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Author Topic: Post sexy ass chica pics  (Read 20658 times)


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Re: Post sexy ass chica pics
« Reply #105 on: July 22, 2023, 08:25:51 PM »
Im not a vet dude, but my advice, just go and let it happen yourself.  It probably wouldnt be the same experience for you as lets say me... I met 2 women completely randomly, right place at the right time. You might be waiting to meet someone get there and shes on her cycle.. lol .. Just go down there, treat them ok, try to stay under 2000RD (my advice) you know how you look, if you look a hot mess then maybe you may have to pay more. Try to talk to a working lady ( might end up being alot cheaper) . You can always go to the beach strip by all the shops around noon, plenty walk past at that time, buy them a beer maybe a taco, break out your translator and negotiate 1500peso. if she says no, tell her ok no thanks.. watch her change her mind..

Again my advice as a 1st timer. If you are really older or generally a 4-5 yourself they may not budge or even approach you. If thats the case stand by the fast food pizza place across from Sousa Lights around 9p-12a they all walk past and say something.. gets annoying actually..

Besides I dont want you f--king my chickas lol

It's broads asking for 5000 pesos now, in 5 years WTF happened LOL.  We gotta hold the line yall

Hosseini what's your deal, your the same as these so called broads that your complaining about, how many times have you come on here posting pics of chicks, and when guys ask you for the math, you respond with, send me $25 cash app, I think that's worse than what the chicas are doing

I just saw this, I used to give out numbers for free because it was the norm on this site. But some folks ruined it in various ways, from being rude to chicas on WhatsApp to actually mentioning where they got the number from. So now if I charge I know the buyer isn't trying to play games or be on BS. It's only $25, which is basically a meal in the US. I can usually provide her number & IG, that being said YOU do not have to pay. You can go to DR like I did and meet chicas at Bluemall (SDQ) or on the strip in Sosua, or go on Tinder like I did (but for Tinder you'll have to pay regardless).
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