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Author Topic: Please view TMD’s latest YouTube; please all guys be careful with these DR women  (Read 1049 times)


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I don't believe this as he said. Guy whats to break up with his girl?? The laws in DR.  if you live together 6 months at the same address, your married!!! That's it, your common law married. It is the same in Canada. So she has a claim on you if you kick her out. If the guy knew the law in advance,she may have left, no fuss,no muss for $1,000 or 2. It happened to me in Canada, cost me 14,000 to make her go away after 6 yrs. Don't think DR. chicas are stupid, some know how to use the law. I know one that has been stalling the sale of a gringos property for a year because she put a claim on him for unpaid wages.



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