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Help! This Is What I Want To Get In Sosua!!

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PapiViejo-Dark Lord:
Whatever you're looking to enjoy "That is Legal to enjoy" can be enjoyed "Quite Easily" with appropriate compensation.

- From 18 to 80

- Petite to Obese

- Lackluster to Glamming 10

- Without restrictions to Religiously Protected

-  Vanilla to Habanero

- Zendaya to Angela Bassett

- Free to Cheaper than Free

....That Crazy shit you want...There's nothing that they haven't done...

PapiViejo-Dark Lord:
...and another category I neglected to mention...

- From (a) those grateful to f--k energetically    to    (z) starfish

PapiViejo-Dark Lord:
In all honesty, I cannot put a price on what you want to experience with her.  I can only say, telling her that you are willing to pay 2500pesos should guarantee action with 80% of them.  Those two out of ten chicas are better left alone. Their vaginas are not magical and you will not get anything better with them.  And remember you should get at least 2 and sometimes 3 chicas for $100bucks!  Never just one.  Period.

Yo what’s up with that 2nd chic I got her on WhatsApp met her via tinder, I notice she does the post photos of other women with the head cropped off attempting to pass it off as herself and she keeps the same 3 - 5 videos of herself in rotation on her Whats app status , have you ever seen her in person ? I think that account is some fake me out shit

PapiViejo-Dark Lord:
What's the last four of the number she gave you?


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