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Author Topic: Cherry Trip Sept 11th - Day 3  (Read 862 times)


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Cherry Trip Sept 11th - Day 3
« on: October 19, 2018, 05:39:56 PM »
Up at 6am because the sun rises early and some construction guys across the street had to start tearing down a store front. Headed out around 8:30 to find a new breakfast spot. Ended up on Dr Alejo Ave at "Marguerita ______?" Nice little place with an outdoor patio. Problem was there were 4 guys sitting under the "No smoking" sign. 3 of them smoking. Smelling cigs at 9am does not help my appetite. Order OJ but they didn't have it. Ordered Papaya juice but it came frozen. ordered Chai Latte, they brought me a cup of cold sweet milk with a tea bag in it. Ordered tortillas with eggs, they brought me an omelet. I won't be back.

I thought about heading to Cabarette but decided to try Playa Sosua instead. It turned out to be one of my favorite beaches. Lots of trees around providing shade so you don't have to bake all day. The little shops and restaurants in the back of the beach were cool and not unusual for most beaches. Just people hanging around eating and playing table games. Rented an umbrella and chair for 300p. Alfredo came by with a menu and I ordered a few things over the next couple of hours. At first there were too many people stopping at my chair to see if I wanted some souvenirs,  foot massage, wood carvings, food, time shares, etc. One guy was selling 7 shrimp in a basket for 350p. That's about $1 each! If I wanted it would have offered 100p. Paid Alfredo for my food, grilled chicken and salad combo + 2 cuba libres, 715p.

Back to hotel for a quick shower and money exchange. There's a tiny exchange to the left of Urban Cabana. At the time their rate was 49p/ $1. I only asked one other changer and their price was the same.

Time to head out to see what early action I could find around 6pm. Sat at Bourbon St for a cuba libre and French fries, 260p.  The talent was way down. I did not see many chicas that I would consider attractive. I was told that Tuesday is the slowest night so I'll just have to work a little harder to find the gem. Saw a couple of 12 yo boys square up and start swinging. Security broke them up quickly. Kind of funny.  The lady boys are relentless and seem to think that "no" means "maybe". I finally convinced them to move on but one kept circling back around every 20 or 30 mins to try again. I think I only saw 3 or 4 the entire trip so it does not seem to be a big thing in SS. Continued my bar crawl south on Pedro C and was stopped by an older girl with a younger girl behind her. She offered a 3-some for 3000 but I said I only wanted the younger girl for 1500. Agreed and took Jessica back to the hotel. The hotel desk guy studied her ID real hard but let her in. Maybe there was an age issue there, I'm not sure. Jessica has a nice little 19yo body. Body 8, face 7. Small titties but nice ass and cute pussy that looked barely used. She was shy acting and seemed nervous so I'm not sure if she's been in the game for very long. BBBJ was pretty good so at least I know she had some practice with that. Started out nice and slow in mish then on to doggy. She kept wanting to lay flat but I kept pulling her up on her knees. She used the wall to push and slam back on me with one hand and finger herself with the other. She doesnt seem like a novice now! Delivered the leche and laid on top of her for a little while. She acted like she wanted to snuggle up and go to sleep but I need to sleep alone. 1500 well spent by me and well earned by her.


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Re: Cherry Trip Sept 11th - Day 3
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2018, 06:41:17 PM »
Well spent is the key. No matter the amount when you are satisfied with the exchange of goods and services. I trust that you slept well!
...I'm usually wrong...but that sh!t was great!


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Re: Cherry Trip Sept 11th - Day 3
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@RIP out here putting these hoes to sleep "My Man""


Sosua girls
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