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Author Topic: TMBTS member Snorts Coke Off The A$$ Cracks Of 3 Colombian Shorties For His bday  (Read 6129 times)


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 I will be their oct 3 to 8 staying at new garden


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Medellin is officially on the Hood Map
Medellin is gonna have to change its name to Boca Chica by 2022.


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Now i am wondering where did my life make a wrong turn....


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"He who holds the gold, holds the power"


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Too bad the poor mofo won't be able to f--k neither of them after snorting so much coke ...

yep...dick went spaghetti noodle shortly after...lmao....he SHOULDA  made them sniff off each other titty...thennnn...had the WILDEST SEX OF HIS LIFE.....


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Naw some dudes can handle that coke with no problems. I remember one time I was at the Venetian in vegas for the 4th of July. Did nothing but snort smoke drink and f--k with this hoe for 12 straight hours. She ended up puking her guts out in the shower but I was all good.

Henny White

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????not gon lie. Makes me wanna snort coke off a bitch tits but I kno better


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If yo gonna be wildin out, od'd on mambo at least get a beautiful bony bitch that can wear you out! Tomorrow is never promised!
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Those were some nice asses .. I'll take some shots off them MFs, can't f--k with no Coke though!  LMAO!


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Too bad the poor mofo won't be able to f--k neither of them after snorting so much coke ...

So much coke?!?!? bahahahahaha ok bud


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