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Author Topic: An airport tale.  (Read 1375 times)

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An airport tale.
« on: July 19, 2021, 07:22:08 AM »
I entered the US through Miami on Wednesday. Got a "random" search leaving home so i was now cranky about flying. The passport machines are gone and now you go "straight" to an agent at a desk. For years Canadians have had the privilege of being treated as US citizens and residents and used that much shorter, much faster line. When it stopped about 2-3 years ago I asked one of the officers when it changed. He said November 2016, but I think it was after Mr Trudeau was making fun of Mr Trump at a G7.

The line was LONG. I booked a 3.5 hour connection, but i never want to be the guy running to the gate. I asked someone if she though the line was longer than an hour... She said no way. Correct. 55 minutes later i am in front of a guy for less than a minute as i get a "welcome to the USA".

Bag was waiting off the carousel and next flight was AA so i had to check in. The downstairs counters are now closed so you have to go upstairs to departures. The hall was packed but the priority line was short, and the priority screening was very short. perfect.

Make my way to the furthest reaches of the terminal for American Eagle to ATL and the gates are a madhouse. Multiple flights leaving the same gates at the same time. It felt more like a crowded train platform. ATL a snap, outside, a taxi downtown, $31.50.

Atlanta i guess like most cities is struggling to get back on it's feet. I stayed in the Hotel District and lots of places not open yet, what was open was short staffed. But what i saw i liked. I would go again.

One thing... You NEED the UBER app, i don't have it. I had a challenge getting a cab back to the hotel one afternoon so after an hour of trying to get through, I had a friend in Toronto send me a car. The thing about UBER in Atlanta, that trip should have been less than 10 bucks. It was Friday evening around 6-7 and a light drizzle. The ride was $29.50.

Next morning, the hotel called me a cab to get back to the airport. It's $30 fixed. While i was waiting, and getting a little frustrated after 20 minutes, a woman came out of the hotel and asked i was waiting for an UBER also. She said she had one on the way and it was $65!!! I said if hers gets there first i will split it with her, but they both arrived at the same time. Too bad for her and her $65 ride.

ATL is all about Delta and AA gets a wee corner of the terminal and it was a shit show. Took way too long to get the bag tags and checked in. Security was fast, but they had the dogs out. I did not ask what they were sniffing for. It was not easy to get a cup of coffee in the airport, almost gave up but I found something without a line. Easy connection in MIA to POP.

I never sit up front but had an extra bag and the diff between 2 bags and business was like $25. Cool. I am fifth off the plane, a couple of bucks for the musicians, temp check and.... Someone steers us into the Covid test room!!!! WTF??? I am about to pull out my test to enter the US (the guy said it did not matter) from a couple of days ago, the folks in row one start filling out the forms and i see others are not being stopped. So f--k it. I walk out and breeze through immigration, bags take like a minute on my way. I know bringing shit in I should have used a porter but... Loaded my shit on the trolley myself, and got searched at the x-ray. I had about $350 bucks of stuff that they said should have beed taxable, but the lady gave me a "don't do that again!".

No one in line at the car rental, out on the road about 30 minutes after wheels down. It's nice to be back.


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