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Trip Reports To Other Countries / Re: Nairobi Kenya Trip
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 07:17:32 AM »
A 39yr old Tinder chick I was conversing with on Whatsapp decides she wants to visit me in Nairobi.  Thing is, she lives over 3 hrs away.  She says she will stay 3 days.  I wasnt sure about that, but I didnt back down.  I figured if things werent going well after one day, I could get her to leave.

Turns out this chick ended up being decent company all three days, although she could have left after 2 days, and I would have been good.   Her face was about a 5 but her body made up for it.  The sex was good.  She seemed like she had an insatiable appetite.   Gave good head.  Juice box fit very nice, and stayed wet.  Very affectionate the whole time.

Total damage 17,100 ksh :   In USD thats $112.   Not including meals together.

1300 ksh for cooking gas that supposedly ran out while she was away
1800 ksh for her babysitter for the 3 days
1000 ksh I volunteered to pay for a 30 day data,sms,calling package.
1300 ksh for her kids to get food
10,000 ksh for her to take home.  ( she paid for her own transpo  coming and going )

The rest of what I paid for her, was for her meals.  We ordered delivery most times, and went to Java House for breakfast once.   None of those meals were expensive.  In my spot she cleaned behind us, washed the dishes, and made up the bed in the morning without having to be told.
Now thats what certain chicas in Sosua should do, give you the kings treatment,,,,Nah most rob scam steal and  are drama.
Trip Reports To Other Countries / Re: Nairobi Kenya Trip
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 07:12:55 AM »
To guys on the fence about going look at what Murano is saying for 180 bucks he had a girl for 3 days.  Meanwhile in the Su 180 is barely enough for ST for most newbs.
That chick that stayed with me for 3 days, kept me physically motivated to f--k more than my usual one and done within 24 hrs.  She earned her keep.    If there is anything she can do this trip that I'd like, it's her toning down her affectionate display.  It can be a bit much at times.   Including sleeping too close in bed.  LOL
ha ha sleeping too close, there yah go that dosent happen much in the DR, rare bird getting the GEF,Any ways she looks like a sexy older milf  resteraunt chica not too shabby too,, have fun !
here is an oldie. Be nice if that were to return!
Like always, you know the deal, tip well, buy the waitrees a few drinks, she may be game to f--k on the down low after her shift   !!
Trip Reports / Re: Sosua not worth it anymore
« Last post by tugboaboat5393 on Today at 06:59:49 AM »
There are so many gay guys in town that I’m starting to be concerned about what the f--k is actually going on here.

Its those direct flights from Atlanta.

You could be right.  As was previously said, you have a lot of dudes with issues in Sosua right now. Regular Atlanta dudes left Sosua a long time ago.  There would have to be an issue with you if you were a regular dude from Atlanta flying to Sosua.  The talent level in Atlanta is out of this world right now.  You cannot do well here; you have issues. You talk that sex prison stuff here, you lame as f--k.  If I was a regular dude, this is where I would be without question, not desperate to get on a plane to get out of a depressing environment.  Then, I complain about dudes when I land in Sosua.  Your life, not mine.

was in ATL last week for Travis Scott, the amount of women throwing me play was nuts!

impregnate one of them.
Ah Make baby,Yup we all know some are raw dogging chicas in the su, why not ALT !
Trip Reports / Re: Sosua not worth it anymore
« Last post by Azzman on Today at 06:47:59 AM »
Dam I took a break but I see the same shit and the same people talking that dumb shit!
Coming To Town / Re: Coming to Sosua Dec 28th - Jan 8th
« Last post by Stones on Today at 05:21:59 AM »
TonyTravel, you'll be fine. Just go and have fun. The only thing I will point out is that your stay is nearly for two weeks -- so you'll want to find more things to do than just bang chicas every day. Let us know how it turns out.
Coming To Town / Re: Coming to Sosua Dec 28th - Jan 8th
« Last post by jd66 on Today at 04:21:00 AM »
Chicas come to Sosua because they need and want money.
Most of them live week to week if not day to day so they will always be around and there will be something to choose from even if in lower numbers.

I have done New Years in Sosua before and it's really nothing all that special like perhaps one would expect. Just a normal night out really.

You might find more local Dominicans out and about NYE this year since it falls on a Sunday though but don't expect any massive celebrations.

Coming To Town / Re: Coming to Sosua Dec 28th - Jan 8th
« Last post by Bat Man on Today at 12:24:04 AM »
Help how?

1/ You know it's a little slow.
2/ Its the only time you have off.
3/ You have booked your flight.

You're good, you will have a good time.

I'm with you. You're coming in the super slowest time ( after christmas not even getting some last minute desparate girls trying to save their chirldrens christmas.

How can anyone "help"?  what kind of help do you want?

It's either your first trip and or your first solo trip no matter what you'll likely be impressed especially as a guy who could only get away at first christmas.

All the major spots should be open if any girls at all are there and at least Flip Flop will be open,

Grab what you can at the beach and have fun.

As much as us grizzled vets  will say about chica quality there will be something available and maybe since there's unlikely to be crowds the cops won't harrass the chicas and the Haitianas should probably pop out.

I gotta assume the hotel/ airbnb prices will be reasonable and maybe just maybe you can aviod the draded 100 dollar ST requests even as a rank newbie.

Good Luck have a good trip and do a trip report if only to prove the naysayers wrong.
Trip Reports / Re: Sosua not worth it anymore
« Last post by PoonTangClan on December 06, 2023, 10:50:42 PM »
I thought you would have more confidence that to be threatened by a bar with male waiters.

There was a Oyster Bar on Yew St. in Kits Vancouver (think it was called Chewies), a guy I know who lives here in the tropics who was a builder had taken a year off and was working at this spot as a waiter for the first time.

I was visiting and thought i would drop in as a surprise. The all male staff had a uniform that was overalls, a t shirt, a touque, timberlands. Everyone working there looked like a fricken lumberjack or fisherman or a marine. Big, bearded and buff. A bizzarro Hooters. I got there early, service was great but i questioned him about the staffing... He said "just wait". f--k me. by 6:00 pm the place was packed plus a line up outside of sex in the city type females. He told me it was busy 7 nights a week and regular guys start showing up around 9 to do the "clean up".

Let me get this straight, it's my money. I want hot chicks serving me not dudes.  Where do you get I lack confidence for not wanting dudes serving me?  I give you live updates on whats popping right now.

I told you ATL is popping right now with talent.  A lot of Cubans have moved to the A.  I think I will take this Cuban chick down before I hit Travis Scott.  Also, it's free as if you speak the language, have a personality and about your lifestyle you pulling all day everyday.  I must be doing something right.  I am never afraid of the bright lights.   Now what about you impress me as you got a lot to say - do not get quiet now as talk is cheap.  Put up.

Shit rocking right now down here!  I am not being served by lumberjack dudes, but hot chicks right now! What's your all environment like right now?


That chick is weak (if that’s even a real chick, cuz this is Atlanta we’re talking about, lol). How’re you posting tranny-body chicks and swearing they’re hot? 🥴😆

She got a flat ass and pancake breasts. There’s barely any substantial breast tissue rising up off that rib cage from the side view. Looks like a tranny dude on hormones TRYING to grow tits. Pause. 🥴✋🏽

She also has a long, strong nose, and a weak chin. Bro, take that pic down. You in here posting trannies from Atlanta? TF?

Poon, you losing your mind. Clear skin, natural athletic body, her own hair. Probably trained as a dancer. Don't bother going to Havana. Nothing for you there. Stick to Fraggle Rock, you good in there.

Viva La Vega (aka Mr. Contrarian),

Lol. I know you don’t like me. You always pop up TRYING to go against everything I post, just because. Emphasis on “trying,” not actually succeeding. 😆

Anyway, you think I’m losing my mind?

You: She has clear skin!
Reality Check: It’s called photoshop or digital retouching. 😐

You: She has a natural athletic body!
Reality Check: Do you see any muscle besides those somewhat manly shoulders? 🫠

You: She has her own hair!
Reality Check: You don’t see the telltale hair weave attachment hump at the back-top portion of her scalp? 🧐🤦🏽‍♂️

You: She’s a trained dancer!
Reality Check: Let us know what dance school she trained at, since you know her personally, lol. You’re just making shit up out of thin air. 😂

Bro, if you’re fooled this easily, there’s no telling how many dicks you done sucked in the dark that you swore were “large clits” or something. Go sit ya gay ass down, man. Wtf is wrong with you? Get a clue. Respectfully. 😂😂
Coming To Town / Re: Coming to Sosua Dec 28th - Jan 8th
« Last post by WT3 on December 06, 2023, 10:39:45 PM »
It should pick back up on the 4th have a good trip and report back.
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