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Puerto Plata Malecon (the big wide street in Puerto Plata next to the ocean)


The well kept Puerto Plata malecon is a must visit for anyone going to Puerto Plata. Go in the daytime, preferably on the weekend. Sitting next to the beautiful Atlantic where the waves are relaxing to look at because the water is very shallow and the waves are short and slow moving. The street is about three miles long and wide enough for everyone to have breathing room. Everyone meaning cars, motorcycles, joggers, walkers, etc.. There are several beaches to enjoy. Dominican culture at its best can be experienced and the people are friendly. Plenty of places to eat and its a great place to see people and get some exercise. Walk one end to the other for a little bit of everything. At the far end is a turn around circle and an old fort you can visit from back in the days of the French and Spanish fighting for control of the island.

What else there to do this will be my first time staying but 2nd time visiting?


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