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Trip report from unknown source
« on: December 17, 2011, 09:27:35 PM »
I couldn't check into my room until about 2:30 pm I had to find something to do for the next two hours, so I walked the entire length of Playa Sosua and then I looped around and walked back to the main drag from the road. The entire trip took me about an hour. It felt good to break a good sweat and clear my mind. I had to get my game plan in order and make the most of these next four days. The first thing I was going to do was get some generic V (LOL) to ensure there won't be any technical difficulties going forward. I bought a four pack for 200 pesos off some street salesman. He tried to get 500 pesos until I looked at him like he was crazy and was going to bounce. Now that is taken care of, I still needed to waste about another 45 minutes so I got a manicure from this Haitian woman and she did a great job. Fellas, that was a great investment. I got a bunch of compliments from Chicas and I think it conveyed to them that I have a good level of hygiene.
I finally checked into my room. I squared everything away to make it comfortable again. Of course my usual setup was going. A presidente, Henny in my cup, and music blasting. I went out on the balcony and took in the scenery. I had nice view of the bay, but I was back in the cut some with a few trees shielding me from public view. Perfect! I sat on the balcony and fired up a j. With all the mishaps and other activity, I was beat. It was felt great to finally be able to relax. I could literally feel the tide changing and I knew my vacation was finally in full swing. I know I needed rest, so after about an hour of entertaining myself, I dozed off for about three hours. I woke up feeling a bit strange, but I quickly shook off the cobwebs. I got dressed and hit the door.
This was my day to get it in. I went back to Rumba. Things were somewhat subdued and I was happy for it. It had to be about 8 pm I was able to drink my beer and not really be bothered. Any slight eye contact and I quickly turned my head into the other direction. I stayed there about an hour and then I chilled out at Meringue Bar with my project. She had to work the register that night, so I spent the next 3/4 hours bs'and with her and getting buzzed in the process. During this time period, she warmed up to me even more. I got a few hugs and kisses on the cheek. She had me sit right next to her. The owner seemed really cool about it and didn't say a word to her. I guess he felt safe that I wouldn't dip my hand in his money. I know I wouldn't have felt too comfortable with somebody that close to my dough.
I didn't feel like the Classicos scene at all, plus I was really enjoying myself right where I was sitting. However, I was not about to let my night pass with out getting some pussy. My project promised to meet me the next day at the beach. With that, I told her I was tired and was going back to the room to go to bed. I did go back to my room, but only to drink and smoke. It was about 2 am Now (the details are fuzzy) and I wanted to camp out on the strip and see what I can see. I went down DR Rosen, so I wouldn't be seen by anyone working at Meringue. While walking down DR Rosen, this is the point where I passed Mr. Gogo. My foot took hold in a crevice of some lumpy sidewalk and I briefly tripped. Yes, I was fucked up at this point, but I don't think I was sloppy. I didn't notice him and he didn't notice me. He was a good sport and advised me to take it easy. We both laughed it off and went on our way.
I reached the strip and stood on the sidewalk between Bar Central and El Flow. I didn't need to drink anything else and I didn't want to be get cornered sitting in a bar. Chicas started flowing out of the clubs by this time and I was patiently waiting for the right opportunity. It took about 10 minutes for my first TLN to cross my path. She was light skinned, about 5' 3", flat stomach, a perfect little ass, and pretty smile. The crazy part about it is that I still wasn't satisfied. What the hell was I on? Anyway, she came up to me and I instinctively gave her a hug. She melted her body into me and I ran my hands up and down her back. She had on a short one piece dress made of elastic material and her body felt good. Eventually, my hands travel to her ass and that was it. Man, she felt good. Done deal. We settled on 2500 for TLN.
We got back to the room and she took a shower and I put my special playlist on. I know she might not have understood the words, but it was for me more than her and the melody set the mood anyway. I tend to be a more affectionate, romantic type lover than an animalistic, heavy banger. I took a quick shower and when I came out of the bathroom, she still had the towel wrapped around her, but the sheets were down and she was resting on a pillow. In my mind, I'm like ohh shit! This is what the fuck I am talking about. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted to get it on as bad as I did. I slid it next to her and she started caressing my face and I opened her towel and ran my hands up and down her body. She has nice perky tits, with somewhat fat nipples and medium sized brown aerolas. I instantly started sucking on her titties. My kisses traveled up her neck, then ears, and I trailed kisses on her cheeks before I settled on her lips. I gave her a few pecks on the lips and then something changed.
I felt that she might have had the ability to be hardcore, but at this point her participation really amped up. Next thing I know we are deep kissing. Her hand traveled down to my towel and removed it. She grabbed my dick and started stroking me slowly. The V and her effort had me going. Without too much more detail, BBBJ, DATY, and then some great sex. After I came, I discarded the condom and was just trying to get my breath back. Damn, that shit hit the spot. Well, in a less than five minutes, she is back at it. Normally, there is not a snowballs chance in hell that I'm ready to roll this soon, but I responded. I think the V and my overall excitement put me over the edge. I can't put a time to our next session, but we fucked to the point that I didn't have any more energy and I couldn't come. That didn't stop her though because she was insatiable. I don't know what the heck I opened up in this chic. Well, she gave me about 10 minutes rest and we were back at it again. Once more, I don't know how long this next session went on, but I was able to come and we both passed the fuck out.
I started rolling around about 11 am I felt I needed to get this show on the road. I had already missed breakfast. (Actually, I wouldn't make it to breakfast anymore the rest of my trip. I always got out of bed late.) We had one more session that morning. We both showered and left. She had me walk her to her temporary home. Supposedly, she is from Santiago and was just in Sosua for a couple of weeks to make some money. She shared a room with another chica and some locals residence down the other end of PD. I chilled for a minute. Her roommate was studying English and did OK with it. They brought me some lemonade. I hung out briefly because I was starving and needed to eat. I damn near felt like I was going to be held hostage. Her roommate was definitely good enough to fuck, but it was not that type of party. I paid her 3000 pesos and then made my way to Baileys for a lunchtime omelet. The only problem going forward is that I was bullshitting her throughout about being my novia and this would be a slight pain in my ass for the rest of my trip.


Sosua girls
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