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Re: Sosua Trip - April 2019 (with Pics)
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I fucked Unica April 11.  I met her at morenga bar and booked her the next day.  She demanded 3000 pesos and told me she was Venezuelan.  Her ass was so fake and she was very mechanical.  I barely busted a nut because I had already been with 13 women and my dick was tired.  I'd avoid her as she is overrated.  Pass!

It’s been a minute since I posted a report so here’s my trip from last week:

Duration of Trip – 5 days
Money spent during Trip – Over 40,000.00 Pesos ($800.00 USD)
Place of stay – Hotel Europa. Booked through a host on AirBnB. $45 a night. Nice, small place that I shared with my boy. Nothing fancy.
Restaurants I visited to eat - Captain Bailees – This is my go to spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever I visit Sosua. I always get the Dominican Style breakfast and Chinola (Passion fruit) to drink in the morning. Tried the Meat Lover’s pizza for dinner. It was the best pizza I’ve ever had in DR.
Chez Monreal -  Great place to have food and chica watch. Breakfast and lunch are good. Tried Poutine for the first time one afternoon here. It was good.
Flip Flop Sports Bar – I didn’t get the infamous wings on this trip, but I ate the Tacos (Chicken, Fish, and Beef).
Sinatra’s Restaurant and Music Lounge – Went on a Friday evening for their 2 for 1 special. Had the Chicken Kebab. It lacked flavor. The food here is always a hit or miss.
Pescaderia Sabor Casero – Best fried fish in Sosua IMO. You get to pick the fish and the size. Chose a red snapper that was delicious. Ate it with some fried plantains and red sauce.
Places I visited and hung out - Pranitiun bar café (El Flow) – I was surprised to see that they added a restaurant outside El Flow. You can still sit down and chica watch while drinking a Presidente, but now you have the option of eating as well.
Bourbon Street – Chilled here for a bit to chica watch one afternoon. The chicas flood Bourbon Street in the afternoon & evening. It’s almost becoming like a new Pica Flor.
Rumba Sports Bar – Stopped by on the Sunday afternoon before I left DR to watch a NBA playoff game. Just had a Chinola. I haven’t tried their food yet but I hear good things.
Oasis Adult Resort – Went to Puerto Plata on a Friday afternoon to check this place out. Not a lot of action, but there were a lot nice looking chicas there. Me and my boys got some drinks at the bar while the chicas were lined up behind us waiting to be selected and taken to one of the rooms. Unfortunately, I didn’t fuck anything while there or leave with any of the girls. There’s always a next time.
BlackBeards Adult Resort – After leaving Oasis, I stopped by BlackBeards to see what the hype was about. Chilled for several hours there and I wasn’t that impressed to be honest. The chicas were average. None were even paying attention to me and my boys when we arrived. Also, there was a sausage fest of Canadian and European dudes. I liked Oasis better.
Cristal Rio Spa – This a hidden casa. We came after visiting BlackBeards. Place was dead. They only had two girls there, who were average looking. They looked like they just woke up from a long night’s sleep even though it was close to the evening at this point.
Ahnvee Resort & Sports – Came here on a late Saturday afternoon for a pool party. No one was even there yet. We arrived a few hours too early. One of my boys went later that evening and said it was still dead.
Playa Sosua (Sosua Beach) – Didn’t want to wait for the pool party at Ahnvee, so I went to the beach and chilled for a few hours. Enjoyed a Piña Colada and shot of Mama Juana.
Bars & Nightclubs – Sosua Lights (Main) – The two nights that I went it was jam packed. Haitian chicas swarming everywhere.
Sosua Lights Dominicana – As I expressed in a earlier post (, I didn’t know a second version opened. Place was dead. Didn’t stay there for too long.
Merengue Bar – Hit up Merengue Bar Friday & Saturday night. Didn’t go up to Classico on this trip.       
Latin Night Club at Casino Playa Chiquita – Once Merengue and Classico closed at 3 in the morning, I head over to the Casino. A lot of chicas for the taking. Chilled there until 5 in the morning.
Chicas I smashed – 7 (See some of them below)


This chica has been in the game for years and it’s fucked up her head. We originally agreed to 3000 pesos for one hour. The bitch changed the price on me at the last minute. Talking about she needs 4000 pesos to send money to her family in Venezuela. I said fuck it and agreed to the price only if she wore a crotchless white lingerie outfit, which she did. She danced for me a bit while I had some music in the background. Her ass is gigantic and she was a good fuck. Only thing is she has a diva attitude. Refused food and drinks when I offered. Telling me she doesn’t need my food and drinks, just to pay her bills. Then she gave me the middle finger emoji and blocked me on WhatsApp because I didn’t see her the next day as I promised. Oh well.


Cool chica with huge tits. She can ride a dick. Paid her 3000 pesos for one hour.


My favorite. Saw her a few times. She’s not as thick or curvy as some of the other girls on the strip, but she is sexy as fuck. Her personality is infectious. Nice slim girl with perky tits and a nice apple bottom. Marleny knows her body and can move in the bedroom. On top of that, she talks dirty in Spanish. She also gave me a nice massage. If she wasn’t a ho, I’d wife her up. Paid her 3000 pesos for one hour.

Paola Santo Domingo

Pretty girl with a curvy body. Ass is crazy big. Gave her 2500 pesos for one hour. Pussy is real good.


This chica wears a little too much make up for my liking, but she’s got a real nice body. Tits and ass are amazing. Only chick on this trip that gave me head with no condom. And some great head too. Fucked her good. Had her pussy creaming. Paid her 2500 pesos for one hour.


Met her at Sosua Lights. Young, pretty chick. Had her sleep over for 4000 pesos and fucked her in the morning. She’s a bit shy. She was a nice cuddle buddy and nice lay, but she won’t last in this game for too long.
Buyer Beware! (Didn’t Smash)


This chica is an amateur model. Met her one late night near Sosua Lights. Her asking price was 150 USD. I tried to negotiate and said “3000 pesos.” She said “No Bueno.” Saw her again at the Latin night club and she had the same asking price even though it was damn near 5 in the morning. She only accepts 150 USD and had a few guys lined up later that day to pay her that price. Fuck outta here with that.


Another diva. Met this chica on a late Saturday night. Offered her 2500 pesos for one hour because that’s all I had in my pockets at the time. She wouldn’t take anything less than 3000 pesos because “Morenos have big dicks” in her own words in Spanish. So for you brothas out there, she’ll only accept 3000 pesos.


Sosua girls
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