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Author Topic: Nice local dirt bike trail  (Read 9818 times)


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Nice local dirt bike trail
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:52:52 AM »
From Sosua go past City Market (which is across the street from Ocean Village) in the direction of Cabarete and make your first right. You will go past Casa Linda residential housing complex. The road will turn into a dirt trail gradually and is a great ride. Almost no other vehicles will be on the road/trail and in some areas there will be no vehicles at all. Make sure you rent a dirt bike. No scooters. No pasolas. No street bikes. You will see farms, livestock and friendly countryside people. After about an hour you will hit the road that goes towards Moca (first major road you will see). At this point you can turn around and return to Sosua or if you want to return and have had enough bumps for the day you can take the streets back. To do this, instead of turning around and going back the way you came, make a left at the major road and go straight (you will pass a beautiful river and a bridge) till you reach the first intersection which is the main road that takes you back to Sosua after going through Cabarete. Make a left there and go till you hit Sosua. Its almost impossible to get lost as there is only one turn to make to get all the way back. If you come back this way it is about a 35 minute ride back to Sosua but take your time and stop when you see something interesting.


When you get to the end of the trail and are not ready to come back, make a right at the major road. The street will wind around a bit here and there and go up and down for a while till you get to the next town which is Sabaneta. After you pass the first speed bump in town, about 300 yards or so later you will come to a river which the street goes over. When you get to the river, turn around and go back and make your first left and cruise into this area of the river where people swim, eat, drink Presidente and anything else, jump off the cliff and hang out. There almost definetly will be at least one car or van with speakers as big as the vehicles themselves parked next to the water that will provide the music. Lie in the fresh cool water and let the current relax your muscles from the grueling (not really) dirt bike ride. It is a great time. There are chicas to meet all along the way and at the river. I will post some pics of the river and some of the trail soon. I will try to post a video of some of the ride too. I also use the bike in town to get around when i get back to Sosua. A ride like this can make your trip.


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Re: Nice local dirt bike trail
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2012, 05:49:40 AM »
nice post sam, where do u rent dirt bikes, i would like to take a ride..
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