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Author Topic: DR Bottle Popping 101  (Read 805 times)


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DR Bottle Popping 101
« on: February 19, 2021, 01:25:56 PM »
Time to give some history on this bottle popping by Dominicans.  Disclaimer you do not have to read this shit because I am going to digress whenever I want as I write this, but sitting on this tarmac not sure when I am leaving I might as well spit.  Also, anyone can be on this site rich, poor, baller, etc.... I am going to talk about me a little on here to give you perspective and will also talk about the past as well to show you where we at now....

Dominicans have always followed what they're brethren are doing in the states.  Essentially, they will emulate what they are doing and you can make a lot of money if you see it happening.  Now, how this bottle popping started in the DR is when Dyckman got hot during the summertime.  You had the collaboration of Dominican culture and hip-hop fueling the popping: Justin Timberlake, Jay Z and others were all hanging uptown and in typical Dominican tradition Sundays were fire beginning late afternoon on Dyckman.

I saw what was happening and my boy ran Eurphoria nightclub in the DR at the time.  Now at that time, Dominican artists were not getting paid that much in the DR and were still bringing in their own bottles when they were doing events at the clubs in the DR.  I had left banking an had set up an Entertainment company. So, we set up a revenue split deal with Eurphoria and the liquor sponsor.  We took a percentage of a certain bottle sold and it was not Black Label it was another bottle that Dominicans drink and Mexicans drink.  We wrapped it around urban Dominican artists performances at Eurphoria.  No more having to bring your bottles into the club.

Remember, luck is the intersection between hardwork and opportunity and I got a call from Queen B who was with Jay in Casa De Campo asking where they could go out in Santo Domingo.  Now if you Google you will see.  Now, I am going to digress because when I mentioned that story on here before some house n---- could not believe it.  Let me tell you about a house n---- they so mentally brain washed they cannot believe a brother can be popping like that...  they lost and f--kem!! Before they asked, they should have checked to see that I was the strategy behind the highest women's fragrance launch up until Rhianna, who just took the crown with 40 shades.  Beyonce did a fragrance launch with Estee lauder before and the fragrance was called Tru Star and we came up with with the idea of filming her and Tommy Hilfiger on his private island - it popped.  Maybe the house n---- should have asked who told puffy to sell t-shirts on the last night of making the band on MTV where he made $17 million in t-shirts sales on that first night of that promotion, which started Sean John.  Why would she not call me I make money for brands, people and now countries...

Now back to Eurphoria, after they came we changed the game.  Why you think before the pandemic, I could tell you what club is popping on any given night in the DR. When you all were yelling "hold the line", I kept telling you quality was leaving sosua, but some of you were so out of touch you could not see it.. You hear them motherf--kers yelling "hold the line" now.  No they trying to impress you talking about other shit now like they doing it.....

Buying bottle is a lifestyle choice, luxury spending is down, but travel is up - people want everyone to see themselves having fun and that is why the bottles now pops in the DR and thank Dyckman for that. Those that complain about do not do it.  The fact of the matter you do not belong in the hot spots of the DR if you feel that way and trust me no one is missing you.  You want to always call yourself a monger that is fine, but understand you run neck and neck with a Haitian prostitute on that respect level in the DR.  So, stop crying about that shame shit because you not trying to be respected anyway.  When the DR opens back up I keep telling you it is moving to a club model.  I do not see the President even though he is progressive just letting run down hoes hang around.  He is pragmatic as well and knows part of his party is Christian conservatives and you know how they feel about a monger.

Lastly, you know what real power is for a foreigner in another country, sitting at the table helping to craft new government policy.  I do not knock a foreigner who owns a business there and employs people that shit is not easy and you better give it up to them as they doing it.....  But, shots were fired not to long ago and when some of you were writing books on here about the past, the future is up on deck now player.  When government funds were given to struggling artists in the DR, most went to urban artists - it shocked some people there, but the  president a progressive he realized urban artists will be very important in bringing tourism back.  Getting in the room to make that happen now that's a real player - you know I popped a bottle over that......


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Re: DR Bottle Popping 101
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Re: DR Bottle Popping 101
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WEll said, Sir !

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Re: DR Bottle Popping 101
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Ohhh Yeah....
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