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ontime123 like steelsavior said you should have gotten that driver's # and made him you go to guy anytime you were in Sosua. Most people in third world countries are just good honest hard working folks trying to make money however they can. We spolied americans will think ourselves superior to them becasue our our standard of living. I do not. When I was in the Philippines I had this one trike driver(like a motochoco with a sidecar that has a roof on it) that I always called if i needed to go to a bar or from bar to bar or to home. No cell phones back then but dude had a pager. I would page him with my code and we worked out a system of codes for areas of the "strip" Within 5 minutes or less he was right there waiting for me. Like you said sometimes he would give me free rides. And the big part for me was that after the first ride I took with him he only charged me 10P which was about 1/10th of the normal american rate and about half of what a regular Filipino would pay. I guess dude figured he was making out better in the long run because I was a regular. Only thing I would do would be buy him a beer or some food now and then and even that was my choice when I felt like it he never asked.

Certain people in these countries if you treat them with respect and treat them right they will treat you right and look out after you. i had one incident where about 6 bar girls, none of whom I had ever f--ked litterally saved my life. They jumped on this other girl that was trying to brain me with a coke bottle from behind.
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