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Since, we want to talk about Santo Domingo I am always happy to tell it from my perspective.  You know me, I am never afraid of the challenge.  I know Bravo talked about some guys talking about clubbing with low quality chicks.  I think it is time for a reminder.  Have I ever put up anything less than a 10 on here.  In fact, you all heard the complaints about me with respect to a macho country - who does he think he is posting them hot chicks.  Last I checked only PB, Dallas and maybe a couple of others play at my level.  Am I wrong? To do well in Santo Domingo, it's all about taking advantage of there macho lifestyle.  You have confidence, Swag, Appearence you will be fine. Also, learn the language, but that is not going to happen for most of you who have been going for years. 

The breakdown of whose got it and who does not is immediately evident at Las America Airport.  The two and three dudes together with maybe a nice watch, hat, sneakers with clothes that looked like they shopped at a family dollar store.   A lot of dudes are consistent with being cheap as they refuse to spend more than $25.00 dollars for a shirt and then cry they do not want to be judged.  Sorry to break the news, but I live in the real world where perception is how people think of you all the time.  You hear on here all the time I am not dressing up for no whore and that is exactly how they look coming into Santo Domingo.  They will be wearing the same variation and wondering why no chicks are giving them the time of day.  Here is the other key difference of that group, they will be waiting for a taxi and a true baller will be renting a car and begin his moving around.  Do not tell me about traffic and driving. If you making excuses, then you not built to play at the high level of a macho country.  I do agree with the advice given about Conde.  If you an underachiever and cannot move at night pacos and Conde is your spot and trust me you will not be alone.

For the clubs, I saw the video on mixer and that could not be a Monday night because it is packed and full of hotties every Monday.  Also, just because a club is full of hotties, they are not going to talk with you if you are a wack gringo with no game and terrible appearance.  No way, they will embarrass themselves when they are with there friends.  Cry me a river if you do not like it - its a macho country.  You have had all this time to get yourself together as the DR is changing.  If you are putting up pictures of 15 years ago and cannot play with the new changes taking place then no one can save you.  I keep saying whose fault is that if you cannot do well with the new changes in the DR.  I love the club as that is part of my work now and it's just like the projects, people immediately know if you belong or not. Also, what you see is what you get as chicks like to dress up and your not going to see the sloppiness you see in other places.

Canuck this was played a mixer last week.  Can you relate to it, I can.  Remember young culture waits for no one to catch up as you just get further left behind:

I think rocking all that fancy gear in a 3rd world country just makes you a mark for the local scumbags and ladrons, but hey, to each their own. Do you.

I agree w 285 100%

Madvillian isn’t wrong either
But my advice is to not act like a tourist, once you forget that tourist state of mind, you good.

I’m never intimidated unless it’s sticks out
And if sticks out, “you got it” simple n plain

But outside of that , I’m having fun , letting my Americaness drip around the place, respectfully!!

And to think if onlyfans/instagram didn’t exist those baddies in those clubs would be in Sosua sellin that kitty…. Feel bad for new mongers who will never fully experience this game pre social media


--- Quote from: madvillian on July 25, 2022, 06:31:38 PM ---I think rocking all that fancy gear in a 3rd world country just makes you a mark for the local scumbags and ladrons, but hey, to each their own. Do you.

--- End quote ---

I agree, I think gringos look like f--king idiots walking around wearing a Rolex watch and diamond necklaces in a 3rd world country.  Plus, I just watched the video again, every "balling Dominican" in the club had on a t-shirt, jeans and jordans.  So where is all this "getting dressed up to floss for the ladies"" shit you are talking about?


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