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How long was it between your first visit to Sosua and your second?

less than 30 days
27 (7%)
between 30 days and 3 months
92 (24%)
between 3 months and six months
97 (25.3%)
between six months and a year
104 (27.2%)
more than a year
63 (16.4%)

Total Members Voted: 367

Author Topic: Poll:How long was it between your 1st & 2nd visit to Sosua? (Must be registered)  (Read 42410 times)


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I went the beginnin of September 2013, went back Nov 2013 and will be back this coming weekend thru New Years.


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I was staying at the Lifestyle resort in POP back in September of 2010 with this lawyer chica I was dating when she got stupid drunk and we got into a fight and she went back home to Santiago.  I had four days left in my vacation and spent the first three exploring Punta Rucia, Cofresi, and Puerta Plata. That last night was a Friday when I discovered Sosua. There was nothing like seeing dime after dime entering Classico's nightclub that first night. I was so enthralled I came back two weeks later and stayed there for a weekend. 


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my first visit to the Dominican Republic was  years ago I went to a place called Playa dorado  (spelling).. I was staying at the resort 4 weeks, there was only one nearly plaza with nightclub and bars and mmaybe 10 girls per nights on the weekends.. long story short I got very bored and pretty much decided i was never coming to dr again:'(:'(.. then I went to the bar 1 night and met these Haitians guys i told them i was bored and they suggested that i go to sosua.. I said "whats in the sewer"? We went by taxi.. and it was like I finally reach the promised land!.. went back a month later this time staying in sosua!

Same exact thing happened to me I didn't even know about sosua until the 4 day of a 7 night trip in playa dorado


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1st Trip at the end of September 2013.
Going back in 2 weeks! Staying in Cabarete but plan on coming into POP and doing doing some day gaming around the area first.
May stop by Rumbas for happy hour before i make my way to Cabarete.
Hope the talent picks up in the next couple weeks...



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May/2009....heard D.R. had nice looking women,didn't do enough research and stayed at the wrong resort

Jan/2013....broke up with girl of 4 years and overheard my uncle talking about D.R.,I said it was overated,he replied "you must didn't go to Sosua"!
I did some research booked my flight and had a ball........been ruined ever since.the bitch found out I was having fun being single and traveling and had no chance of getting back comes the child more trips this year

Jan/2014....back on my feet will be there every 3-4 months
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First trip was in November had a crazy ass time got back to ny hated life and booked my next trip in jan and my final trip at least for a while will be in April.


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Feb 21st 2013 was my 1st trip to Sosua.  Have to Say I was very Fortunate to be rolling with 10 year vets that guided me through the game.  Will be back in Sosua Feb 27th on their independence day. 


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4 months

Mr Pink

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One year


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My first trip was Dec "09"... every 4 or 5 months after that...always stay for 2 weeks


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Next month which is not soon enough by about 3.5 weeks.


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First trip--September/2013
Next-------July 3. Want to hit it on a holiday


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First trip July 30, 2013
Second trip March 18, 2014
Winnings fantastic...I scored the basket..... f--king more bitches then Magic.!


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1st trip may 2012
2nd trip December 2013
3rd trip April 2014 <----- cant wait


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First trip: Superbowl wknd (Jan 2014)
Second trip: Memorial Day wknd (May 2014)
Third trip: Labor Day wknd (September 2014) the works



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