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Still looking forward to my inaugural trip to Sosua in fact make that the Dominican Republic, hopefully that shall happen this Summer in substitution of a trip to Thailand where I'm a long time seasoned campaigner.
On these twice yearly Thai trips to the monger locations, Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket I always visit the dentist for usually just cleaning but also other work if required and it just so happens that I probably need a filling replacing, the dentists in Thailand are excellent and the cost is at least 70% less than UK prices.....we don't call it rip off Britain for nothing.

Do skilled low cost dentists exist in Sosua or the close vicinity, and have any of you guys had work done?

Absolutely.......five years ago I had a chipped front tooth repaired by a Dominican woman and you cannot tell it was ever chipped as it was a perfect job. Not only that it only cost $120!!! In the US it would have cost probably $900 to $1200. She worked on me for about two hours and there was no pain and she treated it like she had done it a hundred times already even though she looked like she was no more than 28 years old. I will send you her phone number in a day or so.

Yes post the number or website if they have one. I would like to maybe get some work done.

Thank you Sam.....excellent news.

Sorry I do not have the number for the dentist but you can find her office easily. Ask anyone where the EdNorte office in Sosua is. This is where people pay their electricity bills. When you find out where the little mall is where its located, just enter and on the right side on the second floor you will see the sign for her office which will say something like 'Wendy's Dental' with a tooth as a logo. There are two dentists there so do not get them mixed up. Wendy is on the right and on the second floor. The mini mall is across the street from a mid sized supermarket and Sosua productos. It is about a two or three block walk from the main Texaco gas station on the main road and on the same side as the Texaco.


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