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In case of emergency there is a 24 hour hospital on the main road. From the Sosua Texaco on the main road go east towards Cabarete about 1 mile and it is a big red building on your left. The name of the place is Centro Medico Cabarete (809-571-4696) but it is in Sosua. Ask any moto taxi if you don't understand these instructions.

A friend of mine had a life or death medical emergency while in Sosua and the medical staff was equally if not BETTER than medical technicians in many hospitals here in the states. Their expertise and quick thinking saved his life for 1/10th of the price he would of have had to pay in the states. I have to give big big big ups to the  medical staff at Sosua hospital.     

Might just want to point out that Cabarete Kite beach is shown on TSN and all the other big sports networks in Canada and the US. Guys like Sir Richard Branson go there to Kite Surf. (Google him if you don't know) It's no wonder that this facility exists where it does.

I will say that it is a top notch facility with all the high end equipment and well trained staff you would want. The major private hospitals in Puerto Plata, Santiago and Santo Domingo are the only other places you want to go with a serious, life threatening problem. For minor stuff like gripe and gastrointestinal issues, Dr. Salazar on Calle Dr. Rosen is your guy. Office is under the Steak and Sirloin (hold your jokes!) which is pretty handy.

I am planning to visit sosua. I am also looking for Dental Implant, is the hospital provides this facility too?

For dental implant surgery in the DR, you'll need a larger city, such as Santa Domingo. You won't find what you are looking for in Sosua.

A better trip for you is Costa Rica, which is known for both its chicas and a number of excellent dental implant surgeons.


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