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Author Topic: Day 2 report Dec 8. 3rd time visiting  (Read 1507 times)


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Re: Day 2 report Dec 8. 3rd time visiting
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Honestly leaving US to Caribbean  ... TSA is screening for money and bombs. It makes no sense to look for drugs. Drugs are more likely to come in from the Caribbean then to go into from the US. They don’t care about your personal stash.... they want jail time bust not something your get probation for. Same as DR .... notice the dogs are always on return flights home. They never there entering. They are looking for drugs leaving the island no coming in from the US. Just something a few TSA friends told me. Don’t get me wrong there’s always a chance of getting caught but this info should help you on what’s up!
Not true Last February I got back from Santo Domingo. My girl went there for a body tune up, on the way home TSA made her take off her Fajas to check her. They took me in another room and ask me a few questions. They said we fit the description.
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