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Title: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 06, 2018, 11:39:30 PM
Greetings people. I haven't done one of these reports in a while and never on this site. After being inactive online for a few years I looked at other sites where I have posted before and it appears as if the activity level is now very low or beyond my access level. This is the site where I was able to get information for this trip so rejoice, you are the recipients of my bloated trip report. I’ll spare you all and spread it out over a few days.

A bit of a primer on me: I am one of those idiots that brought one home - She has been in the US with me for over seven years. She is not Dominican (Colombian) but I did originally meet her in the DR. There are long reports on other sites from back then if you really care to know much more. Long story short it has worked out beyond anything I could have hoped - but pertinent to this report is that she indulges in this activity with me and helps fulfill whatever fantasy I can dream up. I’m just going to call her MsT.

I’m definitely a “monger light” - it generally is not the focus of my vacation. I’m not a vet, I don’t have game, I am not exactly street smart. I’m good with it... My Spanish is really impressive if you don’t know Spanish but pretty pathetic if you do. Some of this report is going to make me sound a tad clueless - I don’t usually have phones stolen, forget computers in hotels, leave bank cards in ATM machines, and forget to negotiate a price until after my clothes are off. For this trip there was a total of five encounters with nine women - my plan was for a few more encounters but an accident in the middle sidelined me for a few days.

Normally we go to Colombia and have tried out a few other countries. This is our first trip back to the DR in several years. As such I tried to keep it pretty basic: Spend five days in Santo Domingo and then head to Sosua on Thursday for memorial day weekend.

Trip Prep:

I was originally planning to visit the DR in July. From where I live (Pacific Northwest) I am happy to get flights to the DR under 18 hours and it’s not uncommon to have to spend a night at one of the airports on the way there or on the way back.  We are going to an event in New Orleans in late July and I was hoping to pivot either to or from there and make it part of the trip but I could not find anything reasonable (time, miles, or money) and had abandoned that plan.

I had an unplanned trip pop up for San Jose in mid May and did a quick check to see if I could pivot from San Francisco to the DR instead of coming directly home. There was an excellent 10 hour one hop flight through Atlanta to STI for only 12.5K miles on American Airlines. Sweet! I mentioned it to MsT:

Me: “Hey! I was looking to see if there was anywhere we could bounce to from San Francisco before coming home, there is an almost free flight to the DR - Santiago I think, only a one hop flight!”
Her: “What about coming back?”
Me: “mmm… I dunno, That would be Memorial day weekend if we stayed a week, might be a bit difficult to get a cheap flight, I’m sure I could figure something out”
Her: “Can we take Chuchami?!?”
Me: “What? umm.. No, we would be in multiple locations, the dog needs to stay here.
Her: “Pfff! .. I thought you wanted to go in July?”
Me: “I did but I haven’t seen anything decent for July and anyway I’m not sure I want to cart all those costumes to the DR”
Her: “oh... well see if you can find a good deal coming back”

So I went off to see what I could find coming back.. I have miles through Delta, United, Southwest, Alaska, Avianca, and American and none of them had favorable deals. I decided to check later and then just kinda forgot about it. The next week MsT was talking to a friend in NY that had moved there from the DR and was going to be traveling to the DR in July.

Her (talking to friend): “...... So we weren't able to put anything together for July but we are planning on going to Santiago and Sosua in May I think.. hold on.. Papi! Papi! Papi! When are we going to DR?”
Me: “Umm… you were not really sounding committed before so I kinda let it slide”
Her: “No no no I want to go!  Can we still get a good deal?”
Me: “I’ll check!”

One quick note: Her english is actually much worse than this and half of this was in spanish, for example the “no no no I want to go” was actually “Hmmph!  Claaaaaro! Vamos vamos!” but you get the idea.

So when I checked there of course was nothing from AA that was not total junk. I was finally able to find a Delta flight that left SFO at 3:55pm and arrived in Santo Domingo at around 1:15pm Saturday with a ten hour layover all night in Atlanta for 18,000 miles. Kinda shit but at least I had a Saturday evening in Santo Domingo and I was going to get to sleep a solid six to seven hours before going in. Good enough.

For the flight back I could not find anything worthwhile, the best I could do was 3pm Sunday the 27th from POP for 27,500 miles from AA with an eight hour layover in Phoenix. Total crap but then so was everything else. I put these on hold for five days in case something better popped up but in the end I could not find anything so I dropped the hold and had my tickets for nine days / eight nights in the DR. If I had just done this the first day I could have gotten us both there and back for 50,000 miles and had a few less tears on my keyboard.. But! I had my dates and start and end locations set so all good to go.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 08, 2018, 02:34:36 PM
Day 1 (Sat):

This actually began Friday. I had one work related item in San Jose that had to be done by noon and was originally thinking I could finish earlier so I could hit the computer history museum in Mountain View before going to San Francisco but it took right up until noon (bastards!) so I just walked back to the hotel instead and went directly to the SFO airport.

The SFO airport was pretty uneventful, after checking our bags we went directly to the lounge to get some food. Not the greatest but I like it because it’s free and MsT likes it because she can take a selfie and post up a “hanging at the lounge…” on facebook. Win Win.

Out first hop was to Atlanta where we had that 10 hour layover which meant I now had a good 6-7 hours of possible sleep. I took a couple of sleeping pills right off of the plane to make sure I could get some sleep. We then made our way to the luxurious “La Quinta Hotel Airport.” When I booked this all I was looking for was something that was clean, had a free buffet style breakfast so I could grab something fast in the morning, free wifi, and a free shuttle to/from the airport. This place had all four and was well under a hundred bucks because they have been renovating for the last six months and it clobbered their rating score so they were lowering the prices to get the place full. It still is pretty much a war-zone but the remodeled rooms were acceptable. The rest of the hotel was as expected and I was able to fill my backpack with snacks in the morning before we left.

We made good time to the ATL airport but had a hiccup while going through security - I had two laptops with me (one for work, one for not-work) but one was missing when I pulled them out of my backpack for TSA inspection. I had a quick panic attack and started going back through my morning and realized I had left one charging in the room on top of the microwave and was distracted while wrapping up it’s charger and did not grab the computer itself.

I thought through my options and decided to finish going through security and deal with it on the other side. Once we were through I called the hotel to get someone to run the laptop to the airport. I was a bit worried about time but security escorted me through both ways and the shuttle driver was quick and treated it like an emergency (really glad I tipped when being dropped off) so I ended up with my laptop and around 40 minutes to spare before takeoff.

The SDQ airport was smaller than I expected. They were having some sort of problem with the tourist cards so nobody had to pay the 10 dollars coming through immigration. I’m not sure what has to be broke for them not to be able to take 10 dollars and give you a piece of cardboard that they then toss in the garbage 30 seconds later but hey - 20 bucks saved.

Our plan was to Uber out to our hotel but neither of our phones was getting internet. Our carrier is t-mobile and we should get free roaming at a slow speed along with free text but it can take a while sometimes for it to send the “welcome to country X.” We waited quite a while and got nothing. I was getting tired of the guys peddling wi-fi access and the taxis constantly asking if we needed a ride so I decided screw it, we'll just take a taxi.

The next guy that asked if I needed a taxi I asked how much to the hotel Jaragua and he said 35 dollars. I said thanks but no.. Honestly I could not remember the price people generally pay so I was just looking for a starting point. The next guy approached MsT and when asked said it was 40 dollars, she then told him the last guy said 30 and he said he could do 30. When I was getting into the cab he looked at me and said “sorry you need to pay 40” so we got out of the cab and started walking away with him following us explaining why 40 was really fair until we hit another cab and he agreed to 30.. We said “super” and got into his vehicle and off we went.

The ocean near the airport was beautiful - all blue - but 10 minutes into the drive the ocean was brown for about a mile out - just ugly. MsT lived in Santo Domingo for about a year and said it was not what she remembered. We asked the taxi driver and he said it was from recent storms and that it is expected to be several months for it to return to normal. Oh and hey about this time the internet kicked in with a welcome message for both our phones. Thanks T-Mobile… I’m not sure if it just waits until you are a certain distance from the airport or it was just a timing thing.. 

Jaragua is a very nice hotel and about what I expected from the pictures. The employees speak English, it is Chica friendly, totally walled off with entrances in both the front and back, very clean, huge pool, an extremely overpriced restaurant, has a place to get coffee, and has a casino with a bar. The front entrance leads right onto the street in front of the malecon while the back entrance has a more barrio feel with a few smaller hotels, restaurants, colmados, pharmacies, etc. Walking in a basic pattern around the back area I was able to stumble across a couple of casas as well. I’ll get into that a bit later.

I had booked a room in the Garden building but they upgraded us to the main tower. They said it was due to the recent merger with SPG I now evidently had some status that transferred over. I think it’s more likely they had enough vacant rooms they moved everyone over to the tower and did not use the garden building at all those days, there were very few people until after the weekend. The rooms themselves were great and had good sized and decent bathrooms. No balconies.

The ATM in the hotel does not charge ATM fees - I tried with three different cards from two banks and a local credit union and there were no charges. Chase did charge a currency exchange fee internally...

For our first night we were not specifically looking for women, we just wanted to visit a few clubs and if an opportunity popped up we would bring one back. MsT suggested Venezuela Avenue which I had not heard of but evidently it has lots of clubs and is very active at night. About 10:15 we headed out on the 25 minute taxi ride. I was told this was way too early and that it did not get busy until 12:30am but we still needed to eat and I wanted to walk up and down the street and take it all in…

We used taxis to get around this night - not the hotel taxis. The couple of times we did do taxis direct from the hotel they were more expensive (300 pesos for a taxi in front of the hotel as opposed to 500 pesos from the hotel). Instead we would just walk outside the hotel and flag down a taxi and most night there were taxis waiting just outside the hotel gates.

So I can’t say I was impressed with Venezuela Avenue - trash everywhere, holes in the sidewalk big enough to fall into, rats crawling around, shitty restaurants low end chain restaurants, everybody wearing at best t-shirts, the clubs were horrible. MsT, who has been several times, was especially disappointed in what has become of the clubs.

I was expecting there to be a lot of clubs from what was described and there was - and all next to each other and down a level quality wise from what I was thinking. The crowds were smaller and not as festive as I was expecting. We walked the entire street up and back (and it was smaller that I thought it would be) and decided we would just hit the clubs that started with the letter E (for some reason the bigger clubs all start with the letter E).

First we stopped at one of the few open air bars called the Chin bar. This was off the main street and we just wanted to get that first drink out of the way and it felt like the only place that had any atmosphere. There were quite a few people at other tables passing around a hookah pipe. I had no idea it had become so popular.

From there we started visiting the clubs along the street: Evolution, Energy, Euphoria (the only place that had any life at all but still pretty blah), and Eclipse. These were all basically the same: Younger people, more women than men, extremely loud music that physically hurt my ears, no dance floors, people sitting around passing hookah pipes and communicating using only their phones. Zero eye contact if you are not part of their group.  Everyone did bottle service as it was so much cheaper. We did not do this and in the clubs the price for a rum and Red Bull ranged from a minimum of six dollars to a maximum of ten dollars.

When I go to a club I expect there to be music, drinking, dancing, and some mingling. We’ve been to more clubs in Colombia that I can count and more times than not we end up attached to a group of new temporary friends that know where the best walls are to pee and act all amazed that I can sing along when the English songs when they are playing. I’ve never had a bad time. Here people were downright cold... Talking with the taxi driver later on he said that the clubs started shifting to this format a couple of years ago. Not exactly attracting the funnest people - Hated it.

We decided to try a couple of other clubs not on Venezuela ave. The first was a club called JetSet and this place was OK - guys have to pay to get in (I think it was 200 pesos) and are given a blue bracelet.. the dance floor was right out of Saturday Night Fever and was packed full of people dancing - Bachata and Merengue. We danced a few dances but the place was standing room only - no tables available and the wait to get a drink was forever so we decided to head out again. If I was going to just one club and just looking to have fun this would be where I would go, looks like a fun place to spend an evening.

The last two bars we visited were VIP club and Club Trio. Club Trio is right next to the Jaragua hotel and is a complete waste of time. Club VIP was the last place we visited around 3:30am and I don’t remember much other than the gauntlet of security guards at the door and me asking what the deal is with everything in the DR needing to be named “Premium”, “VIP”, “VP” - all I remember doing here is going to the bathroom, walking out into the club and breathing in the atmospheres and deciding I was done with Santo Domingo clubs. I turned to MsT and said “Blow job and go to bed?” she gave me a shrug and a semi-enthusiastic thumbs up. Was still pretty good and it got me to sleep with no problems.

So yeah first day not exactly exciting but the promise to visit the Santiago clubs was out of the way so I could start playing tomorrow.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: STARLORD on June 08, 2018, 08:45:32 PM
niccccce man I appreciate  the report .keep it coming
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: seanSLO on June 09, 2018, 12:16:44 PM
I flew into SDQ 2 weeks ago , next time walk upstairs. I had driver tell me 1500 peso , I offered 1200 then another American ask to split both of us headed to Zona Colonial so just 600 each. In SD , I used UBER was quick 4 min wait got drivers picture and plate just like in States. It was only 169 peso from Zona Colonial to Caribe Tours.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 10, 2018, 09:06:55 AM
niccccce man I appreciate  the report .keep it coming

Thanks! I was assuming nobody was reading.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 10, 2018, 10:59:45 AM

Day 2 (Sun):

    Woke up feeling pretty good! I’m not a regular drinker (my first hard drink in my life was my first visit to the DR) so I am pretty light weight and I still don’t have a good handle on the line to avoid a hangover

    I should say the second time I woke up I felt great - the first time was when the cleaning lady entered to the room to find us sprawled out on the bed. I did a quick bathroom break and locked the room from the inside and we slept until sometime in the early afternoon. I opened my eyes to MsT slobbing my knob trying to get me up - I took a quick assessment: no room spinning, no headache, a bit thirsty but otherwise full of energy and ready for some food. Excellent! I’m now on Dominican time schedule - the only downside to the shifted schedule is that I move to two meals a day when traveling and I’d much prefer those be breakfast and dinner for a better variety - instead we will be doing late lunch, late dinner.. I’ll live.

So! I had a list of experiences I wanted to try for Santo Domingo, nothing complicated: Specifically they were:

That was pretty much it… 

We took a quick shower and went out to find some lunch. During the bulk of our stay the skies were cloudy and the temps were actually downright pleasant. We usually do a five mile walk during the day so we just decided to go out the front side to the street and walk until we found something.
About one to two miles down the road we come across two places:

Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: DeeDaDon on June 10, 2018, 11:04:02 AM
Good report so far my guy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 10, 2018, 11:16:58 AM
Oasis says it is a Bar and Lounge though MsT tells me it used to be called “Baby Dolls” and was a strip club where you could pull the girls (hence the sign with the girl on the stripper pole). Foxys is across the street and claims to be a strip club, MsT knows nothing of this place. These seem to be a bit out in the open (and on the main street in front of the Malecon) to be like Passions but we decide to come back later when they open and see what the deal is.

We also turned off the main road and headed up on Calle Sanchez (so if  you decide to visit the Oasis Club it is where Calle Sanchez meets the ocean) in a few minutes we hit El Conde which is just an old road that no longer allows traffic and has numerous small shops of all types that runs from independence park to the Ozama river that dumps into the ocean.

We ended coming back here a few times mainly because the prices on several items we bought always ended up being the cheapest here. There was a weird variety of stores - the usual anything to do with beauty and clothes assortment for women, small merchandise, restaurants, artists selling their usual stuff, two small places (like I could touch both end walls) that did dental implants, and on and on..

There were a couple of men’s barbershops that had men outside insisting I needed a quick shave and did not want to take no for an answer and were wanting to show me photos on their phone of “what we have to offer.” I stopped the first time and MsT grabbed my hand and pulled saying “He doesn’t need a shave!” - A couple days later I learned if you walk into the stores they have a full barbershop but then there is a curtain and behind that you can get a full service happy ending massage while your wife waits outside.

We walked the length of this and finally ended up having lunch at the restaurant for the hotel Conde de Peñalba - mainly because it looked decent,had outdoor eating with shade, was towards the end of our walk and we ready to turn around, and it was across from a park and cathedral so I liked the ambience. The restaurant also had a guy whose job it was to keep people from harassing those eating.. Not much they can do about the street performers though, we had two groups of them towards the end and was chased down after we left “Sir! Sir! We performed for you! Sir!”

We headed back for some time in the pool, a quick nap, and stocked up on fresh ATM cash. When we had left earlier I could not find my phone and assumed it would turn up but as I thought through coming back from the night before I don’t remember taking it out of my pocket and I know I had it in the clubs because I was taking pictures… After searching the room I logged into my account and checked using the phones GPS tracking - if you have an android and a gmail account you location is automatically tracked every few minutes and you can access everywhere you have been over the life of the phone by looking at your timeline.

I traced through my night and my timeline ended at 3:39am May 20th.. The location of the phone at that time was right in front of the VIP club. I know I had plenty of battery left so the phone had been shut off. I have an anti theft program on the phone that if it gets a certain text message it becomes unusable. Not much you can do if the phone is turned off though.. I spent the next couple of hours changing email account and bank passwords and monitored to see if it ever attempted to sync again. As of today it never has.

That would normally ruin my evening but I had sex with hotties in my near future so to the back burner with that shit! .. MsT was talking to a friend on the phone that has a sister that worked at a nearby casa and was trying to get directions. I asked her about it and had a strange conversation because its name was “Casa Blanca” but I was thinking she was saying “Casablanca” as in the movie which started a side conversation that went way too long to the point I forgot about Casa Blanca.

We showered and got ready for dinner - earlier we had a conversation with one of the hotel employees and they told us we should try a nearby restaurant called Coconia, this is an excellent restaurant. Just walk out the back entrance to independencia avenue and go straight up one block and turn right and you’ll find it. Food is great, prices good, and a lot of effort has been spent on the ambience.

Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Don Pablo on June 10, 2018, 11:20:42 AM
niccccce man I appreciate  the report .keep it coming

Thanks! I was assuming nobody was reading.

Don’t worry, plenty people reading! Carry on!
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 10, 2018, 11:30:29 AM
After dinner we walked back outside and grabbed a taxi and headed over to the Oasis bar. There were two large guys standing outside who started the sales job of getting us to go inside until they figured out that's where were planning to go. One of them opened the door for us and we headed upstairs (the club is on the 2nd and 3rd floors). They man whistled as we went upstairs and then went back outside…

This was not at all what I was expecting, when we got upstairs there was a bar and then an open area with some stripper poles and a few couches. There were maybe 20 girls in very skimpy lingerie - five or six were standing behind us while the rest were very busy texting on their phones. I was assuming it would be more of a strip club with them dancing where I could mingle a bit but this was straight up choose your girl and get on with business…

I got my drink and sat on a couch and started taking a better look. None of these girls were bad, but only a couple were great. The two great ones were busy on their phones and not making any eye contact so I mentally scratched them from the list. I also mentally removed a few that had that hardened Dominican attitude look - where they stick out that bottom jaw and have that wanna-be-stuck-up attitude. I want fun and these types spend their time try to control the … whoah! Coming from the bathroom a woman came out with the some of  the largest humongous fake boobs I’ve seen and she has a tiny waist - I made a bit of eye contact and she smiled and did some good poses with some great back arches.. I said to MsT  “I want to play with those for a while!” Half joking I added “..and I might need another because I’ll need those boobs at hand level. I waved at her and she ran over and sat between us.”

After a few minutes I thought she would work out great, excellent attitude, a tad older (probably 30-35) good body and yeah I wanted to spend some quality time with the boobies. We asked what the deal was and we were told it was 80 dollars (4000 pesos)  for an hour and the rooms upstairs were 10 bucks (500 pesos) if we wanted to go that route. I knew with this location it would be a bit more so I sighed and looked at MsT and said “Stay here?” and she nodded and I said “OK let’s do it.” she was not drinking tonight so she had the money (though it turns out they asked us to pay later instead) - She went up to the bar while I went to the bathroom.

At that point the guy downstairs whistles and yells upstairs “I need skinny light skinned girls up front and center now!” - A few run up and a (I assume) Dominican guy walks in scans the line, snaps his finger, points at one and then immediately walks back downstairs while she ran into the back probably to get clothes on. He had the entire process done before I could get to the bathroom - man knows what he wants... I went to the bathroom and when I came out MsT handed me a drink and there were two women waiting at the stairs, both with drinks, waiting to go up to the room - I gave her the “what’s going on?” look and she said “You said two and I got 500 pesos discount”

Hmm.. Girl #2 was fine, big naturals and most everything else was in proportion. I really couldn’t read the attitude but she was being huggy with Girl #1 so… fine let’s go upstairs. Upstairs there are four or bedrooms that I saw, each with a bathroom, No A/C but there is a fan and it was not too bad.

MsT has a bracelet that has LEDs that emit light in the same wave length as a black light which she ran over the bed.. We did a quick flip of the bedspread and it was clean so great we have a play area. The girls immediately get naked and Yeah those big boobies - good solid ones especially for the size. I didn’t want to be rude so I also felt up girl #2's  boobs and they were excellent naturals.

We get to doing our thing and at some point I’m in Girl #1 doggystyle and getting ready to finish.. I pull out - and I usually pull out even though I always use a condom - and yeah the condom is broke and she immediately knows because she has goo on her back. I scream “Shit! Broke!” and she screams something I could not make out and runs for the bathroom and into the shower. She screaming in there and I’m not really listening because I am also cleaning up and and using the anti bacterial gel that is now covering my cock..

That’s when I start to pay attention to the conversation again. Girl #2 is sitting on the bed yelling at the girl #1 in the shower “It was an accident! He didn’t do it on purpose! He says he always pulls out” so I’m now expecting this to become an incident but after a couple of minutes she comes out and apologizes and is all smiles again. Shit happens, everybody is fine again. She comes over and I am playing with the boobs again and she grabs a condom and motions girl #2 to get busy.

At that point I really wasn't in the mood for another round and I said “For now how about each of you just straddle one knee, I need to relax for a bit” and that how I finished out my hour - mostly just fondling the big breast and occasionally giving some attention to the other two. Girl #1 was excellent at pretending that she was having a great time and enjoying being fondled and was all sultry smiles, she played the part perfectly. Girl #2 was standard - can’t complain but not a superstar.

We finished up, went downstairs, and paid our tab.. With drinks and room and girls the total was 9000 pesos. I made my way down the second set of stairs to leave and the security guy outside really pushed hard for a tip “How about something for the guy who was protecting you!”

So not accounting for the security guy would I go back to this place? No.. The women seemed fine as far as looks with no other reference points but after visiting other places these women would rank last. also collectively they put in the least effort and don't make a great first impression with the attitudes. Like I said not bad, but when compared to the other places we visited this place ranked last and was also the most expensive.

I’m not sure what time we left, maybe a tad after midnight. We decided to just walk back to the hotel as it was only a 20 minute walk. Once we got back we walked through the hotel and out the other side to the back entrance and did a quick search for either Casa Blanca and Casa Modelo. Going out the back entrance you can turn right and start heading down the road and there is buffet style type of restaurant a few blocks down the road. Turn right there and go down another block or two - we found our casa - a guy sitting out front with some disco lights coming from the windows lighting up the street a bit… Excellent, We know where one is so we can come back tomorrow.. And with that we walked back to the hotel where I was ready for a round two (after a very thorough shower) and our day was done.
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Post by: torso8 on June 10, 2018, 12:55:23 PM
nice report my man.....i love santdomingo for the variety of action to be had...but as all big cities you need to move around a bit to get the ones you like ....the area you stayed is a big playground for all tastes .....good post continue on........
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Post by: STARLORD on June 11, 2018, 04:38:21 AM
Man what a good report
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Post by: Al NYC on June 11, 2018, 08:10:46 AM
If you're looking for Venezuelan chicas, try Casa Theresa in Santo Domingo. There were several of them when I visited last year.
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Post by: Talis on June 11, 2018, 08:33:33 PM
Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated. Santo Domingo was a lot of fun. I didn't think it would be as fun as it was, for sure want to visit again.

Apologies for the lack of photos, I usually put in many more but with my phone gone I lost the pics I did take and didn;t have it to take more. The photos I did get I pilfered from MsT's phone which were 90% selfies.

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Post by: Talis on June 11, 2018, 09:15:34 PM
Day 3 (Mon):

Oh yeah it’s Monday! I was actually working a part of the week so I woke up at 9am (currently working west coast time zone so no need to get up too early) and showered and got the work laptop out and that’s when it hit me - My RSA key was on my phone which I no longer had so I had no way to log in. There were people I could call to put a new RSA key on MsT’s phone but those numbers were on my phone which I no longer had. I did finally track down one of the IT people in California and got everything working so I could log in.

While that was going on MsT was up and showered and planning to get some things done without me. She had a massage scheduled early then she was on the phone trying to locate some hair extensions. I find this a bit frustrating - a few weeks ago her hair was down to her butt and she cuts it off at the shoulder only to pay to have hair sewn back in..

A shop in Megacentro is advertising 50% off on all hair extensions so she wants to go take a look. I have my early morning meetings done so I have a few hours free. We decide to do lunch and then head to the mall.

We had lunch at the Hotel Razaat which is just across the street from the back entrance of our hotel. This is half open air but we ate inside as it was a bit warm. The place is a bit fancy but moderately priced. MsT had the fish and said it tasted bad and asked me to try. I think all fish tastes bad even when it’s good so... not a good judge. We sent the fish back and she ate half of my meal since neither of us was all that hungry. The waiter came back a couple of times asking about the fish - I told him it was fine she just didn’t like the taste and honestly I assumed the fish was just fine but she was being finicky. The bill eventually came and I put the money inside and we walked out - halfway down the block the waiter chases us down and asked us to return… Turns out they went back and checked the fish and the chef said all of it was bad and they wanted to return our money. Fair enough!

We then started walking towards the mall - It would have taken a couple of hours to get there so we decided to walk in the general direction until we were tired, bored, or hot.. About an hour into it and we were ready to look for a ride and soon enough a car full of people came by and stopped to pick up a woman that was standing on the sidewalk. MsT asked the driver if he would be driving by the mall and he said yes but it would take about 20 minutes. Good enough! We squeezed in the back. There were seven of us but I was the only male besides the driver so no problem. MsT handed the drive 100 pesos and he returned 50. I said (in English, assuming nobody else would understand) “It’s 25 pesos? 25?!? Why the hell do we ever take taxis?”

My new found love of travel by concho did not last very long.. The next stop we picked up one more woman and from then on it was women getting out and men getting in. Ten minutes after we started MsT was the only woman left and it was a car full of smelly old men. I had been out walking for an hour so I was one of them I know but still.. No that's just a pointless whine,  really I enjoyed taking the concho - and I got to the mall for 25 pesos.

The mall “Megacentro” bills itself as the biggest in Santo Domingo (I would assume the means the DR but it only claimed Santo Domingo) and it is good sized, though a lot of unused space where stores should be. There was no A/C which really disappointed me when I walked through the main doors and didn’t get that york-peppermint-patty moment of cool air blasting in my face.
We eventually find the hair place and she spends forever going through the supply and eventually finds something acceptable. She brings a wad of hair over too me and says “I found black Indonesian hair 20 inches long, it will take 3-4 hours to sew it in” Well that's super, the only part missing is the only part I care about.. “How much?” She turned and said to the woman “Everything is 50% off right?” to which to the woman said “Oh, no, not this” and a few more minutes of semi-heated Spanish later it turned out that "this" applied to everything.. She had an appointment for Wednesday for 24,000 pesos.

That’s more than it would cost in the states so that was a non-go but it was a starting point. We left the mall and did an uber ride over to another shop a few blocks off of El Conde. The uber was 3 dollars (150 pesos)  - Uber has an even cheaper option if you want to ride a moto concho. One weird thing - Uber drivers are not allowed to pick people up in from of the mall entrance. We saw several getting tickets and our driver called to tell us he would be down the street since he saw the drivers getting tickets as well.

At the next hair shop I stayed outside to keep the price from going up again. MsT was gone for a while and when she came out she looked just livid… I looked down at the estimate.. 18 inches of hair - 50,000 pesos. Well Holy shit! She said they thought she was Venezuelan - there really seems to be some bad feelings towards them and not just here. Throughout Latin America Venezuelans were kind of seen as snobs and their neighbors are not overly unhappy to see them have problems and taken down a rung or two…  More than once MsT was asked if she was Venezuela (the accents are close I guess)

I remembered seeing a hair place on El Conde and suggested this as we were fairly close - she said she had heard the quality was not as good that they mix synthetic hair with the real hair but sure lets look..  turned out it was very close as we walked to it in about 10 minutes.. We found the hair place and they were doing a mother's day special: buy the high end Brazilian hair and the installation is free. For 24 inches it was 17,500.. She went through the hair and was very happy with it. While we were there the woman from the first shop that wanted 24,000 pesos came in to buy some hair so yeah...  Quality Shmaulity.

We walked back to the hotel through the streets that lead to the back entrance. Since we have now done this walk several times we are starting to get noticed by the con artists that seem to live at the crosswalks near the hotels and they act lieka second sighting is some sort of fate from the gods. One particular guy we talked to the first day and we’ve now seen several times says “My friends! We meet again!” The first time we met I had a five minute conversation with him because he said he had a business in Colombia. Here we are two days later, he is wearing the same clothes and I don’t think he’s changed them since Saturday and hoooo the smell. I enjoy walking around Santo Domingo, it’s just the gauntlet around the hotel walls that is the pain.

We did talk to one guy that was OK.. He spoke no English (a good sign - many of the English speakers are people that have been to the US and deported for committing a crime) and was pushing trips out to Boca Chica which is fine - legitimate business. When we saw him this time he said he saw us coming out of  Oasis the other day. He didn’t mention that type of thing when talking to us before because he did not want to offend. We talked a little bit and I asked him about Venezuelans and he said there was a nearby casa that hand only Venezuelans. He wasn’t pushy so we took his card.

Back at the hotel I finished up some work while MsT took a quick swim in the pool and then we napped until it was time for dinner and then some adventure time.

For dinner we went to the Adrian Tropical which is right on the ocean about a 10 minute walk down the Malecon. This place was jam packed and it was Monday. I ordered a Cubre Libre and instead of bringing me the drink they gave me a glass of rum and a glass of coke and let me mix it myself. Loved that. MsT ordered some fruity monstrosity and then needed a picture looking into the ocean which would have been nice had it not been dark. The ocean is not particularly pretty here but overall it is a nice place. With drinks and (excellent) dinner the total came to 35 bucks. Worth a visit for sure.

We walked back to the hotel to get a quick shower and to hit the ATM before going over to the casa we had seen the night before. At the ATM I pulled out my wallet to find my bank card was missing.. poof! The Hotels ATM requires that you manually insert your card and leave it there until the transaction is finished and does not have an alarm if you then leave the card in the machine. I’d had already forgotten once and came back to find it still there so I was pretty confident I had left the card in the machine the last time I was there.

I had around 10,000 pesos on me and we still had all of our dollars up in the room though I did not want to convert them if I did not need to.. 10,000 should be enough to get through the night but I like to have enough to not have to worry about being close plus you never know when some adventure of a lifetime like identical triplets is going to pop up.

I told MsT I had lost my card and she instantly came to the same conclusion because instead of panic she rolled her eyes and pulled out her bank card and pulled out an additional 12,000 from her account. That’ll do!

Finally we head over to the Casa - out the back entrance, up a few block, and right where it was yesterday. The guy sitting near the house motions us by pointing at the house as we walk by and I did my best to look like it was a spur of the moment decision. I shrugged my shoulders and said “Sure! Let’s give it a go!” and in we went.

Again like last night not at all what I was expecting.. I hear “casa” and I think basically somebody's half-assed converted house that has women in the front living room along with the kitchen and a hallway to some rooms. This place had a full bar, all tiles and plexiglass galore. I sat at the bar and a good amount of the 20 or so women that were there lined up (and I really need to get used to that.. it’s a bit overwhelming right up front, they should let a guy have a drink first) Like last night I was the only male in the place and I really wonder how they make a living.. I was feeling a pretty good buzz already but I ordered another drink anyway…

The women here were younger than the ones at the Oasis. None of them looked over 25, all of them very pretty 7s to 9s for the lot. I had to mentally take a few off my list that were otherwise outstanding due to them checking their phones instead of me..  I ended up choosing one *and only one* as MsT agreed to be more involved tonight. She called herself Rachel, early 20’s, all natural. My preferred age is 25-30 as they are a bit more mature but I didn’t see that option in this place tonight.

After I asked her over she talked with MsT for a few moments and everything seemed good. I asked her about the cost and she looked confused for a moment and stuttered out “um.. I don’t know what we charge Gringos” and then she motioned over to the bar tender who had heard what she said and made that “oops” grimace face for just a second. We all know you are going to charge me more but don't be stupid enough to blurt it out.

Well anyway they wanted 80 dollars - that included the room. I asked what the non-gringo price was but just got a shrug and a clueless look. Well… cheaper than last night but it will end up being the second most expensive place in Santo Domingo for us. As we were walking to the room I asked if this was casa blanca or casa modelo and she said “it is casa Teresa” There must be a lot of casas in this city :)

The room we walked to goes through a courtyard where there were a few girls sitting on a park bench smoking, and then upstairs to a hot room with no A/C and no fan… Also we could not get music working. MsT always bring a bluetooth speaker and runs it off her phone if there is no music. I can’t stress enough that when there is no music it just seems to kill the mood… Eventually she was given the wi-fi password for the casa and we had music playing.

The session was really good. Rachel was high energy or maybe was working to get me off fast. A good bulk of the session was her on top of me grinding away - she excelled at this - while MsT was on my face and facing her and she was also grinding and going to town (this becomes important later). Every couple of minutes MsT would make her stop or at least slow down for about 30 seconds so that I would not finish too soon which I am sure was not her favorite thing but we did have an hour and MsT was having fun so… carry on!

Eventually I did finish and everyone seemed to be in good spirits other than being really hot. After some idle conversation between MsT and Rachel that seemed friendly - they were both all smiles and laughing - but just as we were leaving and making our way down she says to MsT “What is wrong with you that he needs me to have fun?” and then exits through a side door in the court area before any more conversation happens.

This is one of those reasons I don’t like involving the younger women. They are much more likely to just do random psycho shit. I know when I am doing these reports it sounds like I am just floating through all of this without much though but it took a lot of work and a lot of time to be able to do this with MsT without it causing drama and hurt feelings. To have someone just lob a grenade like that in our laps for no reason other than to see what drama they can cause pisses me off to no end. For tonight MsT let it roll off but I think it simmered and was going to cause me a little bit of drama in Sosua in a few days.

Well anyways - This place overall is better than the Oasis - cleaner, nicer, women are on average better looking and in better shape and make an effort when you are making a selection. I would not do anything inside that oven they call a room, takeout only. The security guy gave me two thumbs up when I was leaving and said "heh.. heh!" - thanks buddy, that's so much better!
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good shit mannnnn waiting on the next report
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Great trip report. I need to find me a MsT lol
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Really enjoyed your report, can't wait for more
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damn good report...like i was there..bring on sosua
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Day 1 (Sat):

We decided to try a couple of other clubs not on Venezuela ave. The first was a club called JetSet and this place was OK - guys have to pay to get in (I think it was 200 pesos) and are given a blue bracelet.. the dance floor was right out of Saturday Night Fever and was packed full of people dancing - Bachata and Merengue. We danced a few dances but the place was standing room only - no tables available and the wait to get a drink was forever so we decided to head out again. If I was going to just one club and just looking to have fun this would be where I would go, looks like a fun place to spend an evening.

@Talis  Best night to go to JetSet is Monday nights when they have concerts.  Best Dominican club to go to during the weekend is Club Hangar.  Club Hangar has a live band both Friday and Saturday nights.  It is about 1.5 miles west of JetSet on Av. Independencia.

And the music is not loud at the clubs you went to....lol....head to La Romana and go to the clubs there.  After a few hours in a La Romana club, your ears will be ringing for days!
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@Talis  Best night to go to JetSet is Monday nights when they have concerts.  Best Dominican club to go to during the weekend is Club Hangar.  Club Hangar has a live band both Friday and Saturday nights.  It is about 1.5 miles west of JetSet on Av. Independencia.

And the music is not loud at the clubs you went to....lol....head to La Romana and go to the clubs there.  After a few hours in a La Romana club, your ears will be ringing for days!

Thanks much for the info... I'll keep it in mind for the next trip. We had a concert planned for Wed night

I'm shocked that half the population isn't deaf.

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Day 4 (Tue):

I woke up Tuesday in a little bit of pain. Everything was fine until I yawned and then I felt it - there were cuts on the inside of my upper lip. I knew what they were from as they were just above my two front teeth and were the same length. During the long interval of face sitting last night I had covered my teeth with my lips as any responsible person does in that position and with being pretty buzzed I think the pressure and length of time exceeded my inner lips ability to not get cut by the front of my teeth, But it wasn't just the lip my teeth were sore as well. I really don't remember it being that hard or violent but they actually felt a little loose.

Usually with something like this it will either go away in a day (lips heal fast) or become something worse (lips infect easily) and take a week or more. I didn’t know which one so I took some Ibuprofen and tried not smile for a while.

First things first: We did not have a hotel for tonight. I did not make any hotel arrangements for today and tomorrow as the Jaragua hotel was new to me and I didn’t want to commit past three days. I had also toyed with the idea of renting a car and going to Sosua by driving to Las Terrenas for one night (I have El Limon on my list of things I wanted to see eventually) or possibly doing a night or two in Santiago.. Nothing definite I was just keeping some options open though we did have some plans we made with another person after renting the hotel room but I kept Tuesday and Wednesday open.

After a quick huddle with MsT we decided to just stay in the current hotel for two more days.. I was going to go down and take care of it but looking at their website if I nabbed the two days from there it came with a free breakfast and was a lower price than I had payed for the previous three days so I went that route. I still needed to head down to make sure we kept the same room and I also wanted to grab some cash from the ATM… Which is when I remembered I did not have my bank card. I had one more debit card from a credit union in the safe so I grabbed that and headed downstairs.

The debit card worked in the ATM no problems and when I checked later it was actually better than the Chase debit card I was using earlier as the bank did not do any currency change fees. Live and learn.

I talked to the front desk guy about keeping the same room (no problem) and also confirmed the free breakfast with the “new” reservation. I then asked him if someone had turned in a debit card. He made a quick phone call and sure enough they had it. I waited a few minutes and a guy brought it down along with a full page form for me to fill out and sign with me telling him “Yeah I don’t normally do this, I don’t use ATMs where the card stays in blah blah blah” they smiled and nodded and then returned my card.

I then grabbed a coffee for MsT and headed back upstairs. She was up and looking at the new hair and frowning. The hair was the wrong color, it was dark brown, not black. I knew exactly the wrong thing to say: “Remember that’s what I told you yesterday when you said it was perfect'"  That went over well  :D

While I worked for a bit she went to go change the hair which of course they could not do - they had black hair but it was two inches shorter which she refused to change.. She then took a taxi from the hotel lobby back to Megacentro (for 500 pesos - had she walked for another 30 seconds and gotten a cab on the street it would have been 300 pesos) to try to work out something there but could not work out a better deal. Finally she decided she would color the hair black after they put it in but was not overly happy with that solution.

The next bit of bad news is her friend from NY was not coming. She is a former Sosua resident that one of you people here (well actually he was on ISOC) took home about five years ago. She is now divorced and has come out to the west to visit us a couple of times - the last time during the total eclipse. Anyway I like her, she never has asked me for money and I’ve never done anything with her beyond a few dances at local nightclubs.

I was really looking forward to her coming mainly because I do crave some solitude and with her here I could get all the alone time I wanted while they went and did their thing. I’d also rented a room for her in Sosua so that deposit was gone and she was not going to be here to pay me for it. We were also going to split a rental in Santo Domingo to drive to Sosua so instead now we will be taking the bus..

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I had to work most of it as I did not get a lot of work done the day before. MsT visited the spa and had her nails done and lounged around the pool taking pictures. We did finally get to try out the Luna restaurant in the Hotel for lunch. Long story short: Skip it. Food was just meh and for a simple lunch with no fancy drinks it was 45 dollars. crazy.

For tonight we decided on Pat’e Palo for dinner and then afterward searching for some Venezuelans. The dinner itself was the best of the trip - this area is actually four restaurants that share the outdoor spot looking out over Plaza Espana. It looks really amazing at night (and you should only go to this restaurant at night). Every mouthful of Angus Beef I put in my mouth I’d look around and feel sorry for anyone who ordered anything else.  We did some fancy drinks as well - the total bill was 60 dollars with the tip and worth every penny.

During dinner we talked about how we wanted to handle tonight - the first thought was to try out the web page I mentioned in the first part of this report, there were plenty of Venezuelans listed there. She had her phone so we could just head over to a cabana and make a few calls and get one to show up… MsT then brought up the guy that was pushing the Boca Chica tours, he hadn’t given us the creeps, wasn;t pushy... maybe we can use him?

I was a bit leery but sure let's give him a try. I got his card out of my wallet and MsT gave him a call. The Venezuelan casa is only open four days a week, evidently not on Tuesdays.. But there are plenty of other casas, we can find Venezuelans... He was currently with his girlfriend in her van would it be OK if she tagged along? Sure why not.. So we paid our bill and headed to the parking lot for the restaurant and five minutes later a van pulled up, the door slid open, we got inside and off we went.
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Day 4 (Tues) Continued:

We got into the van and said our hellos, it was a decent sized van, three rows of seats so it could take eight people comfortably. As we had discussed on the phone the guy was there with his girlfriend. I got in and he said “Amigo! We find some pretty Venezuelans!” I smiled and we exchanged a thumbs up. I then said hello to his girlfriend, she was in her late 30’s, said her name was Vicki, very skinny, and short - five foot two at best. She was all smiles, very friendly, and like him spoke zero English. I mentioned the van belonged to her, she works for some company taking people out to Boca Chica which is how she knows him I am assuming - he is married so Vicki is a side thing for him.

MsT and Vicki hit it off right from the start and they were both laughing and talking about Dominican women versus Venezuelan women. Vicki said at one point that she knows it’s a bad thing to say but she has more Venezuelan friends than Dominican friends and does not like the typical Dominican attitude.

I could not say this then - being the lone gringo in a group if you have an opinion on anything dealing with race or culture the world is going to end - I don’t have a problem with Dominicanas, there are some that have some idiosyncrasies I avoid but that would be true in any country for any particular group where you learn a little bit about the people that live there. I just wanted to try Venezuelans because I’m a male and want to be able to brag later on “Venezuelans? Oh yeah, I’ve done a few of those…”

Pretty soon the Spanish went into machine gun mode and I could not follow it any longer.. Plus I was few drinks in so my mind was wandering a little bit. We stopped at three casas. For the first two we did a simple drive-by and talked to the man out front from the window of our car “Any Venezuelans inside? No? OK thanks!” 

The third casa we got a better answer “Venezuelans? Yes we currently have 19 girls, four of them Venezuelans” Great! We parked the van and went inside. As I got out the three of them surrounded me as we walked in - this was first time in my life that I felt like I had an entourage and I found it embarrassing - some stupid American coming in with a local support crew.

I backed up a bit and gave a little grimace and they gave me some space and walked in by themselves.. MsT and I then walked in and I have to say these places are always so much nicer than what I expect. The entire house is basically one large room with the center being a large square bar, extremely clean, it looks like easily 20 people could be sitting around the bar having drinks. As it was it was just us. I sat down and almost immediately had a drink in my hand. Our hosts had disappeared at the other end of the bar so it was just me and MsT.

I took a sip of my drink, then a deep breath and blinked a couple of times - then swiveled my chair around to see 15 women posing behind me waiting for me to make a selection. This made me a bit nervous a couple of days ago but fuuuuuuck I love this. There was not a bad one in the bunch - pretty! pretty! pretty! I instantly saw one I had to have but I pretended to be looking and having a tough time with the selection.. Then MsT motioned to her before I could make the choice. She smiled and came running over and the rest start returning to wherever it was they were before and MsT held up her hand and said “stay put! We are going to need one more!” and they all returned to their positions. She then said to me in her best bad English “You have three drinks, you make bad choice! I am boss tonight!”

I asked the girl her name and had a quick conversation, I liked her a lot. MsT then had a quick conversation with her - I only picked up about half of it, what I heard was “ We want someone really fun. really nice, Do you like other girls?? .. ” She was game and all smiles and being super touchy feely with me while answering the questions. Then we got into the cost: 4000 pesos.. for 4 hours, take out only, they don’t have rooms.

The take out was fine, I wanted a cabana anyway. MsT then pointed at one of the women still posing and said “Do you like her?” The Chica and I both said “Yes” at the same time and then laughed.. Turns out the second girl was best friends with the first girl, they live together and both came to the DR together from Venezuela. Peachy!

We paid the money to the bar while they went and got dressed. MsT walked over to talk to our drivers while the woman behind the bar poured my drink into a plastic cup. For the two minutes I was alone there was the woman about 10 feet away from me that was previously in the lineup starring me down in a very pissed manor like she might lunge at me with a knife. For just a minute I was obsessing on what her story was but before I could do something stupid MsT returned with our drivers along with the Venezuelans who both gave me big hugs and I was stupid happy again. We left and got into the van. I was in the back seat in-between the Venezuelans, MsT and Vicki were in the middle row, and the guy was in the front row doing the driving. MsT was acting very happy and chatting away with Vicki and making some sort of plan I don’t know.

In the back I was having a ball. Lots of smiling and giggling and rubbing fun areas. I had asked them both their names several times but could not keep it in memory so finally one of them said “I am Strawberry, she is Vanilla...  good?” Good!

We weaved through some rough looking neighborhoods and finally stopped and someone came up to the van and I saw what had MsT had been planning... So I don’t do any type of drugs beyond drinking and even that is only when we travel or are at events - I don’t even drink coffee. MsT drinks very little and does not partake in any drugs except for 420 - but she does like her 420. That is what the guy coming up to the van had. She asked Strawberry and Vanilla if they were interested and they both said no and so did the guy.. So it was all for MsT and her new best friend Vicki.

We then headed for the cabanas - It took a good 15 minutes and was just as I had imagined: a long stretch of road with numerous cabanas on each side with big lighted dynamic signs that are right out of old vegas. We chose our cabana as any classy people people would: We chose the ones with the best “ooh shiny!" light-up signs.”

The first Cabana we looked at was Cabana Miami. We pulled in, opened the garage and MsT ran in and 30 second later came out doing a thumbs down “es bullshit! no limpia!” she evidently did not like the smell or furniture either. The next one we tried was on the other side of the street and called Cabana Monte Carlo. MsT again runs in and this one gets a thumbs up so the four of us enter and our drivers say they will be back in 2 and half hours.

The Cabana was excellent! All shiny black tile, just one room plus a bathroom. That one room is a little larger than a three car garage, has a ten man jacuzzi, a larger than king size bed on a pedestal and small dancing area, and another raised area with a stripper pole. The ceilings were a good 15 feet high with a large TV on the wall and a multitude of disco lights… and air conditioning!

 Strawberry and Vanilla immediately got the TV remote to get music playing and then one of them starts spinning on the stripper pole while the other did a quick bathroom visit and comes out naked. She comes over and starts undoing my clothes while the other makes her quick trip to the bathroom and also comes out naked. In the meantime MsT has gotten the lights turned off with the exception being the disco club lights. For a while Vanilla, Strawberry, and I just played in the dance area, both of them had one hand on my member, I had a hand on each of their asses and we were just swaying to the music. MsT in the meantime has gone outside - I’m guessing getting something made with the 420 and Vicki.

She was gone for a while, by the time she got back (lit cigarette in hand) we had done several activities and had already moved to the bed. I was in one of the flavors going at it from behind. MsT got her clothes off and was joining in -between puffs - mainly doing things like fondling the other girls tits (she was behind me rubbing up against me telling me how how great I was at doing her friend). For a while she laid down and the flavor I was doing was eating her out so I slowed down to enjoy the entire event… Eventually my time came and I pulled out as usual and.. another fucking broken condom.

That’s two - and it would be the last of the trip. Both happened when I was going hard from behind. While it’s not totally rare it is unusual and this is the first time I’ve ever had more than one break on a trip... Anyway I said it as soon as I saw what happened I told the flavor I had been doing - who I now remember was Vanilla, totally covered in sweat - said “Oh papi, it happens, but you have leche!” and she gave me a high five and headed to the bathroom.

I was hot and pretty sweaty but with the A/C it did not last long and pretty soon we had a huddled pile on the middle of the bed. I did not mention this before but these girls have amazing bodies. They got to talking with MsT about all of their various tattoos. The photo below is from MsT the next night (her dress for the concert) - as reference she has very nice sized tits - more than I can fit in my hand. Strawberry and Vanilla both had really skinny waists and tits that made these look small when they were all three naked and I could compare.

All three of these women have had multiple extensive plastic surgeries. The tattoos are partially there to cover up the evidence. They spent the next 30 minutes going through everything they have had done and examining each other for evidence of scars and comparing what doctors they used and future plans. They were both impressed with MsT's doctor as he is the same doctor that did some famous celebrity (which I thought was named Anita but asking now being told her name is Carol G - no idea who that is). Both said they were in the DR to get money for more surgery. I’m not sure what else was needed, they looked perfect to me.

MsT threw the rest of our condoms in the garbage and said that whatever we did would have to be something that did not require condoms.. This ended up being a blow job and then me standing up with the Strawberry doing squats while squeezing her tits and working me that way.. She swapped with Vanilla and also required some help from MsTs hands but I did get a second go and was very happy it was on the front side of Strawberry..

We got cleaned up and left the cabana and our van was waiting for us. We dropped the girls off back at the casa and then went back to our hotel. Vicki came inside with us - I think because MsT was out of money as they went to the cash machine. I once again did not have my bank card (yes no kidding) so MsT used hers and they did some hugging and then Vicki left and we went upstairs to our room.

MsT says she paid them 2000 pesos (40 dollars) for the evening. That is about double what we would paid a taxi just for the transportation so I think it was money well spent.

I wish we had done more cabanas, This cabana was 1600 pesos for four hours (we also had a bottle of rum and cokes - i did not see what that cost) - others cabanas along that road are less but are also less fancy. 

The Venezuelans? This was the best threesome (kinda foursome) that I have ever had. They were awesome throughout the experience. If I was single and planning something that I wanted to wife up for a few days no doubt these two would be my first choice. They made the trip.

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Post by: Artbell1 on June 16, 2018, 03:17:40 PM

Great trip report!

Thank you so much for sharing.

Happy hunting,

Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: streeteasy on June 16, 2018, 05:39:40 PM
This dude can write.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Don Pablo on June 17, 2018, 04:50:59 PM
Brilliant trip!
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Natilyfe on June 21, 2018, 11:51:02 PM
Whats the name of the third casa you went to?
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Talis on June 25, 2018, 10:06:06 PM

I don't know the name of the last casa we visited - MsT says it was some french name that was hard to pronounce. She did remember where it was though - much closer to our hotel than I thought... If you head down George Washington Ave from the Jaragua hotel in the direction of the Trio bar, then go to the next corner and turn up the street its only a half block up the street... Which would put it about a two minute walk from the first Casa we visited, we just did a lot of driving from the other direction to hit it..

Sorry I have not finished this up, life got busy.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: bachatero on June 26, 2018, 09:25:15 AM
Whats the name of the third casa you went to?

Based on his description, the casa is on Av. Pasteur.  There are 2 or 3 casas on this road between Av. George Washington and Av. Independencia.  Hotel Mystik is right next to the casas.  So if you google Hotel Mystik, you will find the casas.
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: franknitty69 on July 03, 2018, 01:46:11 PM
excellent report!
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: MrNavigator on July 04, 2018, 10:33:18 AM

I don't know the name of the last casa we visited - MsT says it was some french name that was hard to pronounce. She did remember where it was though - much closer to our hotel than I thought... If you head down George Washington Ave from the Jaragua hotel in the direction of the Trio bar, then go to the next corner and turn up the street its only a half block up the street... Which would put it about a two minute walk from the first Casa we visited, we just did a lot of driving from the other direction to hit it..

Sorry I have not finished this up, life got busy.

Great detailed report....like a movie! Can't wait for the rest Talis!
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: Indy_500 on July 05, 2018, 11:05:38 PM
can you list the casa, strip club with dress and cost range plz ?
Title: Re: Santo Domingo and Sosua - Late May
Post by: HipHop on July 06, 2018, 12:28:40 AM
Whats the name of the third casa you went to?

Based on his description, the casa is on Av. Pasteur.  There are 2 or 3 casas on this road between Av. George Washington and Av. Independencia.  Hotel Mystik is right next to the casas.  So if you google Hotel Mystik, you will find the casas.

BAr 21 And satin club are on that block
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