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Casa Linda villas by Casa Coco

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Anyone stay there? Looks great and they say chica friendly.

No motors allowed unless you’re using it yourself I believe. Security guards are there, but they sometimes half ass their job. Nice units, not walkable because it’s 40 minutes away by foot so you need to use public transportation, or be mobile.

I stayed there in December. Had no issues.

Viva La Vega:
Most spots run about $100 a room, and since the smallest is 2 bedroom, kinda pricy if on your own. Add $50 bucks a day for transportation, typically $10 each way by taxi, or about $40 a day to rent a car, plus there is a free shuttle bus during the day.

If it falls into your budget range, it's certainly a nice spot to stay.

I always stay at Casa Linda, no motos so its quiet and you have your own pool to do what you want, if you book through there website, its usually a little cheaper than using Airbnb, only downafall like stated earlier, its not walkable to the strip or beach and gets annoying waiting for a taxi everytime you want to go out cause they all say 10 minutes and show up  alot later


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