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Tell me the right massage palor for best happy ending

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Ok i been going sosua for 6 yrs never tried massages cause it dont make sense for me pussy hunting and pay about somewhat cost for regular massage. Can someone tell 3 best massages parlor in sosua that give happy ending?? Thanks brothers

Looks like There are none eh?

I believe there’s a massage place right across the street from Hotel Alicia (formally known as Casa Cayena).

I have a Friend who goes to that one every visit to the Su..........obviously they treating him Very well in there.

I went to the one across playa alicia, was offered extras 30min into the massage from the decent looking masseuse, but turned it down... she was really confused, so I'm guessing it's the norm there... I was saving it for the strip and just trying to relax for a bit...


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