that she was a Brazilian from Sao Paulo. Her service was excellent, including strong GFE and BBBJ and a pussy that was not only much tighter than one might except from a MILF, but that she could contract around my cock with her pussy muscles.

The two other chicas that I pulled from Newport were foreigners as well. Pictures of the first one are available upon request.

Salma: This chica's cute face and incredible natural booty immediately caught my eye, and she stood out from the rest of the crowd quite clearly. It turned out that she looked so different (and perhaps more appealing and familiar to me) because she was a Dominican from Santo Domingo. Her service was solid at first, with decent BBBJ and powerful, booty-twerking CG/RCG and pussy muscle contraction around my cock, but her performance declined in the second round due to fatigue (it was quite late).

Anna Lia: This tall, busty white blonde with recognizably German facial features caught my eye late on my last night in town. It turned out that she was a Uruguayan of German origin, and her big tits were fake (but the workmanship was so good that I would not have noticed the difference if she had not told me). It was getting quite late and she seemed eager to seal the deal quickly, and I had a hard time understanding her Uruguayan accent. I had just completed a fascinating day trip to Colonia del Sacramento that day and may have allowed my newfound interest in Uruguay to influence my decision. The first round went well enough, with some serious DT, good CG, and a tit-fucking finish, but her performance fell off in the second round due to fatigue, and she seemed eager to leave soon.

I had low expectations for the mongering component of my trip to BA, given what I had read in my research about the closure of many key BA mongering venues and the general decline of BA's mongering scene in recent years. My overall experience exceeded my expectations in that regard, but I still cannot recommend BA as the destination of a primarily mongering trip. I may have lucked out with  two good sessions at the privados, but the fact that only two well-reviewed establishments of this kind remain, and the presence of only one chica on duty at the time of each of my visits, does not bode well for the continued viability of this business model in BA. Newport and Delirio were the only venues at which there was enough quality talent to justify spending a significant amount of time there, and I think that I had begun to scrape the bottom of the barrel at Newport after only four days.

The other problem was that much of the action starts too late at night for me, and there is not enough talent at the privados to provide viable daytime alternatives for those that want to monger at an earlier time. I think that the late hours at which Newport chicas operate also detracted from the performances of the Uruguayan and the Dominican, as they were clearly tired toward the end of the sessions.

Equally disappointing was the lack of suitable Argentinian chicas and the extent to which the remaining scene survives on foreign chicas. I came all the way to Argentina and fucked six girls, but only one of them was Argentinian, and I fucked her because there were no other chicas on duty at the privado when I visited. The Argentinians at Newport were either unattractive or posed significant behavioral or financial problems. The fact that my best two experiences were with Brazilians serves as a reminder of where to find the best mongering in the Southern Hemisphere, and perhaps the Western Hemisphere as well. The Dominican was a good lay, at least at first, but it would have been a lot easier and cheaper to go to Sosua if I wanted to fuck Dominicans; why travel all the way to BA to fuck Dominicans?

Despite the flaws in her service, the Uruguayan did further fuel my interest in Uruguay from my visit to Colonia del Sacramento, particularly if Uruguay has more tall Teutonic blondes like her. The Asian-looking Paraguayan with the big butt scratched an itch that I have felt for a long time (it is hard to find an Asian girl with a big butt) and made me wonder if there is anything else in Paraguay that might interest me.
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: Eastcoastluv24 on September 19, 2017, 01:23:23 PM
I read your reviews from start to finish and love the detailed information you provide!  Damn good reporting.  Muchas Gracias para las noticias.
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: 778technique on September 19, 2017, 03:27:13 PM
Great review but how much was it for the talent
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: guysnightlife on September 21, 2017, 10:59:47 PM
excellent info thanks
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: DrinksOnMe on June 23, 2019, 06:19:38 PM
The exchange rate was ~3 pesos for one dollar in 2004

It was ~5 pesos for one dollar in 2013

Now...~43 pesos for one dollar!!!!

Argentina is the BIGGEST bargain in the world right now. I looked at rooms at the InterContinental Buenos Aires and they are going for under $110 a night. The same rooms in NYC would be $600 easy.

Planning a trip there soon....
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: MrNavigator on August 13, 2019, 01:06:06 PM
Great report! Got me wondering about Uruguay and Paraguay as well...
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: DrinksOnMe on August 13, 2019, 05:48:38 PM
Yesterday...66 pesos to the dollar...damn!!
Title: Re: My First Trip to Buenos Aires: Early September 2017
Post by: El_Toro on August 13, 2019, 06:01:39 PM
The exchange rate was ~3 pesos for one dollar in 2004

It was ~5 pesos for one dollar in 2013

Now...~43 pesos for one dollar!!!!

Argentina is the BIGGEST bargain in the world right now. I looked at rooms at the InterContinental Buenos Aires and they are going for under $110 a night. The same rooms in NYC would be $600 easy.

Planning a trip there soon....

1 USD to 53 Peso right now!
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