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Alicia Beach Hotel Review


     figured I'd try to contribute something useful since this board and its members helped make my trip better with advice and info.   I noticed the hotel I stayed at in March hadn't been mentioned in this part of the forum for awhile and I think its a great option due to location and just how well the place is run despite it being less pricey than alot of the more popular choices I see on this forum. 
     Making Reservations:  Very painless.  I emailed the hotel on their website 1 month in advance.  Irina (property manager) responded after a few hours and confirmed my room for 12 days.  One potential Con for some guys though is that they only take cash so you cannot pay for your room in advance.  It wasn't too big of an issue for me since I bring US currency with me since exchange rates tend to be better outside the country. 
     Check in:  I don't know Spanish at all.  The hotel clerk only knew a little english but she was professional and friendly.  I paid for my stay upfront but from my understanding I didn't have to until the end of my stay.  I just did because I didn't want to have to think about keeping the extra money aside.  Sidenote, She was better looking than most of the pro's and was always wearing a sun dress and looking great.  She showed me my room and checked all the lights, the AC remote, tv then asked if I needed anything.  after she left I discovered the hotel safe wasn't working properly (It is an older hotel).  Once I let her know, Their maintenance guy(Russian dude who spoke good english) came within 15 minutes, changed the batteries and it still wasn't working properly so They switched my room immediately no questions asked and verified that the safe in that room worked.  I threw this in not as a criticism but to show these guys run a good business and care about their guests.  Any older building is going to have maintenance issues from time to time but the fact that they resolved the issue so quickly without treating me like I was making their job harder impressed me. 
     The Rooms:  I stayed in their Bungalow room for 70 a night(regular rooms are 55) and loved it.  If you need a brand new 50 in screen TV and modern new furniture than you'll need to look elsewhere but thats literally the only Con I can think of but it was a non issue for me.  The King size bed was incredibly comfortable which is important for me because my back gets sore quickly in a shitty bed.  The room itself is huge with high ceilings and only one other bungalow room attached so you don't hear your neighbors at all. The AC worked great, Water pressure was good and I never once ran out of hot water for showers.  It had a mini fridge so I always had bottled water and booze(that I supplied myself) along with a spot for leftovers.  I know I've mentioned several times about the Hotel being older but It was genuinely a nice looking room with tile floors, real wood furniture that had an old school look I like.  It felt like a hotel room that belonged in the Carribbean if that makes sense.  Sidenote:  because the bungalow rooms are both on the ground floor and facing the pool with the hotel restaurant right there, you have less privacy than if you were to stay in one of the other rooms on the upper floor with their own balconies.  I mention this because if you're like me you like to smoke and chill a bit with a girl before getting to business and I wasn't comfortable doing that with all the hotel staff around during the day.
     The Staff:  This is where this place really shines imo.  If I needed extra towels, I got them. If I didn't feel like walking to grab a sixpack,  I could walk 30 ft from my room to the hotel restaurant and they'd bring cold coronas with lime to my room within less than 5 minutes. the cleaning ladies came at the same time everyday and always replaced all bed linens and mopped all the floors, and never cut corners cleaning like I've seen at alot of hotels in the US. Security was a great mix of taking their jobs seriously but also being bro's.  I ignored 99% of chica reccomendations but the one I decided to give a try was  suggested by one of the security guys after being at the hotel for a week already and him seeing the kind of girls I liked to bring back to the room.  I'll just say Im glad I listened and that girl is in the whatsapp list for next visit.  for those who care, yes there was plenty of eye candy amongst the ladies working there.  No I didn't attempt to pull numbers though because I didn't want to cause trouble for them.   
      The Restaurant: the free breakfast was better than any complimentary breakfast at any american hotel I've stayed at. The coffee was better than any other place I had breakfast at in Sosua and Cabarete and that includes places like Waterfront, Cafe Cubano, Terra Linda, etc...  You had to pay extra for certain things that would've been free in the US like butter or jelly for your toast and you were only allowed 2 coffees for free but that was plenty for me since the coffee was strong and good.  You can find better breakfast options in Sosua, but not for fee.  I never ate at the restuarant for anything other than breakfast but what I did see on other tables always looked and smelled good and once again, the service was great. I think the servers got a kick out of the face I couldn't help but make when asked if I wanted "leche or no leche" with my coffee every morning even though I always drank it black.
     Location: One of my other favorite things about this hotel.  far enough away that I almost never heard partying or loud music.  2 minute walk to Playa Alicia.  the Waterfront restaurant at the beach has great food and a great view of the beach.  Their Sonconcho stew and fruit smoothies were top notch. Mango Tropical was the best steak I had on my trip and its 2 minutes from the hotel.  fair warning though, It ain't a cheap place to eat.  Laundry service across the street from the Hotel and I think I got adopted by the Dominican Grandma who runs it. she'd shoo away massage girls whenever I showed up for my clothes. seriously sweet lady and clothes would be done same day if you dropped off clothes before 10am. I never stopped at Fraggle Rock bar next door because honestly the girls hanging out there looked rough but didn't seem like a bad spot to grab a beer.  5 minute walk to Pedro Clisante and maybe 10 min walk to Playa Sosua. The one thing I did not like about the Location was always having to walk through the intersection of Dr Rosen and Dr Alejo Martinez.  Alot of motoconcho guys, money changers, and massage girls are hanging out in this area and sometimes saying "No gracias" 20 times a day in that area while leaving or going to my hotel got old.  Could've just been that they smelled a newbie though cuz I did notice the last 4 or 5 days on my trip the level of aggressive sales pitches died down. 

This post ended up being longer than I meant it to be so I'll make a TLDR version.

Alica Beach Hotel
    Pros: Great location for peace and quiet but still close to the action.  Cheaper than alot of the more popular hotel choices. Good AC, water pressure, and hot water with comfortable beds.  very attentive and friendly staff who know their jobs. Good free breakfast and great coffee.  Well run place overall.

    Cons: Pay in cash only so you cannot pay for room ahead of time. Older building and some would say outdated rooms if you're used to Hotels in the US.  Unavoidable intersection which can be a gauntlet of aggressive sales tactics but thats kinda part of the price of being in Sosua as a tourist anyway it seems.

You summed it up and I agree 💯. The hotel is convenient yet insulated in a way from the noise.  It's very peaceful at night and very accommodating staff. Any issues I had, the owner had them fixed right away. I also like having the laundry across the street and decent price. I stayed in one of the first floor rooms and enjoyed the fact that I could have easy access to my room when using the pool.

The helpfulness of the staff at a spot is a deciding factor of whether I return or not. Alicia and the Sea breeze are the only hotels I will stay at in Sosua going forward.

Yes the old hotel Casa cahenya, great in a pinch, good for newbies. this is a good starter hotel, as you make more trips you can graduate to other good spots as well.all depending on your budget, there some back storei to the hotel  if you want to dig into TMBS stories on this hotel,,,,one of my memorables stays there ,dragged a weaittress / dancer out of the rancho tipico bar back in the day, Short spinner petiet haitian chica in the wee hours of the morning, great pussy on this tiny thing !

That was my first hotel in Sosua 2007.Casa C good times there.


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