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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
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I can understand how youre confronting the situation.  I would have liked that info up front with the knowledge that there would be no access to the main part of the property, where all the chicas were. Since I was stuff in the overflow area with 100 horny guys and 10 chicas! The absence of knowledge is ignorance.  Thats how i felt treated when the took my money and my choice.

Before people would wait in line for a hour to get in once we were at capacity. We figured that instead of waiting in a line standing up we would give people the option to go to a restaurant area with seating, a bar, a pool, a DJ, casino and women.


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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
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That's fine. Just tell them that's what they're paying to receive access to and what they're not.
...I'm usually wrong...but that sh!t was great!


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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
« Reply #77 on: November 05, 2020, 09:51:52 PM »
Tonight I was charged 500 Pesos to enter and didn’t get a credit for food or drinks. NO WARNING, NO NOTHING. I thought that started on Friday. That was some bullshit........

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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
« Reply #78 on: November 09, 2020, 01:05:16 AM »

Pics #1 & #2: Suly
#3: Mia
#4: Brenda
#5: Mayra
#6: Marleni

How was #3 Mia she looks pretty AF on that pic ...any additional info on her looks (body)  or her performance would be appreciated ! ...Great post by the way !


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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
« Reply #79 on: December 02, 2020, 03:30:48 PM »
I love her


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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
« Reply #80 on: December 07, 2020, 02:25:20 PM »
Chapter Two - “Once Upon a Time in Ahnvee”

I think the best part of any trip is not only the anticipation of actually getting to your destination, but the anticipation of executing your plans once you get there, and I gotta tell you man, I was all smiles because boy oh boy, did I have some things planned. 😎

I’m nodding my head to the hypnotic sounds of Spanish Hip-Hop, courtesy of Bad Bad Bunny on the radio as I’m staring out the car window, marveling at the lush green mountains, canyons, forests, fields, and idyllic small towns along the way to Sosua. DR is a beautiful place, and the sights and sounds of the island are just some things you never get tired of. It’s Friday, and I’m headed to Ahnvee, one of the most lit days of the week to be there. I left Santiago at noon. Check-in at Ahnvee is at 3:00 pm. I roll up at Ahnvee at 2:18 pm. I’m early, and the timing is perfect, because Ahnvee’s check-in process can take a while sometimes.

My driver pulls into Ahnvee’s circular drive-way. I thank him for the smooth ride and hit him off with some pesos plus an additional tip. He definitely earned it, and earned himself some more of my business when he offered to return from Santiago to pick me up from Puerto Plata at the end of my trip to get me back to Santiago’s airport (STI). My man! Bet. We seal the deal. 3000 pesos. I’m definitely entering this guy into my driver hall of fame. It’s official. Because of him, I’ve triumphed over the taxi cab mafia that would’ve price gouged the shit out of me for a ride to and from Santiago for damn near $85-$100 each way.  ✊🏾

I step out of the car. Two chicas sitting by the Ahnvee entrance greet me with smiles and thirsty eyes as my driver pops the trunk and hands me my bags. Other chicas entering the hotel are giving me the eye as my driver pulls off. I smile back at them and blow them an LL Cool J style kiss with a wink. “Hola bebé.” Daddy’s home. 😉

Ahnvee staff stationed at the entrance greet me with an hola, and the obligatory temperature scan check. I’m good (and I better be good, because almost ten white-shirted ministry of health and tourism officials exited as I entered). 😳 I throw my mask on real quick. I don’t wanna cause any problems. 😷

I leave my rolling luggage bag by the door as directed, and head to the front desk. Chicas are there watching my every move as they check themselves in and out alongside me. All smiles and big asses. (I swear, the front desk should set up its own peep show booth right there. The views alone are worth the money, lol). I give the front desk personnel my name and hand them my ID. I’m booked for the penthouse. They tell me there’s a balance due. Huh? I tell them that I pre-paid through the website (because that’s what I was told to do by an Ahnvee employee weeks prior, and it appeared that the transaction was complete). 🤷🏾‍♂️

I show them email confirmation proof, but they insist that they didn’t process the transaction. Just to be sure, I double check my bank card statement (because I’m gonna be hella upset if I wind up paying for the same thing twice). It took a while because my cell phone service was roaming, and the wi-fi reception was spotty at the front. I don’t see the transaction. Ok. It appears they might be correct. I ask them what payment type they need. They tell me cash or Cash App. Cash or Cash App? What kind of cloak and dagger type mob shit is this? 🤨

I’m a little hesitant at first (because the transaction proposal seemed a little sketchy when you think about it), but not hesitant enough to drop everything and walk away. What man in his right mind would walk away from this place after seeing the level of female talent walking in and out? Lol. Not me. I completed the Cash App transaction, got my ID back, and I was ready to roll. They handed me my electronic room key card, but didn’t hand me an old fashioned key for the in-room safe. W’sup with that? I was told to wait a moment, because they had to find the right key. Front desk personnel pulls out a bucket that had about 150 unmarked keys inside, and starts rummaging through it. 😳

All right Poontang, don’t sweat it, I say to myself. I’m certain the front desk guy must know what key it is. There’s no way he’s gonna have me standing here all day while he tries to figure it out, right? A moment later, the front desk guy hands the whole bucket of keys to a  service attendant to escort me to my room. I won’t be standing and waiting at the front desk at all. It looks like I’ll be standing and waiting in my room for them to figure out which key is the correct key to the safe. 😫 And no, I still haven’t eaten yet. *sigh* This is gonna take a while. 🤦🏾‍♂️

I ask the front desk for some extra towels (because there was a towel shortage last time I was here), and I’m off to the penthouse with the service attendant to play “Guess What Safe Key It Is.” SMH. 🙄 Well. At least I got my towels (and the washcloths in my bag that I bought from Walmart, because there aren’t going to be any washcloths waiting for me in the room when I get there. I learned that the last time I was here also). 🙄 You live and you learn, but I’m certainly prepared.

I enter my penthouse room with the service attendant and my bags in tow. The room is just like I remember it. Clean and spacious with a minimalist decor, and a touch of a simple elegance that commands your attention as you ascend the penthouse’s gently winding stairs. It made me feel like I wasn’t dressed right coming in. I should’ve had on slippers and a silk robe, with a glass of red wine and a cigar in my hand, but there will be time for that later once I get settled in, for sure. 😆

I set my bags down as the service attendant gets started on the safe. How long is this shit gonna take? I’m hungry and I’m tired, but I also need some ass, so I’m hoping the service attendant will get this shit done ASAP. Lucky for me, good fortune shined on him, and he fished the correct safe key out of that bucket in less than 10 minutes. Yes! My man. He handed me the safe key, I thanked him, and he was off. I threw some critical essentials inside the safe, pulled the chica-fun supplies out of my bags, and I was out the door to eat and prowl. Finally!

I posted up at a high table close to the pool and the bar, and ordered some food. Not too many people around, because it was still early, but the chicas were slowly and steadily trickling in from the outside, and passing through the courtyard as they entered and exited their rooms. It was all eyes on me as I was assaulted by flirtatious gazes, air kisses, and seductive “Hola papi’s“ from every angle. I thought I was the hunter, but in actuality, in this environment, I was the hunted. And as I ate my food and my head started to feel a little bit better, I realized that I definitely needed to get all the rest and sustenance I could get before the evening to ensure that these thirsty Latin lionesses wouldn’t tear me up and put me down for the count before I was ready to bow out, lol. As they say, welcome to the jungle. And I’m loving it. And what I loved even more was the fat ass in blue spandex that zipped by me in the distance with her long hair swinging in the breeze. I didn’t even see her face, but I definitely saw everything else.

I watched her disappear up a flight of stairs near the pool, to a room, and as soon as I finished eating my food, I made a beeline in the same direction. I needed to know who that ass belonged to, and where it went, because I had to have it if she was right. I knocked on a random room door at the top of the stairs hoping I had the right one. A chica answered the door, but it wasn’t the one I was looking for. I told the chica I was looking for a woman in blue spandex with long hair. Two other chicas joined the chica I was talking to at the front door. None of them was the chica I was looking for, but that didn’t stop them from trying to pull me inside their room for what I know would’ve been a reverse gangbang, but it was too early in my trip for that, so I was politely declining their advances. The chica I was actually looking for finally appeared at the door herself. She had changed clothes, but it was her. I don’t even remember her name, so I’ll just call her “Blue Spandex,” lol. She was about a 7 in the face with the bad ass body I couldn’t forget. She smiled and we exchanged WhatsApp numbers with one of her friends also giving me a number as well. Even then, it didn’t stop the entire group from trying to pull me inside their room. I politely declined again, and told them I would catch up with them some other time, but the chica I was set on seeing, Blue Spandex, was coming to my penthouse. It was on for 3000 pesos, and every chica for the remainder of my time at Ahnvee, including the baddies, accepted 3000 pesos for ST without hassle or argument, except one (who wasn’t a baddie, but wanted 4000, but wound up accepting 3000 the next day, after I cancelled a well negotiated triz with her and her friend later on the same night).

Blue Spandex left her friends and bounced with me back to my penthouse. She showered, I showered, and the WWE nude wrestling match began. It ended about an hour later with us both counted out, lol. She didn’t want to leave, but I told her that maybe we would catch up again later on, after I took a much needed power nap. “Ok papi,” she said. She smiled and kissed my face, before I let her out the door. I was exhausted, and I needed to sleep, and that’s exactly what I did.

When I awakened and stepped into the courtyard at Ahnvee later in the evening, the place was LIT. An hour later by night, the place was FLOODED with wall to wall chicas. Every dude in the spot was outnumbered by a ratio of 15:1. 😱

I managed to snag a high table (my favorite), and chicas were on me immediately. I couldn’t make up my mind, because there were so many options, so I was taking down WhatsApp numbers left and right. Slim thicks, Wonder Woman built tall joints, amazons, spinners, baddies, cuties, and everything in between, rated from 7-10.

Blue Spandex stopped by my table to say hello. Her friend Mayra (a certified baddie I hadn’t seen before) came with her, and posted up at my table after I shooed two rats 🐀 away that were trying to slide in on some slick shit. 😑✋ Rule #57: never let rats post up at your table, even if you’re not talking to them. The women you do want to talk to, won’t approach if they believe other women are occupying your time.

Blue Spandex and Mayra were all smiles, and I literally could not stop staring at Mayra as we all spoke. She was gorgeous, and it’s not a term I use regularly or lightly to describe a woman. It was obvious that I wanted Mayra, and the feeling was mutual. Our smiles said it all. Blue Spandex gave Mayra her blessing to slide with me (a glowing review by Blue Spandex of her own experience with me earlier), and off Mayra and I went for a sensual 3000 peso ST session. It was so hot, that Mayra and I wound up getting together again days later in Puerto Plata for a TLN for only 6000 pesos. (I’ll admit that she could’ve charged anybody else much more and gotten it without a problem, based on her looks alone).

I ended Friday night at Ahnvee on the TLN tip with the Wonder Woman-like, all naturally built, rated 8, Suly. A latte-complexioned beauty for somewhere between 6000-7000 pesos (I can’t remember the exact amount), but she delivered, and her curves were quite a sight to behold as she slept naked in my bed. 😮

Saturday at Ahnvee was a repeat of Friday. All LIT, with day time and night time stunners everywhere at a female to male ratio of 15:1. Wall to wall chicas posted up at Bailee’s restaurant outside of Ahnvee from breakfast to dinner, and beyond. My daytime ST sessions were all unforgettable and only 3000 pesos per session. I ended my Saturday night at Ahnvee with a TLN with the baddie known as Marleni. I was watching her curve dudes all evening, but caught her staring and smiling at me several different times throughout the night. What’s this girl’s story? I wanted to know. We got to talking, and she pulled out a chair for me to sit with her at her table (a good sign). The vibe was right, and she told me herself that she was picky amongst other things, which would explain why she was turning dudes away, which reminded me of Rule #9: dress to impress. I was dressed like I had just stepped off a yacht off the coast of Italy. I was looking real breezy, so that might partially explain why I stood out to her. Shit. I’ll take it, lol. Whatever provides an advantage is all good. I cut to the chase and ask her her rate for TLN. She quotes me $200 USD (11,600 pesos). The rate was a little heavy, and that must be the OTHER reason on the opposite side of the equation why dudes ain’t playing ball here, lol.

I accepted her rate without hassle, and let me explain why. Typically, I wouldn’t drop more than 6-7000 pesos on any TLN, but I made an exception in this case. For starters, it was Saturday, and my last night at Ahnvee, so I had already decided that I was gonna go out with a bang before I moved on to Puerto Plata, lol. Secondly, I was gonna drop $275 USD on two tall, sexy, big bootied, slim thick Amazon chicas for a triz (threesome) anyway, so I was already in the ballpark with the intention of spending more money than usual, but for $75 less, I decided on a solo session with the baddie Marleni, where EVERYTHING was on the menu. Needless to say, Marleni didn’t disappoint as she took me into the stratosphere with a GFE/PSE that had no equal. I could barely get out of the bed the next day. We were both wiped out.

Marleni and I wrapped it up for the morning, and she told me that she wanted to get together again in Puerto Plata. I told her I would holla at her as she planted kisses on my face. I escorted her to my door and let her out. After I had breakfast, I wound up getting together for a send off session with one of the girls from the canceled triz from the night before (Lisa) for 3000 pesos. Another explosive session for the books. She even gave me a ride to Puerto Plata after I checked out of Ahnvee. The saga continues...

Coming Soon
Chapter 3 - “The Prince of Puerto Plata”

You got some bad bitches but i will tell you. Dress to impress is some bull shit shes a WHORE. She just said all that shit cuz you looked like you had money and she succeeded in gettin it from you... anyone of ud can fuck the bitches whether we got a tshirt on or balenciaga boots.

I know i could fuck regardless

Good stuff tho


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Re: October 2020 Trip Report
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Shout out to the cats over paying these chicks y'all the real MVP'S
Before I overpay i'll walk away


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