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Deep sea fishing charter suggestions?


didn't get any responses in the main forum so I m re posting it here...

Can anyone direct me to a good deep-sea fishing boat out of Sosua? Or a place I can talk to someone in the know when I get in December 13th.  I see mixed results from the experiences I have read here and on other forums. We are only a group of two so I’m not looking for a yacht, an 24’ open bow would be expected unless the Capitan can group up with some other travelers which would be great. 

In Mexico I have had ok experiences approaching folks at the dock, but this was in a very small town where there were very few tours and the locals didn’t have much “hustle” in them.  We agreed on the price and time, caught nice fish and the crew kept all but one fish that they cleaned for us. We went back out with them later in the week.

Internet search results are showing me these services, which are all big ass boats. Pricing seems reasonable for what they are offering but it’s more than I am use to.

Iguana Mamma’s 105$ PP
Victorian House Excursions 90$ PP
Sosua Big Game fishing 500$ half day
Mahi Fishing tours 500$ half day
Mel tours

I have been looking also chesterfry, I will be down next week if I find anything I will let you know 


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